How Old Are you?

I was born May 15, 1980 since I won’t be updating this page every year, I’ll leave it up to you to do the math

When Did you Start doing porn?

I shot my first nude scene/photos in 2003

What made you decide to get into porn?

I’ve never thought there was anything wrong or immoral about shooting porn. I found the women attractive and I saw the way men around me basically idolized porn stars and since I’m an attention whore and I want to be wanted, I got into porn. A better question that how did I get into porn is really “ what made you keep doing porn” and I will answer that on my other blog because it’s not a simple answer .

How did you chose your Porn Name?

I wanted to come up with a porn name. Not really to hide my identity but to be found easily on websites. I noticed models were listed alphabetically on pretty much every website. I figured guys would click on names just to check girls out. With so many girls in the industry, they would never make it to the B’s. So I wanted a name that started with an A. I simply just picked an A name I liked. Ariel has no meaning to me other than it was a good marketing strategy. I went by Ariel Carmine for a while then dropped Carmine and just went by X. This was a decision made by my webmaster at the time. I felt it worked because it added some mystery which is always fun.

What kind of Modeling do you do?

I currently do mainly  Wrestling and fitness modeling/ video work.  I  compete in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu tournaments as well as fitnesss competitions. I have done extensive work with for their fetish sites. I have also done extensive work in the adult industry for lesbian film companies. I have never performed in a scene that portrayed me having hardcore sex with a male co-star. I have done soft core movies that have no penetration and simulated sex with male talent. In 2016, I started my own production company and most of my time and energy goes to running and

Who is your favorite girl to work with?

In the old kink days I use to love working with Isis Love,  Princess Donna Aiden Starr and Bobbi Starr just to name a few. Since Kink stopped producing and I produce all my own content now, the women I love to work with most are Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati and Sinn Sage. The reason I name these girls is because I always have great chemistry with them. Every girl I have worked with is very sweet and a good lay but I don’t always have chemistry with all of them these girls always give me a good time

Who is your favorite girl to wrestle?

For competitive wrestling I enjoy working with Toned Tommi, Cheyenne Jewel, Isamar, Dia Zerva, Vendetta, Dragon Lily, Darling, Robin from  Sheena Bathory, Bianca Blanche, VeVe Lane and Julie Squeeze. These girls always put up a great fight and a keep me on my toes

for pro stuff, I really enjoy Nicole Orring, Onyx and  Jennifer Thomas

How did you get into wrestling?

I was on set for waterbondage back in 2006 and the director of UltimateSurrender came into the green room and asked me if I wanted to try wrestling. I said yes…the rest is history

Do you ever get arouse while wrestling?

Only with women who give me a challenge but yes it has happened many times

Do you wrestle with men?

I do wrestle with men but it is clothed wrestling. I will not wrestle nude with a man or wrestle a nude man. I do not allow any self pleasuring nor do I offer “release” while wrestling. I do not offer wrestling sessions so please do not write me about them. I will respond to your inquiries to be polite but I do not offer them.

Do you Train Marital arts?

yes, I currently train, Sambo, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Krav Maga. I try to train every day anywhere from 2-5 hours a day in one or many of those martial arts


Do you have Belts in any Marital Arts?

yes, I have a black belt in BJJ ( received Dec 13, 2019) I have a yellow belt in Judo.

How do you keep in shape?

I train heavy weight lifting in the gym nearly every day.  I lift heavy weight for 7-10 reps of set of 3 or 4. I also hike or run at least 3 miles a day every single day and I train BJJ and MMA 4 days a week at a real MMA gym. I train with men and women. I also eat a ridiculously clean diet.

What are your stats?


I am exactly 162 cm which is 5’3 3/4


Do you do Privates?

I know it’s asking if I escort so  as far as escorting NO I do not do private sessions.


Why don’t you offer sessions?

I use to offer competitive wrestling sessions and I did enjoy them. However, Since becoming a content creator, I have found that selling digital products is extremely lucrative, much more so than having to physically be somewhere with someone in person to make money. Selling digital products has been a huge benefit to me since COVID-19. I have been able to keep a stream of income from selling online videos and I do not have any need to go through the pain of meeting up with strangers for a wrestling session. Taking time to meet up with one person is a huge opportunity cost to me. Sessions are not financially advantageous for me. If you really really need to meet me in person, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you can get updates on convention appearances I do.

Are you a lesbian?

No . the word lesbien means a woman who only has sex with other women. I have had sex with men. I am bisexual.

Why don’t you have sex with men on Camera then?

I don’t want to. I make great money doing what I do. I have a huge fan base who appreciate that I only work with Girls, so I will stay true to my personal preferences all the while keeping that fan base happy. There are many other girls who shoot BG and do a fantastic job doing so. I highly encourage you to check out their work if you wish to see women performing with men.

Will you ever do a boy/girl scene?

I never say never. I was thinking about doing just 1 just before I retire but we shall see how i feel when I decide to retire. 🙂

(update) 5/20/17) well it’s time to say Never. I really have no interest in doing it. It’s not going to “take me to the next level” in my career. I live the ultimate dream for girls in the industry. I shoot what I love with the people I want, I own my content and I make good money doing what I do. I am very successful having always performed girl/girl work and my fans love that I have only performed with women. I make a great living keeping  my brand strictly to g/g so there is no need to branch out.

What’s your biggest pet Peeve?

When people do not respect my time. I go to great lengths to interact with people who reach out to me. It’s a lot of work to run all my social medias while running a company by myself. While it is part of my business it is not anything that brings in great sources of income unless people compensate me for my time.  I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to one single person on any platform. I try to respond to messages that are more than just a “hey”. However, often times fans get bored and feel entitled to my time and they want me to text them as if I am their best friend. They do not understand that just because They are bored, it does not mean I am as well. I keep very very very busy. MY TIME IS IMPORTANT TO ME.  Compensate me for my time or be content knowing that I need to focus on my business and will get back to you if I have time to. It’s business I know that sounds greedy but everyone who works does what they do for money. If you wouldn’t go to a bar to ask for free alcohol, don’t contact someone who gets paid to entertain people to entertain you for free.

Its also a big pet peeve when someone writes to me telling me they are my biggest fan but they can’t seems to find my BG work ( it doesn’t exist) you’re not a big fan if that’s something you think exists.

What do you do for fun?

people would be surprised just how “Normal” porn people are. We do all the things you guys do. I go to the movies, I read books, I study language ( working on french right now). I love to hike, I love to run, I listen to pod casts. I train….a lot….like…..a lot, a lot

If you wanna send me snail mail fan letters please address them to

Ariel X

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If you’d like an autographed pic you’ll need to send a self addressed stamped enveloped and ONE ( only ONE) photo that you have printed for me to sign The photo can not be nude or pornographic in nature due to federal laws, If you send a pornographic image for me to sign, it will be discarded…if you do not provide the photo, you will not get one. If you send me mulitple photos to sign, they will be discarded. thank you for your support and for not taking advantage of my offer for a free autograph