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Device Bondage

OKay Okay, I”m an asshole. I neglected to let anyone know that I was going to be live on DeviceBondage.comlast saturday. So some of you may have missed out on it but do not fret they will have it as an update later on. Now I hear that they will be having a live show in April then June and then every other month after and they will be reducing the cost of membership which is good news for you guys.

I was being Dommed by Isis Love…that’s right boys who have written me about Isis..She kicked my ass ūüôā and Matt. I love working with Matt, he’s one of the few guys I will let touch my vagina or ass. He’s simply the best out there. He’s very hard on us girls but very concerned about us enjoying ourselves and not getting hurt. For those of you who are wrestling fans, Matt is the ref on Ultimate Surrender. You can tell on the mats that he is always looking out for the girls and our safety and you should know he’s the same way in BDSM shoots. He genuinely wants to get the girls off and boy oh boy does he know how to do it. I’ve learned a lot about vagina from that guy. He has showed me how to fuck chicks good, honestly I learned more from him than any chick could show me in a million years.

Isis…oh what can I say about Isis. She’s one of the sexiest girls alive. She got her boobs done a while back and they are phenomenal. My bf was watching the lived feed and when I got home he had all types of questions about Isis. He’s a big fan. Oh yes…and Annie Cruz, the eye candy for the shoot. She is a tough cookie…shit they did some shit to that girl that made me flinch. Annie has lost some weight and she looks amazing…not that she was ever fat or not amazing but she’s getting better and better. Her tits are ridiculous. My boyfriend told me if I get my boobs done to go to Annie’s doctor cause hers were prefect and I had to convince the guy they were real. Annie Cruz is perfect naturally…the guy didn’t believe me…well that just goes to show you how awesome they where.

Have I kissed enough kink ass LOL…no on to the good stuff. They put me in stocks and raised me to my tippy toes and forced me to walk around in circles. The stocks were heavy and uncomfortable. My little toes were stressed and cramped. My calves were holding up pretty well though. Each time I walked around Matt and/or Isis would flog the living hell out of me. They put nipple clamps on my nipples and 2lbs of weights on each side. My nipples are pretty desensitized but after the clamps ripped off each side they became pretty sensitive. They let me out of the stocks and gave me a short break.

I was soon bolted down to the floor with chains and actual bolts. They laid the chains across my body and bolted the chains into the wood floor. The loud thuds from the bolts going into the floor was frightening. I couldn’t move an inch i was trapped. Matt Jammed a dildo into me¬†that had a magic wand vibrator attached to it. They taped a funnel to my mouth and Annie Cruz squirted down the funnel which forced me to gulp every drip of her woman juice. Isis Love got on top of me. She stared deep into my eyes while she tried to climax using the same vibrator that was attached me to. Her hips undulated while she rode me, every second she starred deep into my eyes.

I was put into a cage after Annie and Isis had their fill ( or I guess I should say Until I had my fill) of squirting into me. I had to sit and watch Annie get put into a “Scorpion” type of positions. Her back was arched, her hair pulled back and a Dildo stuffed deep into her cute freshly shaved pussy. I had to watch her get tortured with orgasms. It was awful.

It’s been a few days since the shoot and I have to tell you that my crotch is still pounding from being put on a horse. Not a real live horse but the bondage furniture type horse. They had my armed clamped to to wood pillars and my feet tied to the horse. My crotch was directed on the horse and all my weight was on my crotch. That thing irritated the hell out of my poor ginie. They put a zipper on me while they guided some heavy balls down from a leather strap that was wrapped around my neck.¬† I love breath play, the zipper was so intense for the first 4 seconds after they tore it off me, the breath play made the zipper more barrable.

Matt decided for the last hour he would involve Isis into the Sub part of the show. He allowed Annie and I to molest her and seek revenge on Isis for what she had done to us during the show. Matt put Annie and myself into the pile driver position while he put inflatable dildos into both our asses. Annies loose ass kept dropping her butt plug out and mine was nice and tight inside me. Matt forced me to cum with a vibrator and as I was having a very intense orgasm he popped that inflated dil right out of my ass “POP” went the weasle. The dil was inflated to the size of my own fist. I couldn’t believe that thing was in my ass!!!

I loved the live show. I loved the people I worked with. The thing that I loved most about it was the member participation.  I love that the fans cheered us on and told us their fantasies. The fans have been and always been my favorite part about what I do. Thank you guys.



Gorgeous Red Headed Dominatrix

Wolf takes it like a man while MIP debuts the gorgeous Miss Keen. We lost track of how much weight hung from his balls, but all that pain just blurs into a giant throbbing hard-on anyway.
The shrewd sadist knows when to apply painful pressure, and when to capitalize on a Good Thing. Lucky for us Miss Keen is savvy to more than one use for a hard cock.

Triangle Films with Justine Jolie

I’ve been busy with work again. Which can be good or bad for you readers. I can either blog about some really sexy stuff or just simply be waaay to tired to even turn on my computer. The actual shooting isn’t the exhausting part. Sitting in traffic for a few hours then staying on my feet all day, posing all sexy like, sucking in my gut, popping out my tits and ass and trying to look long and lean is the exhausting part. “modeling” is like doing yoga. It’s hard

But enough bitching and complaining…because for all the¬† hardships I might have in my line of work the benefits and perks outweigh any of the “bad stuff” by infitiy. Last week the perk I got was working with Justine Jolie. I have worked with her once before. We did an educational video on how to perform cunnilingus is Tristan Taormino”guide to oral sex”. We worked on that movie about 2 years ago. I’ve always admired Justine. She’s a sexy girl with a good head on her shoulders. I love that she promotes her self as “The World’s Hottest Geek”. She is a complete genius about electronics and gadgets and she’s very business suvvy. Add a hungry sexual appetite to all those other characteristics and you have what I call, the perfect woman. While we were doing our scene I would look into Justine’s piercing blue eyes and I would melt. She hypnotized me, put a spell on me, took me to another land. She was aggressive in bed but not too aggressive. She really really really wanted to get me off and she wouldn’t stop until she did. She’s a pleaser alright. She’s a natural born lover.

I have to admit I was nervous about working with Justine. I think the world of her and I didnt’ want to disappoint her. On top of that the director, the amazing¬† Kathryn Annelle, kept telling me she was nervous about shooting us because she didn’t think she was ready to shoot the both of us up until that day. sheesh….the pressure was on. I was so nervous I could barely remember the few lines they gave me. I lighted up after Justine got me on the bed and went between my legs. She took me¬† to another land for the next half hour. I am finally coming back down to earth now after a few days. Thank you Kathy ūüôā

here kitty kitty

I was alone today, with nothing to do but shower and put lotion on my naked body. As I rubbed the lotion into my skin I started to touch myself. I went to my bed and reached under my nightstand and picked up my Hello Kitty Vibrator. Someone bought me this toy and I suppose the right thing to do would be to jerk off thinking of the person who bought me the toy but I just couldn’t stop thinking “what if this person bought another girl this toy and she was jerking off thinking the same thing”. My mind went wild thinking about who this girl would be. I gave her a name and a life. Her name is Ashley. She works at a gaming company. I invite her to my house. She accepts my invitation. She arrive wearing a sailor moon costume, which is ironic because I was going to surprise her with my Minmay¬†costume.

Well isn’t it nice we are both dolled up for each other. I have the feeling someone tipped her off, telling her I was going to be dressed up for her. I want answers and I want them immediately. I tackle Ashley to the ground and wrap my legs around her. You see, when I am dressed up as Minmay me legs are like wonder woman’s lasso and they force people to tell the truth. “who told you I was going to dress up for you”¬† Ashley can not lie. “no one'” she says, “I put camera’s in your house and watched you dress”.


I’ve never felt so violated. Ashley has deceived me and she must be punished. I tie her up and make her cum with my Hello Kitty vibe. Then I take her hello kitty vibe out of her purse, she always carries it with her. I use double vibes on her and she screams and moans while I play videos to her. You see, I snuck camera’s into her house as well.¬† We watch her home as her boyfriend walks from room to room to find her. She’s not home. We see him pick up the phone and call someone. He waits. We see him pick up the phone again and hang up quickly. He undresses. He’s waiting for someone and we know it’s not Ashley. Ashley begs me to turn off the cameras she can’t bare to watch her boyfriend be with another woman. I force her to watch. A young emo¬†boy walks into her house and her boyfriend stands up. The Emo kid and the boyfriend lock lips and kiss passionately. Ashley isn’t so mad about this. She’s getting excited. Her hips are trying to thrust but she is tied down so her movements are hindered. Her boyfriend has a change of heart and asks the emo boy to leave. We see the boyfriend reach for the phone and we hear Ashley’s purse start to vibrate.¬† I pick up her phone and answer it. No words are said. I just hold the microphone up to ashley as I please her again and again with our Hello Kitty toys. Her boyfriend is still naked and we see him get hard. I don’t want to see that shit so I disconnect the televisions. Ashley screams and the chair she is in chops the floor. The little kitties pur into her cute little pussy faster and faster, louder and louder, until Ashley passes out.¬† I leave her in the chair as I go to my home gym to practice some boxing.

The end.

here are some pictures of me and my Hello Kitty toy….dedicated to Ashley

Girlfriend Films with Raven Alexis

I did a shoot with Raven Alexis this week. Unfortunately I didn’t have anyone on set to take pictures while we were shooting our scene and we were kinda rushed off set before we could take any nude stills so I don’t have any juicy nude set stills to share with you but I do have a juicy story for you.

I volunteered to pick Raven up from the hotel she was staying at. Unfortunately she was staying in Beverly Hills and our call time put us right in the middle of bastardly Los Angeles Traffic. Poor Raven had to sit in the car with me while I kvetched about stupid traffic and stupid LA drivers. We got on set and immediately got ready to shoot. We got into some casual attire as our characters were supposed to be casually hanging out. Raven’s character was to discuss family matters with India Summers¬†while I am out shopping. I suppose the plot has India putting Raven through school. India is a little concerned about Raven not having a boyfriend and wouldn’t you know it I just happen to walk in as they are in the middle of discussing Raven’s sex life. India volunteers me to teach Raven the ways of lesbianism, a job that I take on graciously.¬† Raven and I move into the bedroom where she hesitantly lets me disrobe her. She is nervous a little. Being the fine teacher I am I am gentle with my student. I do the things to her that I like to have done to me. I kiss her neck softly, I like her ears, I kiss starting at her neck and move to her ample breasts, then down to her firm milk white stomach and then almost down to her pinkest lips but I skip over to her thighs, letting her anticipate when my tongue will actually touch her down there. Her body trembled at my touch. I licked her softly and she made the most adorable sound; a very high pitches moan. I do my best to teach her everything¬† lesbian knows. Then I let her lose on me to see if she’d learned anything. Raven has a pierced tongue. I’ve only been with a few girls who had pierced tongues. The girl was fantastic with her oral skills and I have to tell you that tongue piercing do not make much of a difference. The girl was skilled with or with out ring. We exchanged “favors” to each other back and forth between each orgasm we would meet lips face to face and kiss long an passionately. We were just about to end the scene when we got a second wind so to speak. Raven kissed my lips and then kissed my breasts and then stomach and then thighs and then went back down to my little kingdom of X. She pleased me a few more times and then met me back face to face and rested gently in my arms as I kissed her forhead. The concensus of the room was that the scene could end…though we both could have gone more.

Afterwards, I was to take Raven home. We stopped to get some Sushi.¬†I took her to a spot that my boyfriend and I frequent. I was hoping she would enjoy it. You know how everyone thinks their sushi spot it “THE BEST” sushi spot….I didn’t want to be “that guy” bragging about how awesome my place was and then have her eat there and her not like it.

I think she tought it was okay. We ate and took a nice candid picture outside the resturant with the fluids of each other still on our faces ūüôā

after sex and eating

after sex and eating

Sweetheart Video with XXX pix

I was lucky enough to shoot with Sweetheart Videos again. They had me with elexis Monroewho is their new contract girl. I’ve been wanting to work with Elexis for a while. I met her on another set and she was so flirtatious and sexy I immediately grew a huge crush on here. I was so happy to learn I was chosen to work with her on this movie.

Sweetheart video went all out for this production, They hired a makeup artist and brought all types of outfits so that Elexis and I could be made up to look like pinup girls. I don’t think I have a good pinup look. I think i’m to flat, to muscular, to tan and my face is to angular to pull¬† off your classic pinup look but¬† I must admit, the makeup artist did a great job and we looked pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. The scene is a dream sequence. Elexis doses off at a birthday party and dreams that we are pinup girls taking pictures for a calendar. When we are done with our photoshoot we go up to the dressing room to change. We have a short discussion and eyeball each other as we undress. I slowly make my move on Elexis, keeping in mind that we are supposed to be in the 40’s when lesbianism was extremely taboo. We start off with long passionate kissing. We kiss for several minutes and Elexis starts to get me extremely moist. She kisses my neck…oh god how much I love having my neck kissed. I’m a Taurus after all and we are ruled by our throats/neck.

The scene is a very soft scene. No porno kissing, not moaning out “fuck, that’s good” no pussy slapping, just pure unadulterated girl on girl love making. We made a lot of eye contact during the scene which is always so romantic and sexy to me. I love when a girl looks into my eyes as she pleases me. She watches me move and watches my reactions to see what is turning me on. I love unselfish lovers. I did get to reciprocate to Elexis. I licked her softly around the outer lips, teasing her…I listened as she breathed heavier and heavier and moaned from the teasing. I didn’t make her wait to long before I went for it. I watched her body undulate with sex. She was an amazing lover, I look forward to working with her¬†again.

Michelle Lay¬†¬†was on set with us that day. She heard me say Iwas trying to take pictures of myself to share with folks for my blog and she asked me if I wanted her to take some pictures. I took her up on her offer and I’m glad I did. She took pictures of us while we did our scene and I’m sure you guys will love it. I had to¬†host my¬†blog somewhere other than wordpress¬†so I could share these with you without getting in trouble with wordpress. See what I do for you guys…I love you SOOOOO much!!! I do this all for YOU. Especially you Shawna Muah!!!