MILF tournament on Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition

I’m dipping my toes in the water to see if I want to jump in. I held a mini-tournament for Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. A mini-tournament on my sites means it only has a few competitors ( 3 in this case) and the matches for each bracket are only one round as opposed to being 3 full rounds like a full fight for a regular update. I hope to gather information on this product. If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ve seen that I am focused on making data-driven decisions for future sites and shoots. In one of my recent posts, I explained that I will not be producing the Submissive X shoots unless they are sponsored by fans who wish to order a custom. I had many of you email me in private begging me not to stop producing them and yet none of you were willing to shell out the money to help produce them so that doesn’t help much. I want to reiterate that all my decisions are based on numbers ( money). I’m not an evil cunt who wants to take things away from fans. I’m just not a sucker who wants to pay out of my own pocket to satisfy the minority. I’m a businesswoman. I work off data, not personal preference, Not hunches, DATA!

I’m sure you have noticed a change in my posts. The shift has gone from infrequent posts about shoots I’ve starred into nearly weekly posting about shoots I’ve produced. I do star in some of the shoots I produce, like the Submissive X series and some of the matches I’ve been in. I love being in videos when I’m producing them. It’s much more fun knowing exactly what the producer wants from me as a performer and since I am the producer, I know exactly what I want. Of course, stepping behind the camera and focusing on JUST production is much easier than being in front of the camera and directing everything as well. Part of me wanted to be part of this MILF tournament and yet the other part of me knew it would be much more successful and less stressful if I didn’t perform in this Match.

I landed myself 3 amazing porn MILFs to star in this tournament. Porn MILFS are not always real-life moms. MILF has somehow gotten bastardized into meaning any porn girl who looks older than 24. Now, of course, MILFS can be super young in real life since a MILF is simply just a Mother *I’d Like to Fuck*, a young person can potentially become a MILF as soon as she starts her period. However in porn, for some reason, they just like to use any girl who has been around for a few years. It’s now transformed into porn MILFS getting Brazilian butt lifts and huge fake tits because somehow that makes them appear more mature ( ?). So Now we have a ton of porn star, who aren’t even moms just making their curves curvier and then promoting themselves as MILFS. This isn’t a bad thing at all so I hope this doesn’t come across passive aggressive or anything. I’m merely making an observation of what I’ve noticed. It’s just part of the game of branding yourself one way and then rebranding yourself in other to follow market trends and get yourself booked accordingly. 2 of the 3 performers in this tournament are real-life mommies so I was honored to have a legitimate MILF tournament

Tournament matches are a much bigger pain in the ass for me to produce. Tournament Matches are much more stressful for me to produce. The models know these matches will be promoted heavily so they want to make a good impression on everyone and Win would definitely impress a lot of people. I’m a referee for the matches so I must keep an eye on the girls at all times. I never want to see an injury no matter how small. Due to the nature of these shoots there is always a possibility of injury so I must do my due diligence to make sure I mitigate any potential issues. These matches cost me more money to produce. I have more actors in the scenes which means the costs go up to pay out the higher number of actors in the scene. I have to market these more which means I have to put time money and effort into graphics and marketing material. It is of the utmost importance that I track data for this so I know what my ROI is and if it’s worth the while to produce more of these.

For as much of a pain in the ass producing tournaments are with the booking logistics and costs, I still love doing them. The girls I book for tournaments are girls I have noticed make big improvements from when they first started. I would never book a flakey girl for my tournaments either. I am able to hand pick who I want for these tournaments so I only chose to work with women I really enjoy being around. For this tournament, I got Brandi Mae, Serene Siren, and Sofie Marie. I have shot these girls a handful of times for evolved before. Each has shown a tenacity that tournaments need. While they are all competitive, they are all safe and sane wrestlers. I was confident there were not going to be any injuries. Thankfully, I was right. Other than a few bruised egos, the models walked away unscathed. I can’t spoil the outcome of the tournament but I will say that we have a bonus ending in this one. Brand and Sofie are heading to the locker room to clean up and they walk in on Serene and Ariel doing what looks like some sort of pay off. Did Serene Throw some matches at some point? We don’t know…all we know is that brandi and Sofie have dicks and they are ready to tag team fuck Serene and take all her money. Check out the trailer and the fun Arm wrestling promo we made. For the full match head to Evolved Fights Lez

Submissive X Series updated

I’m having some fun shooting these Submissive X shoots. I love being able to hand pick the models I work with and collaborating with fans for the content to be shot. I love having the freedom to do what I want for my shoots. I have a cute series called “Hungry Natives”. I suppose it’s in the genre of soft vore. It’s more of a play on words than actual Vore, however. The idea is that I have somehow ended up stranded on an exotic island where I am discovered initially by Nikki Delano. I am terrified because Nikki keeps saying how delicious I look and how much she is going to enjoy eating me and having her tribe eat me. Then Nikki starts eating me out (licking my pussy) and I realize that there is just a communication misinterpretation. Click here to see this video with me and Nikki Delano

I continued this series with Part 2. It stars Bella Rossi and Penny Barber as two sexy tribe members who again threaten to eat me. Being unfamiliar with the ways of these peoples, I am still unsure if this means literal eating or if this is some vernacular they are using for something else. I quickly learn that these natives are just really horny sluts who like to play with castaways. I remain captive in the jungle being held captive by horny hungry natives. Bella and Penny begin by tenderizing my meat with flogging and stretching. I am on my tippy toes being held up on a sharp wooden block by my pussy. The girls lick and kiss me to taste the salt on my flesh. Then they get me down and take turns licking my pussy and then feeding their pussies to me. Finally, both girls come in with strap on cocks and use every hole I have. I am DPed with both of their strap on cocks until I cum and then I am left there for the next tribe member(s) to take his/her/their turn on me……to be continued. This is a fun series I enjoy shooting so I will probably have a few more series in this one. Please check it out . 

I also have a few new lift and carry videos up on my clip store. So please feel free to check those out . My clip4sale store can be found here

Soft Core tittie Fucking Video

I shot some porno in my hotel this last weekend. that was fun. I was able to do  a show and then shoot a bunch of crap for my clip store. I’m rather proud of myself. I made the music and edited this bitch all by myself, which explains why it’s kinda arsty fartsy. But I’m proud of it. Im turing in to a real  smut maker.  So without further ado, I have uploaded my very first video wtih my new TITS on my clip store. it’s softcore no nudity at all so It’s really cheap. here are some stills, Enjoy. For the full video check out my Clips4sale Store and for a 10 second preview check this out




an entire day of wrestling and sex

Yesterday was a tough day for me but it was made so worth it by working with awesome people. I had to wake up at 4 am to so I could catch a flight. I was shooting with Academy had set me up with two hotties for the day. The first hottie was  new girl named Olivia. Olivia is an adorable 20 something year old girl. She has the most adorable dimples when she smiles. Her abs are rock solid washboards and she is simply a sweet person. She’s strong as hell too.

My problem, when trying to describe women’s physical attributes regarding size, is that I really am a giant trapped in little person’s body. I feel like i’m 6 feet tall and I don’t think about how small I really am until someone points it out to me. So in my mind I would say Olivia and I were about the same size, however I guess in reality she is about 3 inches taller than I. She has a solid build, very fit but not overly muscular. Judging from her frame and the face she was about 3 inches tall than I, I would guess she’s about 130lbs. She knew how to use her weight to her advantage.

Olivia has been beating up everyone that the academy has been throwing to her. She’s one of those naturals with wrestling. She picks up on stuff really fast and executes what she is taught, beautifully. Isamar and I showed her some moves which she was able to do flawlessly after the second attempt. This girl is going to be a wrestling superstar if she sticks with it. The match with Olivia was impressive. she definitely gave me a run for my money.

After my match with Olivia, I was please to see my next opponent walk into the ring. It was Rayne DeGray. I simply adore Rayne. I think she is one of the coolest chicks in the industry and one of the hardest working women I know. She’s professional, slutty and sexy! I had actually never wrestled with Rayne prior to yesterday’s match at academy. I have seen her on Ultimate Surrender and I know she has skills. However. US isn’t submission wrestling so Academy is a whole other ball game. Someone who trains to be able to control women in US for scoring points will not necessarily have what it takes to win at academy….but Rayne HAS been training for academy and she HAS been kicking butt at both venues. Wrestling Rayne was extremely erotic. Yes I’m bias, I like Rayne a lot so doing anything with her is extremely erotic. However,I really enjoyed her struggling and her noises. I have to believe that Rayne enjoys being choked out. There were times I was choking her and she lay limp in my arms and I thought she had passed out before tapping so I would let go and she would struggle away from me….She was like a little bunny playing dead LOL …cute little bunny. She did fight ferociously. She is a splendid wrestler. She was able to put me in several uncomfortable head locks. She definitely is the real deal.

So of course, if you have been following my blogs or are a fan of academy wrestling, you know by now that the matches end with sex. The winner fucks the loser how ever she likes. So sex was had at the end of both matches. Though I can’t spoil the ending by telling you who fucked who, I can tell you that it was fun for me. Winning or losing, sex is always fun for me 🙂

Right after the sex, I hopped on webcam about 15 minutes late ( oops sorry i was busy fucking). Isamar joined me in a chat and wrestling fun. I will be launching a fight club site next year. I am shooting girls in nylons and jeans trying to leg scissor each other. I find nylon wrestling fun for many reasons. Wrestling in nylons chances the dynamic of the game. nylons are so slipper and sleek that actually holding someone with your legs while wearing nylons is virtually impossible. Girls really have to try hard to get a leg scissor submission. Also, only allowing leg scissors as a submission evens out the playing field with novice and veteran wrestlers. Jeans are fun to shoot in because you can grip them like a gi but they make your ass look really fine!!!

Isamar also do a lot of bicep work. my arms are killing me today. We did an arm wrestling match. We were in stalemate for 2 minutes or so which is a long time when arm wrestling. We also did a competition to see who could curl 10lbs for the most reps. Jesus that was tough!!

I did get footage of everything we did and I will most likely post some highlights on here for y’all to see 🙂

Happy Easter/ Passover and check out

I love Easter!!! it always falls on a Sunday and sundays are my diet cheat day when I allow myself to eat all kinds of crap. I had the classic Easter Ham…yum yum and sweet potatoes with butter and a ton of cookies and chocolate eggs and crap. However. I am feel a little ill now. Thankfully, it is a holiday and I did not have to work. Last night I did my last Vsex show which was bittersweet. It was a blast to do the show but sad to know I may not talk to some of those awesome viewers again. So I was on Vsex til 8:30pm, drove home, picked up some groceries and cooked all night. I wokeup at at 5am today, hid some eggs for which my son and my Niece would  go hunting. The Ham was ready and I had some delicious cookies and cakes waiting for me so I started pigging out super duper early. I’ve been vegging all day, preping for the official launch of my webcam site. . To the best of my knowledge it is the only webcam site that has 2 girls doing custom wrestling for viewers on it. Of course it is a regular cam site as well. We are trying to get girls to sign up and do solo shows as well but we are really pushing to get studios to sign up to do webcams while they are doing their productions. I will be doing my first webcam/production tomorrow. I have been producing videos for a new ariel x fight club website I am gearing up to launch next year. I figure that while I am shooting content for that site, I might as well let people watch the “making of” and pay for it. It’s a win win…the viewers get to chat with the models while after they have done their shoot. They can dicuss strategy, likes, dislikes, hardest moments, hopes, fears, desires..what ever…I get content, the models get paid and the viewers get something they can’t get anywhere else; interaction with the performers WHILE they are performing!!!! the cost……$1.00 a minute!!!

so I’m very please to announce the OFFICIAL launching of my new webcam site The first show will be live tomorrow ( Monday April 25th) 12:30-2:30pm PST starring Isamar and me 🙂 We will be shooting for my nylong leg scissors line and a jeans leg scissor line 🙂 very exciting stuff 🙂 Please feel free to check it out. If you are interested in maybe performing wrestling shows with your girlfriend or boyfriend, please sign up as an adult studio. YOu don’t need to be a professional at all. You will need to send in your 2257 info and pictures of ids (all the legal mambo jambo). signup to be a performer is on this page:

once you sign up, you will need to fill out your profile and add pictures and describe yourself and what you will be doing on cam! it take jsut a few minutes…aslso, you will need to fax or snail mail us the legal paperwork.

if you are just a fan and want to sign up as a viewer please do so on this page:

There is no monthly membership fee


Steelkittens, Mutiny, wrestling BAbes

I had an amazing last couple of days. I was shooting with Steelkittens. I have been wanting to work with the forever. They have a great reputation for mainstream wrestling. They book the hottest girls and make the most fun matches. They make sure their girls look fantastic in the ring…the hair and makeup needs to be perfect and the outfits are approved by the owner before the matches start. They put a lot of attention to detail in the production which is probably why they are one of the top selling wrestling companies in the industry.

I have shot several  pro style matches in my day. They are always fun. But Nothing is more fun than being match with girls who have the same kind of love for the entertainment and sport as I do. I was able to learn a lot of awesome new moves in a fun and safe environment. I love learning new moves. I try to do something new every single day. The experts say that is how you keep your mind from failing you in your later years.

I didn’t know what steelkittens wanted from my matches so I sat in on the matches before my first match so I could see what they were gearing towards. I watch Maxi Makita vs. Darling. Darling is probably one of the coolest chicks in the biz. She’s developed some muscles since I’ve last seen her…that bitch is ripped now WOW. She does a fantastic job of “selling” the moves. Maxi would put her in some gnarly looking holds and Darling would stick her tongue out in agonizing pain. I almost wanted to jump in the ring and clobber Maxi for hurting my girl…then I realized…this is just for fun….hmmm but so would clobbering some girl because she was hurting my girl LOL.

My first match was with Darling. That was a lot of fun. We were tossing each other around, slamming each other into the ropes, kicking each other…it was awesome.

My next two matches were with 2 guys. I love kicking guys’ asses. I know it sounds sick or twisted but I do get pleasure out of hurting men in the ring 🙂  The owner of STeel kittens showed me some moves before I was put in the ring with the guys. bruahahh she just gave me more amo to kill those suckers with.

The next day I had a match with Mutiny. I’ve only heard about Mutiny through the grapevine. I have never met her before. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet her yesterday. She is a sexy french Canadian with a great big muscle butt and tigolebitties. She had an adorable accent which was an automatic turn on but the thing that was most attractive about her was her skills in the ring. She was pulling moves left and right. She was flying all over the place, she had me flying all over the was so exhilarating. She’s my favorite “prostyle” competitor hands down!! She is amazing.

I also to be do matches with Mutiny’s friend Brooke who is cute as a kitten and fun as hell as well. I also did a match with Max Makita which was pretty darn fun….

To see the matches please check them out when they are released on

Spanking Video

I did a really fun video today with a big group of amazing girls for Clare Fonda. I believe the video will be up later next month on Girlspanksgirl. There were about 7 of us ladies who were dressed up as school girls. We came in last place at the spelling bee. Allegedly we  were such sore losers, we vandalized the dressing rooms after the contest. When the teachers and principal came int to discuss the matter with us they walked into a room full of girls who were already in a catfight. The teachers broke up the fight and punished up with spankings with their hands first and then with the back of some brushes. Some of these girls really took some brutal spankings. I thought I was tough but I saw these girls take some real heavy hands today. It was a great shoot

here kitty kitty

I was alone today, with nothing to do but shower and put lotion on my naked body. As I rubbed the lotion into my skin I started to touch myself. I went to my bed and reached under my nightstand and picked up my Hello Kitty Vibrator. Someone bought me this toy and I suppose the right thing to do would be to jerk off thinking of the person who bought me the toy but I just couldn’t stop thinking “what if this person bought another girl this toy and she was jerking off thinking the same thing”. My mind went wild thinking about who this girl would be. I gave her a name and a life. Her name is Ashley. She works at a gaming company. I invite her to my house. She accepts my invitation. She arrive wearing a sailor moon costume, which is ironic because I was going to surprise her with my Minmay costume.

Well isn’t it nice we are both dolled up for each other. I have the feeling someone tipped her off, telling her I was going to be dressed up for her. I want answers and I want them immediately. I tackle Ashley to the ground and wrap my legs around her. You see, when I am dressed up as Minmay me legs are like wonder woman’s lasso and they force people to tell the truth. “who told you I was going to dress up for you”  Ashley can not lie. “no one'” she says, “I put camera’s in your house and watched you dress”.


I’ve never felt so violated. Ashley has deceived me and she must be punished. I tie her up and make her cum with my Hello Kitty vibe. Then I take her hello kitty vibe out of her purse, she always carries it with her. I use double vibes on her and she screams and moans while I play videos to her. You see, I snuck camera’s into her house as well.  We watch her home as her boyfriend walks from room to room to find her. She’s not home. We see him pick up the phone and call someone. He waits. We see him pick up the phone again and hang up quickly. He undresses. He’s waiting for someone and we know it’s not Ashley. Ashley begs me to turn off the cameras she can’t bare to watch her boyfriend be with another woman. I force her to watch. A young emo boy walks into her house and her boyfriend stands up. The Emo kid and the boyfriend lock lips and kiss passionately. Ashley isn’t so mad about this. She’s getting excited. Her hips are trying to thrust but she is tied down so her movements are hindered. Her boyfriend has a change of heart and asks the emo boy to leave. We see the boyfriend reach for the phone and we hear Ashley’s purse start to vibrate.  I pick up her phone and answer it. No words are said. I just hold the microphone up to ashley as I please her again and again with our Hello Kitty toys. Her boyfriend is still naked and we see him get hard. I don’t want to see that shit so I disconnect the televisions. Ashley screams and the chair she is in chops the floor. The little kitties pur into her cute little pussy faster and faster, louder and louder, until Ashley passes out.  I leave her in the chair as I go to my home gym to practice some boxing.

The end.

here are some pictures of me and my Hello Kitty toy….dedicated to Ashley