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Submissive X Feedback

Ariel X contemplates issue for Submissive X

I have good news I suppose. Evolved Fights has been very successful. So successful that it has afforded me to be able to finance the lesbian edition and start This is great for my long term goal of becoming a full time producer only. I really do enjoy performing but as time passes, I get more and more interested in being behind the camera and helping rising stars become the amazing performers they were meant to be. I’ve always been an introvert and I don’t like to “hype” myself much. I have found that hyping and promoting other models for evolved fights and other projects has been much more fun and frankly much more rewarding. I started Submissive X to live out fantasies with my favorite ladies while providing entertainment to fans. I really do enjoy shooting the content but shooting weekly is not sustainable. First let me mention that nearly every time I shoot a scene, I get the flu shortly after. I hate being sick. I miss out on training, I lose weight, I can’t focus. I don’t know anyone on the planet that likes to be sick. It’s common for colds and the flu to get passed from performer to performer due to the nature of our work. I know none of the performers get me sick on purpose but the fact of the matter is, many times after shooting, I end up getting sick. For this reason, I do not foresee having a site that updates weekly to be sustainable. I don’t want to scrap the idea of opening submissivex entirely but I want to give members and fans value if they chose to subscribe or join. I suppose I could do 3-4 updates of solo stuff and have one “feature” of g/g content update. I think I would be able to produce this for a low cost which means I wouldn’t need to charge a high price for fans to join. I wanted to bounce this idea off you fans. If you have other suggestions I’m open to hearing them. Thank you!

Submissive X shoots on Clips4sale now available.

I’ve been somewhat regularly updating my store. I have been trying to update every Friday night with a new “submissive X” shoot. I started sub clipping each shoot and uploading each clip independently but It seems you folx like downloading the entire video rather than doing clip by clip so from now on I will just put up the full clip for one download. Right now this clip store isn’t making enough money to sustain itself. I’m paying my models out of pocket for these shoots, they are not customs that people write in to put in requests, however, if you do write a good script and send it over, I’m not opposed to shooting customs for this project. To be honest, It would be a lot of work to update this weekly on top of the other projects I have going on. I am launching two wrestling sites that also will eventually start to update weekly. Between producing these and then doing all the post stuff just to get it to the site, it’s a lot of work for one woman. Then to be a submissive performer weekly on top of that, it’s just a lot. To be Frank, it’s more fun playing a submissive when I want to be rather than make myself do it weekly just to get an update up…I’ll have to weigh out the pros and cons of this. With that said, I’m not sure I will dedicate an entire site just to submissive X. I want to be able to give my customers value and if I can’t’ give you regular updates, I don’t think that’s fair for you to pay a membership. When I do update Submissive X, I can send out an email to those of you who are interested. If you are interested in being put onto the Submissive X mailing list, Please sign up using this link.  SIGN UP HERE



New FM shoot is up

I did a shoot a while back for ( about a month ago) It had been a while since my last FM shoot. I think the last time  I shot with them was a live show with Abby Darling. I love the machines. I always forget how much fun they are until I see them again. Being a single gal like I am it’s rather refreshing to get pummeled by something and not worry about it falling in love with you or trying to take things to the next level. I don’t have to listen to these machines bitch and complain about their day. I don’t have to worry about the machines lying to me or cheating on me. I don’t have to listen to the machines criticize every thing I do or say…it’s so friggn’ nice. So watch as I enjoy my special time with my special robot boyfriends.

Another Hard Bodies Video is on my Clip Store

I added another Hard Bodies video to my clips4sale store recently. It’s very similar to the first videos. I’m all oiled up and I can’t keep my hands off my slick, muscular body. I spread my ass for you and get all kinds of sexy in this video. The next video will be a weight lifting vid..oh la la.. please check out my clips store to find the video..thanks for the support ya’ll. xoxoxoox


Water Play

I just uploaded a clip on my clip store of me playing with myself in water. I actually just shot a water bondage shoot for just before shooting this clip so I was a little extra sensative on the genital area LOL. getting blasted with hoses on a clit can take it’s toll. I rather enjoy playing in water. It’s some intense breath play. There’s no cheating or getting a little air here or there when your under water. I think girls look so pretty when they are under water anyway. Our hair floats around like mermaids and our eyes get so big when we try to see through the water. I think its rather sexy. So please check it out and let me know what you think. Here are some stills from the video



Hard Bodies Video is Up for Sale

I did a sexy video shoot for the day B4 Thanksgiving. I had so much fun on the shoot. They are truly professional and put out amazing content. I will be working with them a lot in the future. They have inspired me to film some sexy fitness videos for myself as well. So you will be finding a lot more solo videos of me on my Clips4sale store doing flexing and sexy posing and maybe a little workout here and there. I love feedback so please let me know if you like the content or if there is something you’d like to see in particular.  Enjoy the preview and for the full video which is only $3.99, visit my clipstore




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Soft Core tittie Fucking Video

I shot some porno in my hotel this last weekend. that was fun. I was able to do  a show and then shoot a bunch of crap for my clip store. I’m rather proud of myself. I made the music and edited this bitch all by myself, which explains why it’s kinda arsty fartsy. But I’m proud of it. Im turing in to a real  smut maker.  So without further ado, I have uploaded my very first video wtih my new TITS on my clip store. it’s softcore no nudity at all so It’s really cheap. here are some stills, Enjoy. For the full video check out my Clips4sale Store and for a 10 second preview check this out




Intimate Pursuit, Dylan Ryan

Right before my birthday, last May, Triangle films

gave me an amazing birthdy pressent. They gave me a shoot with the sexy, Dylan Ryan.  The shoot was for a line called “Intimate Pursuit”. 

By the time we got to the scene I was crushing on Dylan pretty hard. She’s adorable and huge!!! she’s a giant compaired to me. She actually picked me up and threw me on the bed for our scene. The roles called for her to be a little more aggressive sexually which was nice for me. I got to lay back and take it all in for a while. Dylan is an amazing kisser. She has big plump limps and she knows how to seduce with them.

She was very sweet enough to ask me if there was anything I liked or didn’t like in love making. I’m not a big fan of furious knuckles grinding at my bone so I told her to go slow at first which she did and she did it well. She did a fantastic job getting me warmed up and then finishing me. I tried to return the favor but she seemed to want most of the control. She’s a very great and unselfish lover which makes me love her even more.

The street date for Intimate Pursuit is Monday, Jan. 24th

Fucking Machines, Abby Darling

I have been working non stop folks, no joke. If I’m not working, then I’m travelling to get to work. It’s been mad but I love it. I had a fantastic week up at kink this last month or so. Last week, I went to kink to shoot an Ultimate Surrender match with a new girl named “Saffron”…she’s fantastic. She will probably be one of the best girls in 2 years or so…mark my words.

After kicking ass and taking names for US, I hopped down to the basement of the Armory to go find me something that could actually keep up with me, a machine. I walked in on Abby Darling fucking some cold hard steel. Abby is a babe. She’s about 5’9 120 lbs…looks like a model. I fell for her as soon as I saw her. Not only can she take huge cock and look like a super modeling doing so but this broad can wrestle!!!!!!! meow

I got to ride one of the machines while Abby rode the sybian. yes yes that means I got to make out with her as well..I was so happy. I didn’t get any from her that day but she’s on my to do list 🙂 okay so I’ve already “done” her” dont’ get on my case about the technicalities dudes.

I was able to get off multiple times with my robot dicks. The dildos were very similar to my ex’s penis so I could just close my eyes and I would pretend it was him fucking me and I would get off literally 20 times in a minute. Don’t you love that you can fantasize about being with someone and they can’t do anything about it. I call this  spank raping. I jerk off to people all the time. If they knew about  it they would get all offended and give me attitude like ” don’t even think of me, sicko” but what are they gonna do about it. They can’t do anything. I’m gonna spank it to them whether they like it or not and, in my mind, they are gonna love it…and that’s that. ….so yeah I spank raped my ex. I do it all the time…that’s what he gets for giving me so much awesome sex…alas… I can give compliments where compliments are due..lord knows I can do the shit talking well enough…. but I digress

oh yes…so me…a machine that wont’ stop fucking me ….and Abby Darling….it was good chemistry. I miss Fucking machines. I feel like I was at one point dating those machines because I saw them so frequently then suddenly I stopped seeing them. So this was the booty call of the century for me….seeing my machines…getting fucked like a mormon on prom night ( yup that means I took it in the ass) and then not calling them back…ever.

Soooo…good times where had by all…and I even grabs some pix to share..enjoy and if you want to see the entire shoot please click here