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Water Bondage is Back

yay Water bondage has started updating again. Their first shoot was with Darling, I recently did a shoot with them which will be updated soon. I had a lot of fun working with them. See my blog of details. I’ve posted some images of the recent update with Darling. To see the video click here

Catfight League #1 with Dia for Dia-Cember

Well, we have a little over a week left of Dia-cember and still so many posts to write about the phenomenal starlette. She was such a great talent and gave 100% in everything she did. I was extremely impressed with her performance on a project I’ve been trying to put together for a while. Some of you may recall a while back I posted a blog about the new catfights I’m developing via Webringit that are scored by points earned from slapping as well as submissions and not bases solely on the number of submissions. I personally feel that if girls are slapping each other and holding each other down, those actions should count for something rather than just give the victory to the girl who has the better technical skill in submissions. In every catfight site in the world, the winner is the girl who gets the most submissions. If you put a new girl with a girls who’s done it once or twice, the experienced girl will win more often than not. In MY system, the playing field is leveled out a little. Girls who are scrappy and don’t know that many submission can still get more points than a girl who does know submissions if the scrappy girl can land enough face or body slaps.  This makes girls rethink their strategy a lot. Do you wanna go for the submission where you only earn 10pts all the while the girl you are trying to submit slaps you face 20 times getting twice as many points as you….or…do if a girl has you in a hold where you can’t get out or slap her to get points, do you simply submit to get out of the position and give the girl the 10pts for that submission or do you  let her sit on top of you and slap the hell out of you and gain a point per slap…..she could realistically hold you there for the entire 6 minute round and score 1000points just on slapping. There are 3 rounds, each 6 minutes long. I had there be rounds so that there wouldn’t be 20 minutes of one girls just sitting on the other slapping the shit out of her.  I don’t wanna see that. I like to see it break up and change a little.

This concept sounded great in my head and in theory but actually executing it and getting great performances has been a challenge. Most girls who participate in these point system catfights end up puking during the match and needing long break. All the girls do a great job but sometimes the shoots take much longer than I anticipate. Working with a mega talent like Dia Zerva is a breath of fresh air. She gives producers what they want without ever missing a beat. She’s an amazing combatant on the mats and a delightful person to work with even when the cameras aren’t running.

Our points match was evenly matched, even though Dia had taken a few months off to recover from a neck injury which had caused her to pull out of the Summer Vengeance Tournment. This was one of the closest points matches we have had. You can check us out, in our super slutty jean shorts and torn  wife beaters by clicking this link. I’ve posted some pictures for you to see some of the action shots from this shoot. You can see in the pictures how real and intense these productions can get. Please check it out and let me know how you like the concept and also enjoy on of the last catfigths Dia performed in before she retired.

check out more of the content as well it’s awesome


My friend called me up the other day and told me probably, hands down, the funniest story I’ve ever heard in my life. So funny that I don’t know if it’s actually true. Regardless of fact or fiction, it’s funny as hell and it reminded me of another story my ex told me a while back about a friend of his… I’ve been laughing 3 days straight just thinking about these stories. Do NOT read if you can’t stand toilet humor.  First I’ll start with the one my friend told me just the other day. He’s been dating this girl off and on for a while. He wasn’t really into her, she was just convenient for him and she put out so he would let her come over from time to time fuck. He had been calling me up a lot to complain about her though. He was just annoyed by her and wanted to break up with her but she was a nice girl and he didn’t have the heart to break the news to her that he just wan’t into her. So one day she comes over to do the nasty with him and they end up falling asleep. He woke up with one of his comforters on his bed. He’s like ” it’s freakn’ hot in here why the hell is there a comforter on the bed” . He pushes the comforter off his bed and he revealed a big steaming turd. He’s telling me over the phone and this is exactly what he says ” dude there was a Hershey squirt in my bed”.  Those words are just hysterical to me. So I start asking him ” was she still in your apartment?” he’s like “no, she left a fucking shit in my bed, tried to cover it up with another blanket and then fucking left.”. What makes this story truly funny is she never called him back…she just disappeared. He hasn’t called her and he’s telling me how the turd in the bed was the best thing ever to happen to him cause it broke them up.

So this story got me thinking of another story my ex boyfriend told me years ago. My ex use to body build and body builders tend to hang out with other body builders. Body builders have some of the nasty smelling bowl movements you will ever smell in your life. The high protein diet makes for some stank ass shit and body oder. My ex told me a story about this guy body builder friend of his who took this hot chick home from a club. Bodybuilder friend is telling my ex about how he took her home, banged her left right and sideways…fucked her on the floor fucked her on counters.. Post coitus, the two sluts feel asleep in each other’s arms. At some point in the middle of the night, bodybuilder friend wakes up to find this beautiful young slut laying in his arms. He’s spooning her, their legs are intertwined and he’s on his side with his buttcheeks pressed against her wall. without trying to disturb the sleeping beauty, he lets out a a hot steamy fart and realizes, that it wasn’t a fart at all, it was a shart. The guy starts to panic….He had his asshole pressed against the wall and splattered doodoo all over it. He tries to get up without waking this chick. He tiptoes to the bathroom to get some towels and stuff to clean the crap off the wall. He starts smearing the crap into the wall. It’s not cleaning up at all…it’s just smearing all over. So the guy grabs his stuff and leaves the chick there. I can only imagine what this girl was thinking when she woke up. She’s probably pissed that they guy left. Maybe she’s had a string of guys do this to her and she actually liked this one and she was hoping he would stay. She starting to think something’s wrong with her ” why does this keep happening ” she asks her self. Then as she’s cleaning up after the fuck fest she sees it. The smeared doo doo on the wall and then she thinks “Did this guy shit on my wall and leave?”

Then this got me thinking…how many times has something like this happend where one party does something they are totally embarrassed about and then flees the scene and are never heard from again? I wonder how many hearts have been broken by sharts? If some girls and guys only knew that they weren’t getting a call back soley because there’s a hidden dookie somewhere in their appartment….

Poop stories are funny. I know I’m totally immature and retarded for blogging about these things but I think they are hysterical. They are definitely more funny when you have someone vocally describe these details but a written account is the next best thing.

Water Play

I just uploaded a clip on my clip store of me playing with myself in water. I actually just shot a water bondage shoot for just before shooting this clip so I was a little extra sensative on the genital area LOL. getting blasted with hoses on a clit can take it’s toll. I rather enjoy playing in water. It’s some intense breath play. There’s no cheating or getting a little air here or there when your under water. I think girls look so pretty when they are under water anyway. Our hair floats around like mermaids and our eyes get so big when we try to see through the water. I think its rather sexy. So please check it out and let me know what you think. Here are some stills from the video



More Dia-Cember, Looking back at my Device Bondage shoot with Dia

Back in August 2011, Dia and I did a live Device bondage shoot. Dia had to pull out of the Ultimate Surrender tournament due to an injury. She and I were scheduled to go up against each other in the tournament if Dia were to eliminate Cheyenne Jewel from the bracket. Since Dia was out on injury, Cheyenne moved on by default. This Device Bondage shoot was scheduled before we knew Dia was going to be injured. My guess is they wanted to put us on the live shoot to build up the tension for what was supposed to be our match up on the match for US. But maybe that’s just me being crazy with my conspiracy theories hahah. I was more than happy to do this shoot with Dia. This is one of the few sexual shoots I’ve done with Dia. Most of the stuff Dia and I have shot together has been straight grappling matches which didn’t involve sex or anything sexual.

Dia proved how bad ass she is during this shoot. She took castration bands on her nipples!! I’ve never seen that. It was pretty outstanding. It was painful to see her try to pull those bad boys off her titties.

The only thing I regret about this shoot was that I couldn’t see Dia at all during the shoot. I was always facing in a direction and bound down in a way that prohibited me from being able to look at her. I would have loved to look into her eyes while she was force to eat me out alas, I was bound myself and the biggest torture of the day was not being able to look at her …waahh. without furter ado, here are some stills to our match, if you’d like to see the clips please join device bondage or do a video on demand 🙂

Thank you For the Yoga Blocks

I got these awesome Yoga blocks in the mail the other day. I started taking yoga just for shits and giggles. It has done wonders for my lower back problems. After surgery, I was forced to sleep on my back in an upright possition which would cause some irritation to my lower back ( which I already have problems with). I actually really LOVE yoga. So thank you for getting me these blocks off my wishlist. They help me get deeps stretching in.

Thank you SOOOO much for the sexy panties

Someone got me these Amazing sexy panties off my wishlist. These are some trampy panties and I love love love them.




Hard Bodies Video is Up for Sale

I did a sexy video shoot for the day B4 Thanksgiving. I had so much fun on the shoot. They are truly professional and put out amazing content. I will be working with them a lot in the future. They have inspired me to film some sexy fitness videos for myself as well. So you will be finding a lot more solo videos of me on my Clips4sale store doing flexing and sexy posing and maybe a little workout here and there. I love feedback so please let me know if you like the content or if there is something you’d like to see in particular.  Enjoy the preview and for the full video which is only $3.99, visit my clipstore




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Soft Core tittie Fucking Video

I shot some porno in my hotel this last weekend. that was fun. I was able to do  a show and then shoot a bunch of crap for my clip store. I’m rather proud of myself. I made the music and edited this bitch all by myself, which explains why it’s kinda arsty fartsy. But I’m proud of it. Im turing in to a real  smut maker.  So without further ado, I have uploaded my very first video wtih my new TITS on my clip store. it’s softcore no nudity at all so It’s really cheap. here are some stills, Enjoy. For the full video check out my Clips4sale Store and for a 10 second preview check this out