an entire day of wrestling and sex

Yesterday was a tough day for me but it was made so worth it by working with awesome people. I had to wake up at 4 am to so I could catch a flight. I was shooting with Academy had set me up with two hotties for the day. The first hottie was  new girl named Olivia. Olivia is an adorable 20 something year old girl. She has the most adorable dimples when she smiles. Her abs are rock solid washboards and she is simply a sweet person. She’s strong as hell too.

My problem, when trying to describe women’s physical attributes regarding size, is that I really am a giant trapped in little person’s body. I feel like i’m 6 feet tall and I don’t think about how small I really am until someone points it out to me. So in my mind I would say Olivia and I were about the same size, however I guess in reality she is about 3 inches taller than I. She has a solid build, very fit but not overly muscular. Judging from her frame and the face she was about 3 inches tall than I, I would guess she’s about 130lbs. She knew how to use her weight to her advantage.

Olivia has been beating up everyone that the academy has been throwing to her. She’s one of those naturals with wrestling. She picks up on stuff really fast and executes what she is taught, beautifully. Isamar and I showed her some moves which she was able to do flawlessly after the second attempt. This girl is going to be a wrestling superstar if she sticks with it. The match with Olivia was impressive. she definitely gave me a run for my money.

After my match with Olivia, I was please to see my next opponent walk into the ring. It was Rayne DeGray. I simply adore Rayne. I think she is one of the coolest chicks in the industry and one of the hardest working women I know. She’s professional, slutty and sexy! I had actually never wrestled with Rayne prior to yesterday’s match at academy. I have seen her on Ultimate Surrender and I know she has skills. However. US isn’t submission wrestling so Academy is a whole other ball game. Someone who trains to be able to control women in US for scoring points will not necessarily have what it takes to win at academy….but Rayne HAS been training for academy and she HAS been kicking butt at both venues. Wrestling Rayne was extremely erotic. Yes I’m bias, I like Rayne a lot so doing anything with her is extremely erotic. However,I really enjoyed her struggling and her noises. I have to believe that Rayne enjoys being choked out. There were times I was choking her and she lay limp in my arms and I thought she had passed out before tapping so I would let go and she would struggle away from me….She was like a little bunny playing dead LOL …cute little bunny. She did fight ferociously. She is a splendid wrestler. She was able to put me in several uncomfortable head locks. She definitely is the real deal.

So of course, if you have been following my blogs or are a fan of academy wrestling, you know by now that the matches end with sex. The winner fucks the loser how ever she likes. So sex was had at the end of both matches. Though I can’t spoil the ending by telling you who fucked who, I can tell you that it was fun for me. Winning or losing, sex is always fun for me 🙂

Right after the sex, I hopped on webcam about 15 minutes late ( oops sorry i was busy fucking). Isamar joined me in a chat and wrestling fun. I will be launching a fight club site next year. I am shooting girls in nylons and jeans trying to leg scissor each other. I find nylon wrestling fun for many reasons. Wrestling in nylons chances the dynamic of the game. nylons are so slipper and sleek that actually holding someone with your legs while wearing nylons is virtually impossible. Girls really have to try hard to get a leg scissor submission. Also, only allowing leg scissors as a submission evens out the playing field with novice and veteran wrestlers. Jeans are fun to shoot in because you can grip them like a gi but they make your ass look really fine!!!

Isamar also do a lot of bicep work. my arms are killing me today. We did an arm wrestling match. We were in stalemate for 2 minutes or so which is a long time when arm wrestling. We also did a competition to see who could curl 10lbs for the most reps. Jesus that was tough!!

I did get footage of everything we did and I will most likely post some highlights on here for y’all to see 🙂