here kitty kitty

I was alone today, with nothing to do but shower and put lotion on my naked body. As I rubbed the lotion into my skin I started to touch myself. I went to my bed and reached under my nightstand and picked up my Hello Kitty Vibrator. Someone bought me this toy and I suppose the right thing to do would be to jerk off thinking of the person who bought me the toy but I just couldn’t stop thinking “what if this person bought another girl this toy and she was jerking off thinking the same thing”. My mind went wild thinking about who this girl would be. I gave her a name and a life. Her name is Ashley. She works at a gaming company. I invite her to my house. She accepts my invitation. She arrive wearing a sailor moon costume, which is ironic because I was going to surprise her with my Minmay costume.

Well isn’t it nice we are both dolled up for each other. I have the feeling someone tipped her off, telling her I was going to be dressed up for her. I want answers and I want them immediately. I tackle Ashley to the ground and wrap my legs around her. You see, when I am dressed up as Minmay me legs are like wonder woman’s lasso and they force people to tell the truth. “who told you I was going to dress up for you”  Ashley can not lie. “no one'” she says, “I put camera’s in your house and watched you dress”.


I’ve never felt so violated. Ashley has deceived me and she must be punished. I tie her up and make her cum with my Hello Kitty vibe. Then I take her hello kitty vibe out of her purse, she always carries it with her. I use double vibes on her and she screams and moans while I play videos to her. You see, I snuck camera’s into her house as well.  We watch her home as her boyfriend walks from room to room to find her. She’s not home. We see him pick up the phone and call someone. He waits. We see him pick up the phone again and hang up quickly. He undresses. He’s waiting for someone and we know it’s not Ashley. Ashley begs me to turn off the cameras she can’t bare to watch her boyfriend be with another woman. I force her to watch. A young emo boy walks into her house and her boyfriend stands up. The Emo kid and the boyfriend lock lips and kiss passionately. Ashley isn’t so mad about this. She’s getting excited. Her hips are trying to thrust but she is tied down so her movements are hindered. Her boyfriend has a change of heart and asks the emo boy to leave. We see the boyfriend reach for the phone and we hear Ashley’s purse start to vibrate.  I pick up her phone and answer it. No words are said. I just hold the microphone up to ashley as I please her again and again with our Hello Kitty toys. Her boyfriend is still naked and we see him get hard. I don’t want to see that shit so I disconnect the televisions. Ashley screams and the chair she is in chops the floor. The little kitties pur into her cute little pussy faster and faster, louder and louder, until Ashley passes out.  I leave her in the chair as I go to my home gym to practice some boxing.

The end.

here are some pictures of me and my Hello Kitty toy….dedicated to Ashley