I was born in and  raised in glorious California. I grew up with  5 brothers and 2 sisters…yes, that makes 8 children, all from the same mother and father and yes, we were ( key word, “were”) Mormon.

I was a great student in school but I wasn’t very popular. I grew up very poor and I really couldn’t relate to kids who had access to cool toys and television. I was out of touch with pop culture growing but because we were too poor to have a TV and most of the toys I got were hand-me-downs. Because I already felt like a misfit,   I developed a morbid sense of humor. In school I was outcasted as a freak…people mistook me to be a “gothic personality”.  I used to make dead baby jokes, abortion jokes, serial killer jokes, Jesus jokes ( okay okay I said “used to” but I still do”). Let’s just say people didn’t appreciate my sense of humor or my love for Batman.

I was lucky enough to have gotten grants for my college days. I ran cross country and studied business marketing and eventually got my AA. I stopped going to school because I found that it really got in the way of my education. Books were not teaching me what I needed to learn from experience. My education in marketing from 2000-2003 is obsolete now anyway. All my current marketing skills are self-taught or stuff I picked up from youtube videos ( god bless the internet)

In 2003 I started flashing my shit for cash. I started my career in “modeling” because I have a huge need to feel adored. I have come to terms with my need for attention. I understand that Pornstars sometimes get negative attention but the type of people who can’t accept me and what I do aren’t the type of people I want in my life anyway.  I actually thought staring in adult movies would be a fast flight to fame and fortune with as little work as possible but that wasn’t the case. I figured I would do “fetish modeling” because it seemed I was already “type cast” that way for having fair skin, black hair and, god forbid, small natural breasts. I found that most glamour photographers wanted nothing to do with me.  My “career” didn’t really pick up for me until early 2006 when I got an agent, Exotic Star Models, who started to book me work with some of the biggest names in the industry; companies like Playboy, Hustler, Red Light District, ect.  I  moved on to working LaDirect Models for about a year. I never experienced anything negative with that company, although if you were to google them today, you would find several other models who have horror stories about them. I never worked with Penises so I think that saved me a lot of grief with agents and their drama about wanting to fuck the models they represent. It probably prevented me from getting more jobs but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I started working out, training in Martial arts, and doing a lot of self-growth. Doing BDSM was a really interesting way for me to challenge my mind and body which helped create really cool brain pathways that turned me into a machine that loves the feedback loop.

I’m one of the few girls who started off doing g/g and remains doing only g/g after being in the biz since 2003. I’m pretty happy that I have been successful enough to do what I do and get by in life 🙂

I still have a lot more goals as far as my career goes. I have a list of people I want to work with and I am still trying to get someone to put me on the cover of a dildo package. I have launche a competitive Mixed wrestling site  which is my brainchild right now and takes all my time and money.
I consider myself to be a very happy person. I love life in general, though I hate most people.  I feel lucky to live on such beautiful soil.

Here are some stupid facts about me:

I was born May 15th 1980 (zodiac sign: Taurus)
I was a virgin until I was 20
My favorite movies are: Natural Born Killers, Some Like it Hot, and Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Donnie Darko, anything horror (especially if its bad), Crash, Hereditary, In the Earth
If someone in a public place farts I will laugh out loud.  I don’t pretend like it didn’t happen, like a mature adult…that’s just beneath me.
I do drink alcohol albeit not that much. I do drink on special occasions. My preferred drink to relax is a good aged Scotch but at parties and social events I’ll typically drink one of those silly girlie drinks.
I work out several hours a day. I run in the morning, train weights afterwards or I will hit up a jiu jitsu class, Then I will go in for boxing in the evening and then do a second BJJ class. I have a Black belt in BJJ and I have won several gold medals and belts at legitimate tournaments around the world.

Favorite foods: Avocados, chicken, salmon, sushi

Favorite food:  Indian food

Favorite music: oldies

Favorite colors: blue

Favorite sports: MMA, boxing Muay Thai ….I don’t watch football soccer or basketball at all although I appreciate the athleticism I find team sports to be boring to watch. That My opinion.