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Submissive X Series updated

I’m having some fun shooting these Submissive X shoots. I love being able to hand pick the models I work with and collaborating with fans for the content to be shot. I love having the freedom to do what I want for my shoots. I have a cute series called “Hungry Natives”. I suppose it’s in the genre of soft vore. It’s more of a play on words than actual Vore, however. The idea is that I have somehow ended up stranded on an exotic island where I am discovered initially by Nikki Delano. I am terrified because Nikki keeps saying how delicious I look and how much she is going to enjoy eating me and having her tribe eat me. Then Nikki starts eating me out (licking my pussy) and I realize that there is just a communication misinterpretation. Click here to see this video with me and Nikki Delano

I continued this series with Part 2. It stars Bella Rossi and Penny Barber as two sexy tribe members who again threaten to eat me. Being unfamiliar with the ways of these peoples, I am still unsure if this means literal eating or if this is some vernacular they are using for something else. I quickly learn that these natives are just really horny sluts who like to play with castaways. I remain captive in the jungle being held captive by horny hungry natives. Bella and Penny begin by tenderizing my meat with flogging and stretching. I am on my tippy toes being held up on a sharp wooden block by my pussy. The girls lick and kiss me to taste the salt on my flesh. Then they get me down and take turns licking my pussy and then feeding their pussies to me. Finally, both girls come in with strap on cocks and use every hole I have. I am DPed with both of their strap on cocks until I cum and then I am left there for the next tribe member(s) to take his/her/their turn on me……to be continued. This is a fun series I enjoy shooting so I will probably have a few more series in this one. Please check it out . 

I also have a few new lift and carry videos up on my clip store. So please feel free to check those out . My clip4sale store can be found here

Lesbian Update

It’s been a long time coming and the Lesbian Edition of Evolved Fights will be Launching soon. For you to understand how excited I am and how nervous I am about this project, I need to start from the beginning. We are going to mentally time travel back to 2016. I’m working in San Franciso at the Kink offices. I’m directing Ultimate Surrender and two other sites for Kink. The Porn Giant, made a decision to dissolve their production company. They were offering to purchase content from directors like myself who would become producers of the exclusive content for them. As producers for them, we would have not rights to the content. We were merely to shoot content and give it to them and they would pay us. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least, to shell out time money and liability to produce content that once was shot was not my property. I have been a part of Ultimate Surrender since 2006. It was a project very near and dear to my heart. I was willing to do whatever it took to keep the project going. After I had spent so much time, money and energy into building out a set for Ultimate Surrender at my own studio per the requests of Kink, I got an email from Kink stating that they no longer wished to support Ultimate Surrender and that they wished to kill the site completely. I stated to them that this would be very upsetting for members, to which they didn’t reply. It seemed they had made their decision and I could not sway them otherwise. So here I was, with a studio I was locked into for 3 years solely because I wished to shoot Ultimate Surrender content for fans and now, Ultimate Surrender was being axed by the company that owned its rights. This was bittersweet to me. I was sad to see Ultimate Surrender be killed and yet I saw a huge opportunity for myself here. If Kink no longer wished to produce Lesbian wrestling content, that meant I could produce it myself and not compete with a company I still felt loyalty to. I had already been slowly and surely shooting Mixed wrestling content for Evolved Fights  I knew that there wasn’t a lot of high quality mixed wrestling with “winner fucks loser” endings. I had done test shoots for mixed wrestling for Kink which were hugely successful yet turned down for a site concept by the company multiple times due to the fact that Kink was slowly trying to dissolve any ties to producing in house. I had enough Mixed wrestling shoots shot that I could launch a stand-alone site for it. The timing of the Kink closure of US was perfect for the Launch of my Mixed wrestling site. I went seamlessly from solely producing Kink content to suddenly shooting nothing for them and being able to focus on Evolved fights shoots and site build out.

I nervously Launched in mid-September 2018. I had wished to Launch in January of 2017 sadly I had partnered with a company in Spain that was less than organized and they delay the launch to may, then June, then July. As I realized this company would not be worth working with, I quickly changed to working with a company called Elevated X to have them build my site and within a few weeks, the site was able to launch. I am really kicking myself in the ass for trying to help my friend out who was working for the company in Spain by partnering with them to build a wrestling clip store alas no harm was done other than a massive delay. I would like this paragraph to serve as a PSA to all adult performers to simply go to elevated X from the get-go rather than trying to go some other route. You will get honest people who will not waste your time or steal your money…just trust me on this.

For the Holiday season of 2018, evolved fights put up bonus updates on Holidays like Thanksgiving, Xmas, New years. These bonus updates were “Lesbian Edition” Evolved Fights Matches. I was gauging the responses from these test shoots to see if it would be worth my while to start a lesbian site. At first, it was really hard for fans to go from the Ultimate Surrender format to the Evolved Fights format. As with anything, you’re going to get a few diehard fans who ONLY like the Oldschool version of something. I can’t cater to these people. I can not copy the US format 1. for legal reason ( I don’t want to step on toes) 2. that format has seen its day and it’s time for it to “evolve”. The sales of the Lesbian matches as done well enough to be able to launch a stand-alone site for it. So the good news will be doing a soft Launch on March 20th ( edited, April 1) A soft launch means the site will be live but not promoted heavily so that I can test for any bugs and fix complaints that come in before I start letting the masses know about it. I hope for the Official Launch to be March 27th ( edited April 3).

I have some things to note for anyone who is interested in the Lesbian Edition. We are launching with 8 competitive matches, 1 custom match and 1 scripted cat fight. All matches are lesbian matches with ” Winner fucks loser” endings. I don’t foresee the scripted matches being super popular but I thought I would offer them up just to see if people enjoy them. If the scripted matches do well, I have no problem producing more. They are safer, and models tend to be more willing to do scripted matches than competitive. It is extremely difficult to get a porn star to do competitive wrestling. For starters, most porn stars do not know how to wrestle. Furthermore, porn stars do not care much for putting in the strenuous work of wrestling when they can make so so so much more just laying on their backs getting fucked. the risk to reward for them doesn’t make sense. So I’m hoping the scripted matches do well but I’m not going to make any decisions until I have data. will update weekly on Wednesday. We will be offering deals for members of our Mixed wrestling site. You will most likely need to be logged in to your account in order to get the link access for the deal. I’m not sure exactly how it will work since we are still working on that. We will also offer discounts for the mixed wrestling site for anyone who joins through their Lesbian edition site. This project has been a long time in the making. It has cost me a lot of time money and heartache. It truly is a labor of love. It’s bittersweet to see Ultimate surrender die because their parent company simply didn’t want it anymore but like I said, I see the opportunity for me and my love for the genre has driven me to create this for the fans. I really hope you folx can give it a chance. cheers.