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I was born and raised in glorious California. I grew up with  5 brothers and 2 sisters…yes, that makes 8 children, all from the same mother and father and yes, we were ( key word, “were”) Mormon.

I was a great student in school but I wasn’t very popular.  I have a very morbid sense of humor so in school I was outcasted as a freak…people mistook me to be a “gothic personality”.  I used to make dead baby jokes, abortion jokes, serial killer jokes, Jesus jokes ( okay okay I said “used to” but I still do”). Let’s just say people didn’t appreciate my sense of humor or my love for Batman.

I was lucky enough to have landed a scholarship, for my college days. I ran cross country and studied business marketing and eventually got my AA. I stopped going to school because I found that it really got in the way of my education.

Fast-forward to 2003; that’s the year I started flashing my shit for cash. I started my career in “modeling” because I have a huge need to feel adored. I have come to terms with my need for attention. I understand that Pornstars sometimes get negative attention but the type of people who can’t accept me and what I do aren’t the type of people I want in my life anyway.  I actually thought staring in adult movies would be a fast flight to fame and fortune with as little work as possible but that wasn’t the case. I figured I would do “fetish modeling” because it seemed I was already “type cast” that way for having fair skin, black hair and, god forbid, small natural breasts. I found that most glamour photographers wanted nothing to do with me.  My “career” didn’t really pick up for me until early 2006 when I got an agent, Exotic Star Models, who started to book me work with some of the biggest names in the industry; companies like Playboy, Hustler, Red Light District, ect.  I  moved on to working LaDirect Models for about a year. I never experienced anything negative with that company, although if you were to google them today, you would find several other models who have horror stories about them. I never worked with Penises so I think that saved me a lot of grief with agents and their drama about wanting to fuck the models they represent. It probably prevented me from getting more jobs but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I started working out, tanning, got my hair back to my natural color and wouldn’t you know it, I’m getting casted in a lot more things other than “fetish videos”.

I’m one of the few girls who started off doing g/g and remains doing only g/g after being in the biz since 2003. I’m pretty happy that I have been successful enough to do what I do and get by in life 🙂

I still have a lot more goals as far as my career goes. I have a list of people I want to work with and I am still trying to get someone to put me on the cover of a dildo package. I’m launching a competitive Mixed wrestling site  which is my brain child right now and takes all my time and money.
I consider myself to be a very happy person. I love life in general, though I hate most people.  I feel lucky to live on such beautiful soil.

Here are some stupid facts about me:

I was born May 15th 1980 (zodiac sign: Taurus)
I was a virgin until I was 20
My favorite movies are: Natural Born Killers, Some Like it Hot, and Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Donnie Darko, anything horror (especially if its bad), Crash, Hereditary.
If someone in a public place farts I will laugh out loud.  I don’t pretend like it didn’t happen, like a mature adult…that’s just beneath me.
I do drink alcohol albeit not that much. I do drink on special occasions. My preferred drink to relax is a good aged Scotch but at parties and social events I’ll typically drink one of those silly girlie drinks.
I work out several hours a day. I run in the morning, train weights afterwards or I will hit up a jiu jitsu class, Then I will go in for boxing in the evening and then do a second BJJ class. I have a brown belt in BJJ and I have won several gold medals and belts at legitimate tournaments around the world.

Favorite foods: Avocados, chicken, salmon, sushi

Favorite restaurant: Kharma Indian food

Favorite music: metal, drum and bass
Favorite colors: blue

Favorite sports: MMA, boxing Muay Thai ….I don’t want football soccer or basketball at all although I appreciate the athleticism I find team sports to be boring to watch. That My opinion.



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  1. Jack A.G

    When having sex I like to give then get and then put it together,slow more of a bump an grid till its time to rock.What are your rules of engagement?And have you ever had your man lover?if any ask you to fuck him with a strap on?

  2. Rude Pilot

    Wow! We're in a way lost my virginity @ 20 as well beginning of my senor yr.

  3. Bobby Bushay

    When are you and that rock hard body doing hardcore HD porn again? One os the sexiest women on earth!!!!

  4. D Hawk

    dear god we'd be best friends lol

  5. jim1953speed

    i think your one sexy ladie! love your work!
    thank you,
    xo ps going browese your site!

  6. max

    wich is your complete name??
    where can i found another photo of you???

  7. iron man

    lool But sex is a good kind of birth control 🙂
    My favorite form of birth control is real extrem hard Ballbusting :-p

  8. smith

    Keep doing ya thing.. I hope to c u on the big screen 1 day

  9. Xin

    You know, you're a really great person! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks so much for writing about who you are and what's happening in your life outside the porn world.

  10. max

    I would like to see you fight a match against Africa or Dominique Danger,
    I'd love to see your beautiful body and your skills against one of these women far more powerful and heavier than you.
    I would like to see raised in every possible position, dominated and stripped.

    TI follow for a while, I particularly like to see you lose, I've seen raised with Venessa Harding ….
    I love your athletic body.

    Think you can do a meeting like this?

    Thanks for the reply

  11. Doug


    You sound like you are truly having a good time. Keep enjoying life to the fullest.

    Body, mind, soul.

  12. Andy Paul

    You're great performer,wish to see you performing for more 20 years!!

  13. Ron

    Trying to set up a session in SF early this week, emailed you a few times but no response. Wonder if I have the right address.

  14. Melanie

    I honestly am in love with you haha.. Seriously youre the best porn star ive ever came across, unlike many, youre MORE than just a porn star. I need to write you a letter of gratitude or something because youre currently my biggest inspiration in life, youve motivated me to do so many great things and really improve myself. Thanks a bunch.. Oh and goodluck with the dildo package thing 😉

  15. Patrick Henri

    Love your body and voice. Hearing you say "wrestlers, wrestle" at the start of a match excites me. When are you going to give Mistress Kara a rematch? I didn't think your win was all that convincing. I loved your shoots with The Pope on Sadistic Rope, but I was confused by it since it was a departure from your "no boys rule". Was that a cynical career move, or a whim to try something different?

    • ArielX

      I've always allowed men to tie me up and put fingers in me. There's a big difference between having a finger in you and having their cock….Look up my work at kink. I've worked a lot with Matt williams, orlando, the pope….. Not a lot of guys but the guys I trust and like

      • Patrick Henri

        Thank you for replying, I didn't expect it. "There's a big difference between having a finger in you and having their cock….Look up my work at kink." That's where I found you in the first place! Until I saw you I always thought of female wrestling as a joke. I don't want to come off as impertinent, but I have to ask. What's the difference between a man inserting his finger or fist and a woman doing the same or using a dildo? How about a rematch with Mistress Kara, and regardless of who wins she gets to ravish you the way Gia Dimarco did on this shoot: HT – Jan 31, 2012 – Ariel X and Gia DiMarco (18118). I was shocked to read that you're only 5' 3" tall! I hope you become as famous as you aspire to be so I can see more of you, no make that so I can see you more often. You'd make great "Kim kardashian".

        • ArielX

          There is no difference between a man using fingers and a dildo and a woman using fingers and dildos. There\’s a difference between performing oral sex with a woman and not performing oral sex with a man. Oral sex is much more intimate.
          I have no problem with giving Kara a rematch if she shows improvement. I\’ve only worked with her 2 times in wrestling matches and I\’ve beat her both times. For you to say it was unconvincing makes me believe you didn\’t watch either match. The last round of our US match I dominated her. I was on top of her almost every second of the round. She turtled up and couldn\’t do anything. She was able to prevent me from getting a lot of points but the fact of the matter is I completely dominated her and she outweighs me by a good 30+lbs that day. I am only 5’3 and weight anywhere from 115-125 depending on my training. I am a very small person. She is very talented indeed. I like her a lot and I will have her back at US a lot. If she wins SV this year, I\’ll give her a rematch.

  16. Cammie

    Hello , I enjoyed your match with Bella Rossi after she had lost her weight. You were teaching her moves as you were dominating her. It was intense my husband & I both enjoy U.S. We enjoy your wrestling & when you are the Referee. Thanks

  17. Mark

    Hallo Ariel, I am your big fan from Czech rep. Sp how man beers do you drink in one eve

  18. Justin

    You've said you have done exclusively g/g work. But I was looking at a "Public Disgrace" clip that showed you getting fucked by Mark Davis and, I think, a couple of other guys, too. I was surprised, since I had already heard of your "no cock" rule for performing. It was really hot — but then,I think all of your work (what of it I've seen, anyway) is totally hot.

    • ArielX

      what ever video you saw, I suggest you view again to see it wasn't me. I have never done a hard core scene with a guy and especially guy(s). Video companies will use models names to promote videos but sometimes the models they advertise as the stars are not in it, or they are in a small segment of an opening scene or compilation. either way if you think the video is hot no need to stop watching. Thank you for the note 🙂

  19. hottielvr

    Hello there Ms. Amazing! 😉 I like that you keep a current wish list on Amazon. If I were to get you something on your list, how might I go about getting it to you?

  20. gabi

    Hi ariel,
    you are a wonderful sexy wife. Hope we can be in contakt with you.
    Dear Gabi

  21. igorittos

    I've just red your BIO and I'm very surprised, in a positive way. It's very rare today to have people to know what they want and they are not afraid to do it in spite of others judgmental opinions. You're basically like real Holden Coalfield in The catcher in the rye. Very admirable.
    On top of that, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, that's probably that inner energy…

    Best regards .

  22. David C. Hackney

    Hello Ariel. You've come a long way since we use to chat almost every day. You said you enjoyed reading my emails each morning because they were funny. Trying to reconnect. Could you e-mail me

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