Intimate Pursuit, Dylan Ryan

Right before my birthday, last May, Triangle films

gave me an amazing birthdy pressent. They gave me a shoot with the sexy, Dylan Ryan.  The shoot was for a line called “Intimate Pursuit”. 

By the time we got to the scene I was crushing on Dylan pretty hard. She’s adorable and huge!!! she’s a giant compaired to me. She actually picked me up and threw me on the bed for our scene. The roles called for her to be a little more aggressive sexually which was nice for me. I got to lay back and take it all in for a while. Dylan is an amazing kisser. She has big plump limps and she knows how to seduce with them.

She was very sweet enough to ask me if there was anything I liked or didn’t like in love making. I’m not a big fan of furious knuckles grinding at my bone so I told her to go slow at first which she did and she did it well. She did a fantastic job getting me warmed up and then finishing me. I tried to return the favor but she seemed to want most of the control. She’s a very great and unselfish lover which makes me love her even more.

The street date for Intimate Pursuit is Monday, Jan. 24th