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Mason, Winter Sky and Christina Carter Part 3 of 4 of the July Live Feed

Live Show Mondays brings you the 3nd part of the July live show that featured Mason, Winter Sky and special guest co-top Christina Carter.

Mason is the focus of of part 3. Bound on a fuck table in a fuck me position, Mason has both pussy and ass exposed for some hard pussy flogging and hard DP action.

First Christina shaves the pussy and ass of our little bondage slut, mustn’t have any hair getting of the way of the brutal fucking about to take place. We warm Mason up with the vibrator and dildos. We fuck her pussy and ass and vibrate her to several orgasms.

Then Christina straps on and goes ballistic on Mason’s ass. She can wield a strap on and Mason’s ass takes the full brunt of Christina’s rage. After Mason is spent out we bring her back up with some very hard pussy flogging and foot caning. From cumming, to screaming, to cumming, we leave Mason a fucking wreck and put her back in the cage, now it’s Winter’s turn…

Spanking with Clare Fonda

Last Week was a pretty fun week. It was busy for me but very fun. My brother was in from out of town and he was helping with the fixing up of my parents home. We were ripping up carpet and putting in hardwood floors…the dust from  it all damn near killed me. Well last week for work I got to do a couple of shoots. I got to work with Clare Fonda again on a spanking video. I had soooo much fun shooting with her. Clare is by far one of the best improv actresses I’ve ever seen. She is very quick witted. She and I did a video where I was an Adult baby and she had to put me in diapers and spank me. OH it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I got to act like a little baby and brat off to her. Oh I wish I could do that every day.

I also had a tag team match up at kink on friday which went amazing, I will talk more about that later….and I did a cam show for on Sunday which was fun but uneventful. I did meet some really awesome folks on the cam show though. Today I am back up at kink shooting for

I have some fun stuff about my last week to post later…just silly things like walking into the girls bathroom at my gym and seeing a dirty tampon on the floor…of course I took pictures which I will share…and pictures of the smoke clouds from the fires LA is enduring…good stuff.

Jade Indica

Jade Indica is back. This Italian babe is smoking hot and so beautiful. Her tan, smooth, shaved body begs for abuse.

Legs back, ass up, the perfect fuck me position- Jade is very familiar with this set up. This girl has been fucking for some time, so it’s time we fuck back.

Foot caning and pussy flogging, nipple clamps and mind fucking, these are just a few of the things Jade suffers though. With a perfect ass like that we feel the need to impale it. So we stuff it with a dildo and lock it in place. With the box closed Jade has just been reduced to two holes. That is all she is to us: two holes- two holes we abuse and make cum, over and over.

Rain Degrey More Pain

We have all types of models on Device, each with strengths and weaknesses. Some are flexible, some are tough, some are great at blow jobs, some are good at getting fucked and others like and can take pain. Rain is the latter.

Simply put – we take it to her: a hard caning and some of the hardest flogging to date. We violate her ass with a hook, we make her scream in pain, then make her cum in ecstasy. Back and forth, pain and pleasure, her body never gets to catch up, and she can only react on an instinctual level.

US, Ariel X vs. Dia Zerva is up

Today Kink updated their site with the footage of my match with Dia Zerva.

Check it out


here are some pix for you to enjoy in the mean time 🙂

Kylie IrelandFucked so hard in ass she begs for it to stop

Kylie is bound down hard. Trapped in a custom metal prison for one that sticks her big ass up in the air ready for what ever we want to put in it. And fill that ass we do, with a fucksaw machine that shows no mercy.

Kylie was overwhelmed from the start. Being that helpless, unable to move even a little, with a machine about to drill your ass makes one a touch nervous. So when we started messing with her and fucking her ass, she started a slow mental melt down.

As the machine rammed away at her asshole and the vibrator worked over her clit, Kylie’s body betrayed her as orgasms where ripped out of her one by one. Next her mind betrayed her as her brain could not process her situation, and she begged for the ass fucking to stop. Porn Legend, Ass Queen, Kylie Ireland, begged for sexual mercy. A total melt down that even left her confused, on what really just happened.

The Live Wrestling Event was AWESOME

Last Saturday, August 15th, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the wrestlers at the live event that Robin from was putting on. The event was a huge success with many awesome fans and several gorgeous wrestlers in attendance. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the entire event. I was the first match, it was me vs. Robin. The bouts were slated to be 20 minute matches. After each fall the combatants were given a 1 minute break and then resumed wrestling. The rules were standard, no single digit manipulation, no maniac chokes, no punches or kicks. These were straight submission wrestling matches. The girls all wore nice bikinis so of course there were nipples slipping out from time to time but all in all the matches were very competitive, very tasteful and very exciting. I certainly have come a long way in my wrestling skills. I’ve gone up against Robin once before. She’s one of the best, if not THE best. She’s small but dangerous. I’ve been doing wrestling for 3 years, I’ve been training Jui jitsui for a year now. In the last year I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. A lot of my training as been Mind over Matter. There’s a fine line between being stubborn and being stupid on the mats. Because I have so much experience in the last 3 years I am able to gage what my body can handle and what it can’t, ergo when to tap. I have learned how to read my opponentseven if it’s my first time against them. For example, When my opponent gets me into a leg scissor hold I can usually tell if they are going to be able to make me submit within the first couple of seconds. Most girls will apply the scissor hold slowly so no to cause harm to their opponents. Fast or slow, no matter how the hold is applied I can feel how long my opponent will be able to hold me and if she will be able to squeeze harder. When I feel as if I’m getting into trouble in the scissor hold, or any hold for that matter, I force myself to calm down. Panic is usually the #1 reason girls tap out. Being in a hold requires a lot of mind over matter. One needs to be calm collective and cool. For every move there is a counter and when one panics one can not think of a counter. In my match withRobin I was able to keep my cool. She dominated the entire match for sure. Her wrestling skills and experience surpass mine greatly. I do like to feel that I won the mind over matter match with  her. I kept telling myself not to allow her to submit me. I tried my hardest to pschy her out by never showing I was tired or gassed, even though I was dying :). There were several submission attempts by both of us but you’re gonna have to watch the match to see the outcome, sorry darlings

The event was taped and you can order copies from The tire event is $175 plus shipping. It has 9 matches that are approximately 20 minutes each.

OR….you can purchase each match for $25 plus shipping! Here are the matches…


  • Robin vs Ariel
  • Kristy Etzold vs Grace
  • Jolie (from Tempest) vs
  • Liz Lightspeed
  • Robin vs Grace
  • Julie Winchester vs Lisa Comshaw
  • Jolie (from Tempest) vs Christine Dupree
  • Kristiana vs Scarlett Devine
  • Nicole Oring vs Andrea
  • Helen Von Mott vs Alex (Competitive Mixed Match)


Well I’ve had a full week. This week alone was one of the craziest weeks I think I’ve ever had. I’m going to tell you small parts now and then I’ll fill in the details later with full blogs on my work. Friday Aug 14th, I did an amazing shoot for Triangle films and I did my scene with the amazing Renee Perez. I have worked with Renee before, long long ago. We did a photo shoot for Matrix content and then did the bubbathe love sponge radio show together where we kinda sorta played around but not really. So this was my real first time “doing it” withher :). She’s a very sexy girl. She knows how to pose, she’s got a body on her that’s all natural and sexy as hell. She makes eye contact in bed and if you’ve been reading my blog you know how much I love me the eye contact. Those Triangle gals always know how to set me up with hot gals. I was also very excited because Clair Adams and Syd Blokovichwere on set and I got to watch Syd put a huge dil into her b-hole!!! whoa…what a way to start out the weekend no?

After working on set with Renee I had to hurry over to WestlakeVillage to have dinner withmy guy and his old pal who was coming from out of town. Dinner was great but it’s so hard to be the outsider. We were having dinner with 6 people 4 of the 6 people were long time buddies who talked about stuff that happened before I was born. Of course I love hearing when about my boyfriends life as a youngster but I certainly don’t give a shit about his friends’ childhoods…I know, I’m an asshole. It was so hard to sit down for 2 hours and listen to his friends talk about themselves and then we got up and I thought ” great we are going home” but no we got up to stand up for another hour and all the boys continued to talk about themselves LOL…guys are so funny. 🙂

Needless to say I was pretty pooped by the time we got home and I passed out, sans sex…WTF. The next say, Aug 15thwas a big day for me. I was wrestling for Robin for her Live event AND my guy and I were hosting a Swinger’s party at his house. I had to work in the afternoon ( more details about Robin’s even later) then I to rush home to the party at my guys house. The swinger party was a huge success but it was a nightmare. My BF likes his house kept a certain way. He really shouldn’t have parties but he loves to entertain so he does it anyway. We had 300 people at the house that day. It was insane. Well needless to say with that many people, there were a lot of drunks walking around and a lot of people effed up on other stuff as well. You see I don’t do drugs, I drink a little but I do hugs not drugs. People under the influence are really annoying to sober people!!!! I was sober and I felt like I was baby sitting people all night. Getting people water so they didn’t pass out, force feeding people so they didn’t pass out…holding drunk people up so they could walk straight!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARe. To top the night off, a good friend of mine took too much shit and started convulsing. It was pretty frightening and then he passed out and I stayed with him, making sure he was breathing, making sure he wasn’t choking on vomit or his tongue….for 4 hours I stayed withhim ( til 5 am), holding ice on his body so he wouldn’t overheat until he woke up.  To this day I am very angry withmy good friend for scaring me. I couldn’t talk to him for several days because I was so angry withthe feelings I was dealing with.

But life moves on. …

Tuesday comes around and I’m at my folks house putting in hard wood floors with my 2 brothers and my mom comes in and announces that the family dog has died. Oh hell. We had that dog for 8.5 years. She was my dad’s life. What shitty news.

Then a couple hours later we get a call from my sister who has gone into labor…..we have a new family member!!! SAY WHAT…our dog dies but we get an angel from my sister!!!

Wednesday I went to my girlfriends house to check up on these session wrestling matches gals are doing. I was curiousl how things went. I actually had a blast. I might start doing them. So the wrestling went great but afterwards I go have lunch, the go back to my friends house and without thinking open her gate that has 4 dogs behind it and wouldn’t you know it one of them bit me….The dog bit is fine but get this..I had to get a tetanus shot because I have a puncture wound and I haven’t had a shot in 18 years so I get the shot and it makes me sick as a dog. I’m talking nausea, diarrhea, fatigue…I haven’t felt so bad since….well ever. Turns out it runs in my family, my dad and sister also have bad reactions to tetanus shots.



Thursday and Friday I was in Riverside with my sister and my new Niece. My sister’s husband finally was able to take leave from army duty ( he was in afghanistan). My poor sister has been stressed without anyone to really help her so I went to stay with her for a few days until her hubby got back. Finally This weekend I got some me time!!!\I’ve rested up and I’m back to blogging…I’m sorry to keep y’all waiting.

Mason, Winter Sky and Christina Carter Part 2 of 4 of the July Live Feed

Live Show Mondays brings you the 2nd part of the July live show that featured Mason, Winter Sky and special guest co-top Christina Carter.

After making the girls cum hard and often in the last update, we spread them out and apply clothespins to their already tired bodies. Each girl has a zipper applied, which is then attached to a 20lb weight that the other girl has to hold. Winter is the weakest link, never having worked out a day in her privileged life. However Mason was a collegiate athlete and will have no problem holding the weight.

Neither girl wants to hurt the other, so we quicken the process by using vibrators to weaken them further. Winter is the first to cum, and the first to drop the ball. Mason drops hers right after, as the shock and pain of the zipper rips though her trembling body.

Next Winter’s face is used as a seat for a struggling Mason locked in the wall stocks. The stocks are designed to slowly choke out the victim. You must use all your strength to stay up or you will pass out. Winters face must take the full brunt of Mason’s weight in order to save her new best friend.