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The 4 Easy Steps to becoming a Male Porn Star

Published on October 23rd, 2018 by in Advice

Since the Launch of my Mixed Wrestling site, Evolvefights,  I have been inundated with emails from civilian men who want to be on the site. In the Porn Industry, we refer to Vanilla people or people who are not in porn as Civilians. While I’m flattered and happy that there is so much buzz and

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8 things you’re doing Wrong if you want to be Friends with Porn Stars

We will be entering the year 2019 shortly. Like it or not 2019, people are watching porn in public and proudly proclaiming their adoration for smut( Thanks for being caught watching Porn hub Kayne). Times sure have changed since I started in 2003 in the industry. I thank Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian for making “leaked”

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Kelli Provocateur, Ariel X Submissive X Fitness Trainer Trains Ariel’s ASS

I’ve been trying to get somewhat regular updates for my Submissive X series. I will most likely NOT be building a membership site for this series. I’m finding it hard to juggle updating 3 sites right now, www.evolvedfights.com, www.evolvedfightslez.com and also submissivex.com  It takes a lot out of me to booking models, accommodations for the shoots, maintaining

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Lesbian Evolved Fights Clips are up for Sale on Wrestlingclips.com

Thank you guys and girls for signing up to receive updates on the lesbian evolved fights series. That project is still a work in progress. There is no promise of a full site build out for that site yet. I am still doing market research to see if the demand will make the cost of shooting

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BTS and Bloopers for London Rivers vs Tony Orlando

I keep saying, These wrestler are charming and fun. Porn is great and everything but these bloopers really show you the personalities of these performers. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do. For the Porn, go to www.evolvedfights.com    The bloopers will be on the site as well but here’s a

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I love Bella Rossi

We get some good BTS and bloopers on the Evolved Fights set. We get some pretty cool people. I hope you enjoy these outtakes from Bella Rossi vs Max Blunts. For the full match got to WWW.evolvedfights.com   

Evolved Fights Launches

It is with Great Pleasure that I announce that Evolved Fights is now LIVE!! I want to thank each and every one of you for watching the free video and checking out the photos and doing our survey. We have taken a lot of your feedback and changed a few things about the site. So things

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Lesbian Wrestling Site coming along #spoiler alert on Cheyenen Jewel vs Jasmeen Lefleur

I know I’ve posted before about my mixed wrestling project. While working on the mixed wrestling site….and after hearing that potentially Ultimate Surrender will not longer update ( at least I know I will no longer be involved with it) I knew there would be a market for a new high quality lesbian wrestling site.

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Nuru Massage Scene with Penny up

I’ve posted a clip onto my clips stores.  For Anyone who is interested in more senual lesbian dominations, we took abreak from corporal punishment and toned things down with a nice sensual NURU massage. Penny Barber oils me up then oils herself up and we rub our hot, tan bodies all over each other. Penny fists my pussy

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I’m a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now

I was promoted to brown belt last Saturday at my gym. I can not express how accomplished I feel and how excited I am.   I started training seriously in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2008. I had been wrestling for Ultimate Surrender for a few years and I had my shares of losses in the beginning. My

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