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Academy Matches, Kym Jane vs. Chantel Lace rematch

One of the perks of being a wrestler for Academy is being able to sit in and watch the matches that are being filmed the same day you are to wrestle. Yesterday I went up to Academy to wrestle with the lovely Kym Jane and I was lucky enough to be able to sit in an commentate on Kym’s match with Chantel Lace.
Kym and Chantel have a combined cup size of EEE. There was some major boob action going on yesterday and yet surprisingly enough there were only a handful ( so to speak) of breast smothering submissions. I was shocked and quite offended by the lack of breast smothering usage and I was very verbal about this during the filming which you will hear during the match LOL. This match was pretty exciting to watch because the girls were so evenly skilled that they often FORGOT to use their awesome titties…I was so glad I could sit in and shout out to them to remind them of their awesome weapons of masto destruction.

These girls got nude fast and topless faster. It was as if their awesome breasts just couldnt be contained in there scarce outfits and they needed to unleast those babies as soon as possible so they could wreslte to their full potential. I have no problem with girls who feel the need to break their titties out early in matches. I wish there were more girls like that in this world :).

Although this match was extraordinary to watch, it was also extremely stressful. These girls were going so full throttled and there were some submissions there were pretty brutal, so brutal that the girls had to break to make sure each was okay. WOW..I was nervous the entire time watching.( I assure you that no models were harmed in the filming of this soap match). You heard me correct, this is a soap match with nice, hard strap on pounding in the end with the winner fucking the loser.

The match was so close. The score was pretty even up until the last minutes. I was biting my nails the entire time to see who would win. After all, this is a “rematch”; these girls had gone up against each other in the past and Kym was victorious. Chantel has been training and was determined to take the win home this day. With how closes combated soap match was, I think the sex round was even more competitive. The winner was fucking the loser to hard trying to make her cum before she made herself cum. It was fascinating to watch. Sex sports are so fun. It’s always such a pleasure to have a partner you want to please more than you want to please yourself ( awww sexy wrestling is kind of romantic)
I will keep you all posted when this match is finally released. God I love that I get the inside scoop on these matches and I love that I can share my experiences with you guys. Thanks for reading.
(o) (o)

First Match of the 2011 Tag Team League!: The Goddesses vs Team Ice In front of a LIVE audience!

Welcome to the first match of the NEW 2011 Tag Team League. All new teams, all new rivalries. Each team will face off once against each other, and the top three teams will make the playoffs. Totally non-scripted, all in front of a live audience, all broadcast live to members.

The Team Ice franchise was last year’s Tag Team Champions!. With new members Darling and Iona Grace on board, Team Ice is hoping to repeat last year’s success. Darling is a 6 season veteran with a lifetime record of (18-5). Iona Grace is one of the better rookies this season. If nothing else, this team has the biggest tits on the mat.

The Goddesses franchise was last year’s basement dwellers, they never won a single match. With new members Dia Zerva and Allie Haze, things might be a little different this year. Dia is a 4 season veteran and last year’s Ultimate Surrender Champion with a lifetime record of (10-1). Allie Haze is a first year rookie who already as veteran skills.

Last year’s Champion franchise was dominated, destroyed and fucked on the mat. It was one of the worst defeats in the history of the league. The Goddesses opened a huge can of whip ass on the defending champs and humiliated them in from of the live audience. After they got done kicking their ass on the mat, they fucked the losers brutally and without mercy in RD4. Team Ice was left cumming and moaning like common whores as The Goddesses celebrated their first victory in the new season!

2 blond Amazons battle.Smaller girl destroys bigger. Fingers her on the mat then fucks her.

Season Eight Match

The Iron Maiden
HT: 5’5
WT: 135 lbs
Season record (2-0)
Lifetime record (10-1)
The Amazon
HT: 5’7
WT: 145 lbs
Season record (2-0)
Lifetime record (7-7)

Dia Zerva is the current bad ass Champion of Ultimate Surrender, she has adapted her skills to this sport and now she looks unbeatable. She destroyed The Dragon by 1600pts in last year’s tournament and went on to win the title easily. This former Marine loves this sport and is at the top of her game.

Hollie Stevens is a 6 year veteran and one of the biggest, strongest girls on the the roster. She is currently ranked 5th and is undefeated this season. Her legs are devastating, her determination to win unmatched, this girl hates to lose.

The Champion proved why she is the number one ranked wrestler for season 8. She over powered Hollie in every way. She had fingers in Hollie almost the entire match. Hollie was helpless, beaten and humiliated on the mat. To Hollie’s credit she did score some points, but Dia was just too much for the Amazon to handle.

One thing Dia loves is brutally fucking girls who lose to her and when we say brutally, we mean it! Hollie is fucked into the mat like a rag doll. Dia brings the humiliation, the pain and the dick down to Hollie. The loser is left moaning on the mat like a common slut after Dia uses her like a humping post.

Niagra Falls, St. Patty’s Day

Today is St. Patty’s Day and it is also the last full day of my stay in Canada. I had an insane time here. It’s funny, I thought I would be lonely or bored staying in a strange town all by myself. I had a hotel room all to my lonesome and really had not contact with anyone unless I could log online to check twitter. I can use my phone but only for calls and texts, I turned off the data receiving for various reasons.  One reason being that it drains the shit out of my battery and I didn’t want the phone dying on me while I was in town. I wanted to be sure to have a full battery should anything happen to me while I was out and about doing touristy stuff. Enough about my lame phone; I went to Niagra Falls today. It’s a little  under a 2 hour drive from my hotel. Mr. Bob ( the friend I was visiting out here) was kind enough to arrange a private driver to take me to and from the falls. Mr Bob has been extremely kind to me for this trip BTW…Not sure if you will ever read this Mr. Bob..but thank you 🙂

In my opinion, Niagra Falls is one of the wonders of the world.  The falls have not always been located at Table Rock Point; where they are located now.  The Falls have been on a slow journey North moving about 7 miles from its original position at the niagra Escarpment near the present day Village of Queenston. Niagra carries 20% of the world’s fresh water, flowing from four of the Great Lakes. Traveling at 40 miles her hour, the water’s speed and huge volume had immense erosive power. The brink of the Falls moved up to 10 feet every year until twentieth century engineering intervened to slow the rate down to only 1 foot every 10 years.  Water flowing from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario descends 326 feet ( more than half the drop is at the falls.This part of the Falls is known as the Horseshoe Falls.  The Horseshoe falls have a pool depth of 185 ft and a fall depth of 176-188ft. The Variation of dept of the pool and the height of the  fall depends on where the measurement is taken, the season of the year, the weather conditions and the amount of water being diverted for industry and hydro-electric power generation.

The Niagra Icebridge is made up of ice floes that have floated down the Niagra River from Lake Erie and then frozen together at the base of the falls. From 1880 until and accident in 1912, huts serving alchol and food were set up in a hut at the convinience of the thousands of visitors. The icebridge took out the footings of the Honeymoon Bridge in January of 1938 and the bridge collaps into the gorge. The pressent Rainbow bridge took it’s place.

After seeing the Falls, I had dinner at a tacky place called Casa D’Oro that was in the town. I have no idea what drew me to this place but I’m glad I went. The decore or ugly as sin. It reminded me so much of the resturant at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo which is AWESOME. I love gotty, tacky decore.  I got some Salmon and then met my driver and we got back on the road. We drove through the town and I noticed an obsession with halloween themed places. They had Frankenstien on their Burger King  Buildings; Dracula and Haunted Houses were everwhere…I totally have to bring my son here.

Now you all know a little about these awesome pillars of water:) . I think today was the most perfect day to end my stay in Toronto. Tomorrow will be a travel day, which is no fun. I will hit the gym in the AM ( if I don’t have too good of a time tonight for st. patty’s day…that green beer tempts me) I have a little work to get done before I head off the the airport for my 6 hour flight…ba humbug..flying is for the birds!!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and my silly captions 🙂

Toronto, Day 2, ROM


Today I spent the entire day in the Royal Ontario Museam ( ROM ). I went to every floor, to every exhibit and boy are my little tooties tired. I’m just about to take a nap before I hit the gym.  

The museum was outstanding. I wish I had my son with me. They had so many hands on exhibits for kids. The museum was flooded with children of all ages.  

I think the exhibits that stood out the most to me were the Chinese dynasties and the Water Exhibits. The water exhibit is a separate tour what a visitor must pay extra for. I wanted to see everything so I bought both the regular pass and the water exhibit pass and did the “audio tour”. I took many pictures which I will share below. I got to see a show with live animals and the bald eagle was soaring right above my head. His wings were so powerful that it caused gusts of winds to brush my hair across my face. It was so exhillerating being in the pressence of such a power beast…now I know what my vitims in wrestling feel like  being next to me LOL ( just serious)  

So check out the pictures below…I don’t know what else to share with you other than that pretty awesome indian statues with awesome titties and the picture of the shruken head 🙂 I took a lot of pictures of the amazing crystals. The ROM has some of the largest intact Crystals in the world. Oh and I took a picture of the Dolemite rock just because “Dolemite” is one of my favorit movies!
Enjoy, Dolemite, mutha fuckos  


The Giant Japanse Spider crab is the world’s largest living arthropod.


Quartz Amethyst

the adorable Irish wolf Hound they had in one of the shows  

Species of Rafflesia the world's largest flower. They appear to grow from the forest floor but in fact they are parasites that emerge from the roots of the Tetrastigma vine.


I’ve been in Toronto for 2 days. It’s technically only 1 day because the first day was a travel day. I flew in, got my hotel, took a nap and then walked around town. I had a mishap while I was trying to be a kind person…..every time I try to be nice something bad happens. sheesh.
A bum asked me for some spare change. I told him I had no Canadian dollars on me so he asked if I had American money. I have about 6lbs of change weighing down my purse so I thought to myself “this is perfect..let this guy carry the burden from now on and get rid of that change.” I grabbed a huge handful and handed it to him and walked away. About 10 footsteps down the road, after handing my life savings of change over the the man, it dawned on me that I had put my special ring in my change purse while I took Jui Jitsu classes. So I dug into my change purse to feel around for my ring…sure enough it was gone. I most likely handed it over to the homeless man on the street. I turned around to ask the man to double check the change for my ring and he was gone. He probably saw the ring and bolted knowing what a deal he got LOL..
Oh well. As someone pointed out to me, I will have amazing karma from that mishap. 🙂 ( hopefully)
Regardless of the shitty first hour of my trip, what with handing over my expensive ring to a complete stranger, I am having the time of my life. I rather enjoy traveling by myself. I make my own hours, I see what I want to see, I do what I want to do. Nothing stops me.

Today I walked 4 miles round trip from my hotel to the CN Tower. The walk was amazing. I saw some pretty fun things. I saw a black squirrel. I’ve never seen a black squirrel before. I took pictures of the little bastard to prove I saw him. I saw some police on horses. I’ve only seen that in New York. I’m from California, our police ride fast cars and carry guns and mace and stuff to fuck people up.

I walked all the way to the CN tower and by the time I got there I was famished. I had to grab some food with the best view I’ve ever had in my life. I could have sat at that dinner table all day and enjoyed my meal but I wanted to get to the top of the tower and then go back down to see the movies for which I bought tickets.
I got to the top…took a million pictures and then left. it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be…I guess I was expecting a free fall or sky diving or something…but that didnt’ happen.

I went back down the towers and watched this amazing 3D movie about Kelly Slater and his quest for the perfect wave, called “The Ultimate Wave“.  It seriously made me want to take some surf lessons. 

After about 3 hours at the tower, I went to dinner, alone. it was awesome. I ordered everything I wanted and had 2 Canadian beers by myself. A young man name Josh came up to my table and asked me if I was “Ariel X” I think this was the first time someone who knew who i was actually came up to ask me if I was who I was. I always get people emailing me after they see me somewhere saying ” hey I saw you here but didn’t want to say anything…” so this was kinda cool for me. I’m sure if I was with someone, Josh wouldn’t have said I’m glad I was by myself.

I love travelling alone….end of story!

check out the awesome pix I took with my amazing new Nikon Camera. I can’t figure out if I love Toronto of I just love that everything I have with me, my camera, my awesome self and my awesome cellphone that actually works in Canada… Stay tuned for more Toronto Tales.

SOAP 358 Hollie Stevens Vs. Wenona

Thursday, Academy released a new match with Hollie Stevens and Wenona. I was excited to watch this match because I figured the giant, Hollie, would dominate Wenona and fuck the hell out of her. Hollie didn’t take the win as fast and easily as I expected her to.

From the get go Wenona starts in with her trademark move, a side control headlock. I thought for sure Hollie would get out of the darn thing ( seeing how everyone knows to expect it when they wrestling Wenona) but Wenona had that hold sunk in deep and she was controlling Stevens as if Stevens were a lil baby.

Both girls get down and dirty in this match. The are drenched with sweat by the end of the first video download. This isn’t the most technical match I’ve evern seen in my life but it was exciting for me to watch none the less. Both girls try to do the same move on each other for several minutes and each attempt was futile. The best part of their foiled submission attempts was seeing Hollie Steven’s most perfect titties getting squished and pushed around. I’m here laying in bed ready to go to sleep and watching those mounds get pushed around made me feel really relaxed. I know it sounds crazy or bizzare but hear me out. I felt like I was a baby getting ready to have my tit fed meal before I fell asleep in the best pillows ever ( mom’s breasts) So thank you Holly Stevens and Wenona for putting that image in my head before bed :O)

As I mentioned, this match was not the most technical match ever seen at the academy. Both these girls had to dig deep to find something that could out do their opponent. This match will cater to those of you who enjoy seeing women overpower each other rather than use technical skill to “submit” each other. It will cater to fans who enjoy seeing two girls wrestle each other so hard they drip sweat and tears by the end of the match because they have both fought using only their fighting or flight instinct rather than a trained skill set. This match came down to who wanted the win more ( as most matches do when both girls want it but only one can win). This match also came down to who was willing to take more punishment for the reward and who could out muscle the other girl. Wenona is a strong girl, anyone can see but Holly Stevens has some height and Weight on her and is just as experienced. So who wins… the Lean muscular lady or the voluptuous Amazon? It’s determined by the heart today. One just couldn’t take the punishment and “gave” too many times.

Check out the full match by click here

I hope you all sleep as well as I did after seeing this match. Nom Nom Nom…boobies


I’ve got a pretty sweet regular gig for Vsex going on. I work for them about 2 days a week. I do 4 hour shifts. Unfortunately I do not have a regular schedule. I wish they would say you work Thursday and Sunday 4-8pm or something like that  so I had a set date and time I would be there…alas I guess its nice to go on at different days and times so that I get a variety of different viewers who can pop in on there free time.

I rather enjoy the webcam work for Vsex. The guys and girls who go on that site and just so nice and fun to talk with. Most of the users on there are prety young so I do end up feeling really old by the end of the day but it is nice to have an 18 year old guy tell me I’m hotter than any girl he knows…yes I know it’s just because he wants to bang me but it is still nice to hear LOL.

I often take pictures while I’m doing my shows and I figure I’d share them with you folks who haven’t been able to make it to the shows yet. Enjoy

Steelkittens, Mutiny, wrestling BAbes

I had an amazing last couple of days. I was shooting with Steelkittens. I have been wanting to work with the forever. They have a great reputation for mainstream wrestling. They book the hottest girls and make the most fun matches. They make sure their girls look fantastic in the ring…the hair and makeup needs to be perfect and the outfits are approved by the owner before the matches start. They put a lot of attention to detail in the production which is probably why they are one of the top selling wrestling companies in the industry.

I have shot several  pro style matches in my day. They are always fun. But Nothing is more fun than being match with girls who have the same kind of love for the entertainment and sport as I do. I was able to learn a lot of awesome new moves in a fun and safe environment. I love learning new moves. I try to do something new every single day. The experts say that is how you keep your mind from failing you in your later years.

I didn’t know what steelkittens wanted from my matches so I sat in on the matches before my first match so I could see what they were gearing towards. I watch Maxi Makita vs. Darling. Darling is probably one of the coolest chicks in the biz. She’s developed some muscles since I’ve last seen her…that bitch is ripped now WOW. She does a fantastic job of “selling” the moves. Maxi would put her in some gnarly looking holds and Darling would stick her tongue out in agonizing pain. I almost wanted to jump in the ring and clobber Maxi for hurting my girl…then I realized…this is just for fun….hmmm but so would clobbering some girl because she was hurting my girl LOL.

My first match was with Darling. That was a lot of fun. We were tossing each other around, slamming each other into the ropes, kicking each other…it was awesome.

My next two matches were with 2 guys. I love kicking guys’ asses. I know it sounds sick or twisted but I do get pleasure out of hurting men in the ring 🙂  The owner of STeel kittens showed me some moves before I was put in the ring with the guys. bruahahh she just gave me more amo to kill those suckers with.

The next day I had a match with Mutiny. I’ve only heard about Mutiny through the grapevine. I have never met her before. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet her yesterday. She is a sexy french Canadian with a great big muscle butt and tigolebitties. She had an adorable accent which was an automatic turn on but the thing that was most attractive about her was her skills in the ring. She was pulling moves left and right. She was flying all over the place, she had me flying all over the was so exhilarating. She’s my favorite “prostyle” competitor hands down!! She is amazing.

I also to be do matches with Mutiny’s friend Brooke who is cute as a kitten and fun as hell as well. I also did a match with Max Makita which was pretty darn fun….

To see the matches please check them out when they are released on