Happy Easter/ Passover and check out catfightlive.com

I love Easter!!! it always falls on a Sunday and sundays are my diet cheat day when I allow myself to eat all kinds of crap. I had the classic Easter Ham…yum yum and sweet potatoes with butter and a ton of cookies and chocolate eggs and crap. However. I am feel a little ill now. Thankfully, it is a holiday and I did not have to work. Last night I did my last Vsex show which was bittersweet. It was a blast to do the show but sad to know I may not talk to some of those awesome viewers again. So I was on Vsex til 8:30pm, drove home, picked up some groceries and cooked all night. I wokeup at at 5am today, hid some eggs for which my son and my Niece would  go hunting. The Ham was ready and I had some delicious cookies and cakes waiting for me so I started pigging out super duper early. I’ve been vegging all day, preping for the official launch of my webcam site. www.catfightlive.com . To the best of my knowledge it is the only webcam site that has 2 girls doing custom wrestling for viewers on it. Of course it is a regular cam site as well. We are trying to get girls to sign up and do solo shows as well but we are really pushing to get studios to sign up to do webcams while they are doing their productions. I will be doing my first webcam/production tomorrow. I have been producing videos for a new ariel x fight club website I am gearing up to launch next year. I figure that while I am shooting content for that site, I might as well let people watch the “making of” and pay for it. It’s a win win…the viewers get to chat with the models while after they have done their shoot. They can dicuss strategy, likes, dislikes, hardest moments, hopes, fears, desires..what ever…I get content, the models get paid and the viewers get something they can’t get anywhere else; interaction with the performers WHILE they are performing!!!! the cost……$1.00 a minute!!!

so I’m very please to announce the OFFICIAL launching of my new webcam site www.catfightlive.com. The first show will be live tomorrow ( Monday April 25th) 12:30-2:30pm PST starring Isamar and me 🙂 We will be shooting for my nylong leg scissors line and a jeans leg scissor line 🙂 very exciting stuff 🙂 Please feel free to check it out. If you are interested in maybe performing wrestling shows with your girlfriend or boyfriend, please sign up as an adult studio. YOu don’t need to be a professional at all. You will need to send in your 2257 info and pictures of ids (all the legal mambo jambo). signup to be a performer is on this page:

once you sign up, you will need to fill out your profile and add pictures and describe yourself and what you will be doing on cam! it take jsut a few minutes…aslso, you will need to fax or snail mail us the legal paperwork.

if you are just a fan and want to sign up as a viewer please do so on this page:


There is no monthly membership fee