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Ariel X vs Sinn Sage, Academy wrestling today Academy released my match with Sinn Sage. I remember shooting with Sinn like it were yesterday. I still use images in my imagination from our last match to wack off regularly. It’s no secret. I really like Sinn Sage. I enjoy her on many levels. She’s a sweet girl, has a hot body and is a great fuck. She’s probably one of the most passionate girls on the mats or in Lesbo action movies. You can see from the pictures that she has a solid, rocking body. She’s got natural perky titties and a ba donka donk like nothing I’ve ever seen

Sinn was out from wreslting for a while. She had a snowboarding accident that forced her to take a break from competitive wrestling for a while…but don’t let that fool you. this bitch was packing some heat. She’s strong as hell. She’s one of those freaks who can learn moves just from watching wrestling videos on youtube or seeing moves on spike’s reruns of the UFC. She’s a freak of nature….there is no way a girls tits as ass should and could stay so perfect and there is no way someone can become so great at a sport they never practice purely from watching it…..I think she should donate her body to science so we can all study her..

enough about her perfect tits…..Let’s move on to her perfect ass…..I’m telling you..that thing hypnotized me. Its’s so lush and bootyful. I found myself almost putting myself into an ass smoother for her. I would Never lose on purpose but I’m telling you, that thing put me in some sort of trance and I got lost in it.

I have to admit that I under estimated Sinn as a serious opponent. I didn’t train much before the match and I didn’t do any cardio…boy oh boy was that a bad move…this was a close match..this girl gave me a run for my money…This is a must SEE

Brutal head scissors, body locks & back breakers & ass fucking.The roughest match of the year!

Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Season Eight Match

The Dragon
HT: 5’4
WT: 135lbs
Season record (1-0)
Lifetime record (30-5)
The Destroyer
HT: 5’10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (0-1)

The Dragon has a weakness, and the secret is out. Every wrestler knows that if you get fingers in the Dragon you got her. It is a weakness that has been exploited over the last few matches. The Dragon will need to man up when the fingers are in her and not cum, or she might fall from the elite.

The Destroyer is getting the hard matches. We feel she can easily hit the elite status and we are accelerating her experience. She has much to learn, but she is catching on faster than any who came before her. Her size and strength will make her unbeatable if she acquires the same skill that the top four possess.

But that day has yet to come, as Saffron is beaten and beaten well. She suffered some brutal leg scissors, head locks and even a back breaker. Worst of all, she got brutally fucked in the ass in RD4.

Massive 5 girl orgy as the losers are getting fucked & humiliated in front of the crowd.

Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 4 of 4 of the live December PLAYOFF matchup between Team Ice and The Ninjas.

Team Ice is going to the championship match, but before they get there they have some fucking and humiliating to do to the losers of this match. The Ninja’s are going to get fucked – brutally fucked – in front of the live audience. Isis love straps on and joins in, and by the end, both losers are made to cum like common whores, and the winners walk off the mat victorious.

Stacy Burke Wrestling Erotica

I got to work with Stacy Burke  for a wrestling video that was quiet sexy if I do say so myself. The site is  Wrestling Erotica and the clip is available to purchase now if you like. You can become a member on the site of if you would just like to purchase the clip ou can go to their Clips4sale store.

But how about i tell you a little about the match before you go looking for it to purchase or before you ignore me altogether LOL. Stacy Burke is a babe..this is a fact…if you look up babe in the dictionary, there is actually a picture of Stacy Burke for the definition….and while you’re looking that up…go ahead and try to find gullible in the dictionary..can you believe they don’t put that word in the dictionary? crazy talk… but I digress.

Stacy Burke walked into the Studio..look like the babe she is..She’s a small thing…( smaller than I and that’s fucking small) She probably weighs all of 105lbs and 10 lbs of that is tits and another 10lbs is hair…she has lucious locks. I knew this wasn’t going to be a competitive way…but we had a very cute script which involved me getting her naked and making her do some sexy stuff…so i was game. Anytime I have an excuse to overpower and molest a hot chick, I’m game!!! I must say that while I was working with this sexy tender babe, I was getting highly aroused. Thankfully this particular match called for a little perve action on my end and I could actually do to her, all the nasty little things I wanted to do.

something comes over me when I have a woman in my grips that I know couldn’t possibly do anything if I were to hold her down. I do feel empowered and let me tell you, power is a major turn on…when I’m the one with power LOL.

Now, of course this wasn’t competitive and Stacy wasn’t supposed to fight back but I know that if she did try..she wouldn’t get very far. I could have taken her soul and she wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it…so that day on the mats with her…I owned her and the fact that she didn’t fight back on purpose made it all the more fun 🙂

The plot is that I am dating Stacy’s ex boyfriend and I find out that she is still seeing him as well, behind my back. So I need to teach her a lesson and what better way to do that than to overpower her on the mats…give some cheesy banter back and forth about who this “boyfriend” likes more and then chase Stacy around with Gigantic dildos, threatening to fuck her with them after I kick her ass wrestling and then really fuck her with a nice solid strapon ….game, set,  match!!! bam just like that.

This was an interesting match however because I actually do get to fuck Stacy Burke..I had no idea she was s dirty little slut and would let me put things inside her vagina…but sure enough I looked up dirty little slut in the dictionary and there she was again…her picture, there for the definition…I love my dirty little slutty Stacy Burke. I will eventually stretch her tight pussy out so I can really use one of those giant dils on her….you hear that Stacy..your junk is MINE!!! and I know I can hold you down with one hand so you can’t run from me..your ass and every other hole is MINE

AEE 2011, AVNs

So it’s taken me this long to finally blog about my trip to Vegas for the AVNs. I went up for only one day. I drove in Friday night…Slept at Dia Zerva’spad and got up the next day to walk around the show. I didn’t work a booth or anything. I really just wanted to go to check out who was there…what vendors were there and try to schmooze with people about the credit card processing crap I working with my ex on. It was money well spent. I got to check out the booths and see my girlfriends and I didn’t have to sit behind some stupid desk and pretend to really care about the guys who wanted to take pictures with me so they could try to feel my ass. I could come and go as I pleased…no was awesomeness.

I only stayed at the show for about 2 hours because lets face it, I’ve seen everything and know everyone there so what the hell do I need to stay at a convention for. None of the owners i wanted to talk to were there, they hired models to work the booths so they could actually enjoy Vegas. I didn’t attend any of the parties that any of the companies threw. I’m working so much I just don’t know how to have fun’s sad. 🙁 so much debauchery going on right under my nose and I didn’t do or see any of it…bah humbug.

The highlight of my trip was seeing Dia and Syd Blakovich. Syd and I went to Randy Couture’s Gym to train. We just happened to show up on a day they were having an open house. So we were able to take an MMA class and then roll on the mats together just for fun. I think I feel in love with Syd that day. What an intense workout that was…seriously working out turns me on like nothing else. I get so horny when I’m with someone who pushes me to my limits…I think it’s because i get frustrated and being frustrated has always made me horny. Alas…Syd left me with blue balls.

After rolling at the gym, I had to hurry up and get ready for my hot date for the AVN awards show, Dana Dane. Dana had been nominated for some AVN’s for her directing and producing so she asked me to go as her date. I was honored to grace the red carpets with her…however. I was so freakn’ tired from my workout with Syd that I didn’t want to stay for the awards show. We did the red carpet and then I went back to Dia’s for and R & R. I left her house at 6am to drive home so I could do a Cam show…such is life. I wish I had more exciting stuff to blog about…some juicy sex or something…but I’m just still bummed about my break up and things with work have been crazy..I am so quiet and focused on work…and money..I’m a big fan of money LOL.Money never lets me down or turns me away..Money never gives me attitude and when I have a hot wad of cash with me…the ladies love me 🙂

Dana did forward me some pix she got from her cell phone..what a sweetie!! thanks Dana.

Two hot blonds battle it out in non-scripted wrestling Brutal submissions & fingering on the mat

Season Eight is now upon us. All new rookies, all new rivalries. Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Season Eight Match

The Shortstop
HT: 5’7
WT: 147 lbs
Season record (0-3)
Lifetime record (0-3)
HT: 5’5
WT: 142lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (0-1)

Tara Lynn Fox is back to single competition. Her Tag Team took 3rd place last season and she has increased her skill level dramatically. Tara is quicker, stronger, and has the skill to now compete with all but the elite of US.

Addison Heart returns with a sexy smooth body and big tits for the second match of her career. This rookie is one of the better recruits for the new season. One of Addison’s weaknesses is sex, and to take it to the next level this wrestler will need to conquer her own libido or she will forever be a fuck toy on the mat.

Tara started stong and got fingers in Addison’s pussy early and often. Tara used a variety of submission holds and punished the rookie both physically and sexually on the mat.

Which team digs deep and pulls out the win?Which team loses it all in front of a live audience?

Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 3 of 4 of the live December PLAYOFF matchup between Team Ice and The Ninjas.

Could Team Ice hang on to their 20pt lead? Will the Ninjas neutralize Ariel X and keep her off the mat, so they can abuse poor rookie Iona in her first ever debut? The last 12 minutes of non-scripted playoff action is savage, fast paced and has some of the most brutal leg scissor holds we have ever seen.

One team loses it all in front of the live audience, and their season is over. One team advances to the Championship matchup to take on the undefeated Dragons.

Intimate Pursuit, Dylan Ryan

Right before my birthday, last May, Triangle films

gave me an amazing birthdy pressent. They gave me a shoot with the sexy, Dylan Ryan.  The shoot was for a line called “Intimate Pursuit”. 

By the time we got to the scene I was crushing on Dylan pretty hard. She’s adorable and huge!!! she’s a giant compaired to me. She actually picked me up and threw me on the bed for our scene. The roles called for her to be a little more aggressive sexually which was nice for me. I got to lay back and take it all in for a while. Dylan is an amazing kisser. She has big plump limps and she knows how to seduce with them.

She was very sweet enough to ask me if there was anything I liked or didn’t like in love making. I’m not a big fan of furious knuckles grinding at my bone so I told her to go slow at first which she did and she did it well. She did a fantastic job getting me warmed up and then finishing me. I tried to return the favor but she seemed to want most of the control. She’s a very great and unselfish lover which makes me love her even more.

The street date for Intimate Pursuit is Monday, Jan. 24th

Rookie is made to submit from crushing leg scissorsIs dominated from RD1-RD4, Fisted to orgasm!

Ultimate Surrender brings you the ONLY non-scripted competitive sex wrestling in the world. The only league of its kind in existence.

Season Eight Match

The Assassin
HT: 5’3
WT: 107lbs
Season record (2-0)
Lifetime record (17-5)
The Cyclone
HT: 5’10
WT: 150lbs
Season record (0-1)
Lifetime record (0-1)

Ariel X has answered the call to school and mentor another rookie on the mat. Once again Ariel takes on a bigger opponent and once again that bigger opponent gets her ass handed to her.

Cece is back and has some mat experience to use against her much smaller opponent. It is obvious that Cece learned a lot from the the last match and does not make it easy on our former Champion.

Some brutal holds and a nasty leg scissor make Cece submit a couple of times. Her size and strength are incapable of stopping Ariel X from invading her pussy and racking up some good humiliation points. Isis Love joins RD4 at Ariel X’s request and two of the greatest strap on girls give Cece a fucking she will not soon forget. Isis fists Cece to multiple orgasms and leaves her on the mat a disheveled mess, broken and spent.

RD2: Rib crushing scissor holds, brutal head locksFinger penetration during the wresting.

Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the live December PLAYOFF match up between Team Ice and The Ninjas.

Team Ice took a 20pt lead into the locker room, and within seconds it was gone. Bella got a hold of the rookie replacement Iona Grace and made her pay with a brutal leg scissors. Back and forth the score went as both teams made great use of their tags and outstanding holds.

Bella’s absolute domination of the big titted Iona was the difference. The Ninja’s erased Team Ice’s 20pt lead and bullied out their own lead going into the last round. 99pts now separate these two and Team Ice is in danger of their season ending, right here, right now!