I Had a Date with Destiny

I am currently in the midst of Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny journey, and it has proven to be a grueling test of both my physical and mental fortitude. 

However, I take great pride in the immense personal growth I have achieved throughout the years. My dedication to studying philosophy and delving into the depths of human needs and motivations has been instrumental in this process.

 I find solace in the practice of Jiu Jitsu, as it presents me with constant opportunities for growth through the arduous trials and tribulations that come with embracing challenges as valuable teachers.

I must acknowledge the adult industry for its profound impact on my personal development. Through engaging in discussions about individuals’ most intimate secrets, I have gained invaluable insights into the complexities of human nature, transcending the mere realm of sexuality. 

These conversations have revealed the depths of human desires and motivations, shedding light on the intricacies of the human experience that extend far beyond the confines of physical pleasure.

I want to share that when I encounter individuals who are unaware of my profession, I often find myself fabricating falsehoods in order to avoid the discomfort of being judged based on their subjective moral standards. This behavior has resulted in a lack of genuine connections with certain individuals, as I have created a delusion in my mind that I must deceive them about my occupation in order to appease their expectations. I have convinced myself that in order to be accepted, I must conform to a predetermined mold, leading me to either withhold information or blatantly lie about my work. This inauthenticity causes me constant stress as I struggle to remember the falsehoods I have told to each person.

At the age of 43, I have achieved success in my chosen field. However, in order to cultivate deep connections, I must liberate myself from the burden of caring about others’ opinions. If they choose to judge me, that is their own prerogative and not a reflection of my worth or character.

Remember, it is not your responsibility to conform to societal norms or fit into a predetermined box. Your authenticity and honesty are essential in forming genuine connections with others. By embracing your true self and letting go of the fear of judgment, you can create meaningful relationships based on mutual understanding and acceptance.

Real Cocks

I have some fun news! I became an affiliate for Real cocks. I use their dildos in nearly every single one of my videos for the evolved sites and submissive X. The dicks are expensive but well worth the investment. They feel great. It’s hard to find a quality sex toy. Most sex toys actually aren’t meant to be inserted. They have a warning label on the packaging that states “for novelty purposes only”. That’s crazy! The best money I ever spent, was on buying a Real cock. I became an affiliate and they sent me “James”. Check out my unboxing video. From November 25-30th, they are having a Sale. Use promo code BLACK2022 at www.arielscocks.com to get 20% off. They don’t do this sale often so get it while you can



I’ve been having a lot of contemplations lately on where I want to go with my productions. I am incredibly grateful that evolvedfights and evolvedfightlez have generated such a huge following. The fans of wrestling porn are some of the most incredible people I have ever encountered in my days of shooting fetish. I’ve made many actual friends with the people who have been enjoying the evolved sites. For the most part, I do enjoy producing all the videos. It’s not all sunshine and roses, there is often drama being the showrunner. Some models don’t wanna work with or for other models. Some models just don’t wanna wrestle at all once they arrive on set. Sometimes I book models through their talent agencies and the agents don’t send the model all the information I send over so there is a lot of confusion on the day of the shoot. It’s rather annoying but this seems to be a trend with some of the current agents in the industry now. All of this is work around-able. None of this is enough to make me throw my hands up and quit. When you run your own business, you take the brunt of all the pain. Big Risk, Big Reward.

While the sites have been fun, I catch myself wanting to slow down. I get requests all the time to open more sites. I have no desire nor do I have the time or resources to open more sites. I don’t think people really understand what it takes to run and operate a legitimate adult site. I know that it looks easy because every model on the planet puts their cell phone on a tripod videos up on the internet via clip stores or onlyfans but that’s nothing like opening your own site. Like most things, there is much more than meets the eye to being a legitimate business owner. Think about the business you are in. Maybe you sell real estate, or you are a programmer or a manager at a store or hotel. I bet you have heard people accuse you of having an easy job that anyone could do. People glamorize other people’s jobs for some reason. They fantasize that there are easy jobs that pay great money for some reason. Well, I know the reason. People only see final projects, they hardly ever see the work it takes to get there. I wish I had the budget to hire a full-time film crew to follow me around and document all the trials and tribulations I have at my job so I could show everyone. Alas, what’s the point of doing that? To show people how I suffer? LOL. I don’t care if they know. It won’t bring in any more money to my company but it will cost me a great deal of money to produce. A lot of “fans” think I have some endless budget, I think people think anyone who films porn is a mega-millionaire. I don’t have Disney money where I can do a “making of” for every series I do. I wish I did. The fact is the bts isn’t exciting at all either. It’s also not of interest to me to film. As I mentioned, I’m wanting to slow down the adult productions, not add additional tasks that will not bring in more income.

I’m focusing more on projects that are not porn related whatsoever. I will be opening myjitsjourney.com next year which will be a motivational platform for people who need a bestie to help them stay on track and live a more healthful life while teaching them to be grateful and appreciative. In addition to that, I will be promoting SFW, training, and tutorials for content creators. I am coming up with a course to help teach content creators how to make quick and dirty videos for any platform. ( I will post more about that once it’s up and running)

I’m afraid at this point in my career, I am finding success beyond porn which is making the drama of producing porn seem less and less appealing. Of course, as I mentioned, all careers have their own drama that will come with them. But for me, being a fully self-sufficient business owner who doesn’t need to deal with drama from models and agents is more appealing as I mature as a quadragenarian.

I’m at the point now where I feel people think I’m being a DIVA but my experience feels like I’m merely setting boundaries and keeping myself sane. I have producers asking me to film for them but the rates they offer are the rates they offer any old model off the street. I have opportunity costs if I film for other producers, I miss out on things I could be doing for MY company. The rate they offer just isn’t justifiable to me. I also run into this issue with fans who want to webcam one on one with me or who want some elaborate custom. Taking my time to chat with one person costs me. It costs me time and money because I could be using that time to talk to many people on OF and make 50Xs what a one on one chat is offering. My time is valuable. It’s taken me nearly 20 years to get to a spot where I can turn down work and honestly it’s been hard for me mentally. I still have FOMO. I still think for some reason I need to work for other people because for 20 years, that’s what I did. But now every single time I am on set for someone else, I am stressed out because I’m now Missing out on the tasks I need to do for my own production. So I end up eating into my family and “me” time to compensate. I didn’t work this hard for 2 decades to get more stressed. So I think I’m ready to stop filming with other producers altogether. It’s time I focus on myself. This means if you want a custom with me in it, you will have to order it from me and you can expect that the rate will be higher than it was in the past unless you are requesting something that fits perfectly with my muscle girl-who-loves-girls brand.


I was having some issues with Only fans in 2021. They kept asking me to reverify my account. I would verify each time they asked but they would keep asking me ( nearly once a week) to reverify. I was able to get in touch with a customer service rep who helped me get everything figured out. So I’m verified and they are actually paying me now…yay!! So please check out my profile https://onlyfans.com/arielxoxo and let’s have some fun.

I have never really been interested in doing streaming or texting on other platforms but I have got to hand it to onlyfans, their platform is super user-friendly and it really does put power in the hands of the content creators. They don’t take a huge chunk of money. Clips stores are notorious for taking 40% of content makers’ income. I realize they have to pay for hosting, storage, legal shit, and billing but 40% is fucking crazy talk. Onlyfans takes 20% which isn’t bad at all considering if you got your own website, CCbill or Segpay take something like 15% and you’re left paying for hosting, legal, and all the other crap that comes along with having your own site. So love them or hate them, onlyfans has a great deal for performers. If you are interested in becoming a content maker I highly recommend them. If you use this link, I get a little kickback so it would be awesome if you sign up using this link https://onlyfans.com/?ref=474661

IDK what happened the last 3 months.

I’ve had a weird past few months. I moved from California to Nevada… 2 weeks after the move, I was hospitalized for a week with cellulitis and MRSA. One of the worst parts is not knowing where I got MRSA. I had just moved and had not established a gym to train at yet. So while everyone I talk to assumes I got it from a “dirty gym”; it’s simply isn’t possible. Two days before my move, I sustained a mild head injury in my BJJ class. It’s common for the classes to be overcrowded, and two nights before my move, a very intense spar session smashed into me. I got a really heavy heel to the face. I decided I needed to take time off training since I was moving and I needed to stay sharp for the big event. So I had not been training at all and yet here I was, 2 weeks after my move, with a potentially lethal infection that put me in the hospital for nearly a week. I just haven’t felt myself since. I lost a lot of weight from atrophy and the very very very high doses of antibiotics I was on for nearly 3 weeks had me just not feeling like myself. I felt like I had been body-snatched. As if I were just existing. It seemed very dark. Mentally, it has been hard for me to trust cleanliness anywhere I go. Maybe I got MRSA on my elbow from putting my elbows on a table at a restaurant, Maybe I got it from laying on someone’s dirty sofa…I have no idea where it came from and that kinda fucked with my brain a little. But I think I’m getting back into feeling like myself I wanted to apologize to everyone for not being active on here. I have been shooting content on the down-low meaning, I am not tweeting or posting about every shoot I do and I’ll tell you why: If I put any teaser up I will immediately get someone asking me for that content that was just shot and could not possibly be edited or ready for distribution. While I’m flattered by the enthusiasm I mentally didn’t want to deal with that. I did not want to tell each and every person asking that I wasn’t emotionally available to accommodate them in the slightest.

With that said, Evolvedfightslez.com recently wrapped our Autumn Tournament. Today, however, We updated with my return to the mats to challenge the winner of said tournament. It felt good to be back on the mats but more bittersweet I would say. I miss having challengers. While my tournament does display the best of the best, the pickings are slim. There just aren’t enough really good pornstar grapplers out there. So this gets me fantasizing about maybe doing sessions again or maybe starting a non-adult site to wrestle with elite grapplers just for my own desire to be challenged. I doubt a site like that will ever be as lucrative as the porn sites I run but I’m at a point in my life where I can start doing passion projects which will be emotionally more rewarding than the money maker projects. But I’m lucky because I CAN do both.

Thank you everyone and stay tuned for more. I’m still in the process of moving ( believe it or not) My initial move from CA to NV got me into my rental. In the meantime, I was able to find a great home to buy. So now I’m moving OUT of the rental and into the house but the folx I bought from need to rent it back until THEIR house is ready in March. So I get to move again in a few months. This is great because I need some time to settle in and recovery.

Moving out of California

Well the time has come. I was born and raised in California. I’ve lived in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles for the bulk of my life. I do love California. The weather is great, the scenery is beautiful; there are so many stunning hikes and camping areas to go to. But, it’s time to say good bye. I have had my company set up in Nevada for the past 5 years. I have been driving back and forth for 5 years. During Covid lockdowns with travel restrictions, I was spending much more time sitting in my car than I cared to. The Pandemic ignited a spark in me, I suppose. I realized I would much rather live closer to my work with my family living in the same town that I work in so that I wasn’t sitting on the road for 10-20 hours a month. With everything closed, people started encroaching on my favorite hikes and camping areas. I’m over it. I’m ready to move on. While I do not LOVE Nevada, I am very happy that they are business friendly towards adult companies like myself. Im simply going to use Nevada as home base so that when things do open up ( looking like 2024) I can travel easily out of my home base while not having to pay california prices. I will miss my training partners for sure. I have moved a few times and it always hurts when you leave a good gym that has become your family. I do plan on coming back to train with those buttheads often tho. On to the next chapter.

Thinking about closing this Blog

I have been mulling an idea over for a while. This site cost me money to keep up. I have domain fees, hosting fees. The ROI just isn’t there. I haven’t been active on here either but that’s mostly because the nature of the site being adult makes it nearly impossible to make any revenue from it. I have recently gotten sex toy companies asking about paid ads but I’m not getting enough to pay for the site. Also, I am opening a SFW site myjitsjourney.com which I will be active on and which I will be able to monetize. So it looks like this is the end for this blog. I will keep it up for a few more week and then the site will be a redirect to my onlyfans fan page.

Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you all on the next chapter of my journey!

UPDATE AUG 16, 2021

I am overwhelmed with the love and support you folx have shown to my blog. Apparently some of you do read what I’m posting and you do like my blog and will miss it if it’s gone. So I will keep it up for now. Thanks again for all the love and support.

Long Time, No See

I haven’t posted a blog on here in while. Covid has me working extra hard just to make the same progress. I feel like there were 100 million extra steps that I had to do just to get the same results. Keeping my pay sites updating regularly during a pandemic had its trials and tribulations, but I made it work. The one thing I do appreciate about the whole shit year of 2020 was it forced me to see that small changes in my career are going to be beneficial. I want to make my business 100% online. I do not want a brick an mortar business. I want to get rid of my studio entirely. Studios are expensive had high maintenance. My issue is figuring out how I will produce a high production value product for the Evolved Fights series without a studio and without having to physically be on set to film it. I am potentially going to sell the sites in 5 years. That’s an option for me. But that’s along ways away. What I am doing in the mean time is building some “mainstream” sites that are fully PG and SFW ( safe for work) I have spend the last 15 years doing fitness and martial arts and I do consider myself an authority in those areas. Believe it or not, I get just as many folx asking me to be their coach as I get folx asking me for webcam or custom videos. I feel honored to be regarded as someone who can add value to people’s lives. I am working on a freemium blog that will give tips and ideas for working out, eating healthfully and keeping a positive mind set. If this sounds interesting to you, Please sign up for my email list at www.myjitsjourney.com By all means, if this is not of interest to you, DO NOT sign up. This site is 100% professional mainstream. There will be no nudes no porn. If you want that, say on this site. I can keep everyone happy but I need to keep things separate. Signing up doesn’t do me any favors if you are not interested or have no intention on reading or engaging in health and fitness subjects.

Soft Launch of SubmissiveX.com ( IT’S LIVE)

Howdy Y’all! Well a while back I had teased that I would be launching SubmissiveX.com. Well Today, we have gone live. I’m doing a soft launch which means I am only promoting on spaces where super fans can see the announcement. In the next few weeks, I will start promoting on other websites and sending out pressers ( press releases). The sites is going to be Streaming only. If there is one thing I have learned from COVID it’s that most people have become accustomed to streaming services. I think porn has fallen behind in tech and it’s really kinda done us all a disservice. So I know I can hear you groaning about streaming but that’s how it’s going to be. You can still purchase videos if you like but you will need to purchase each scene individually. This may help cut back on piracy even but that isn’t my intent for doing stream only. I am going with what is current for the times and I see other sites doing the same soon so I just wanna be ahead of the curve. I’m sorry to keep this brief. I don’t have too much other news. COVID has made me job 4Xs as hard as ever what with booking cancellations or tests not coming back in time and travel restrictions. It’s been a doozy. I have to get ready for a few weeks of production in Las Vegas. Thank you for your support.

Submissive X….coming soon

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. I suppose there is something uniting about COVID-19. It’s a global pandemic that has affected nearly every single country. There has been sympathy with everyone when shipping has been delayed or if New content hasn’t been created because everyone in the world understands that things have been changed due to COVID-19. Before, all creatures of earth had only a few things they could all relate to. We all see the same sun and moon ( although at different times). When I was a kid growing up, I would look up at the moon and think “there’s a kid out there who has things worse than I do looking up at this same moon right now and we are connected right now”. I have no idea if that was true, or if anyone was looking up at that moon at that same exact time looking for a soul to connect with, but it was a truth I made up in my head to help me cope with things as a young child. With COVID, I can watch the news and see so many people being affected by this Virus and I become sympathetic to everyone because we are ALL going through this. I wasn’t destroyed by COVID but some businesses have been. Every day that goes by, I’m reminded of an industry that has been decimated by this Pandemic. Artists all any kind who perform for crowds, concerts, people who work at conventions, People who do sports….the reach of this is sooooo huge. It’s hard not to be sad in some way.

One positive thing that COVID has done, is it has forced me to slow down. All my school/classes were cancelled for a while. All my training was forced to stop due to gym closures. Here is CA, gyms and salons are still closed. The gyms were open for about 2.5 weeks and then got closed down again. Since about 5 hours of my day was spent training, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I decided to use this time to grow and learn. I been studying herbalism and survival skills. This has become something I am very passionate about. I can see myself retiring and living a very minimalistic life. I try to follow the ideas of Stoicsm. I don’t want to be hedonistic, I don’t want to chase luxury, I just want a life where I appreciate what I have without having stress over finances. What currently makes me happy is learning how to live off of what the earth provides.

Another thing that has filled up my time has been working on building the submissivex.com site. I guess I should give a little background on how subX started. I was producing for kink for a while. I was getting a lot of cancellations which cost me a lot of money. I have to pay kill fees, locations still need to be paid even if models don’t show. Crew still gets paid even if we don’t shoot…hey they showed up to do their job I gotta pay them something ( kill fee). The cancellations were killing my profit margins. I told myself that if I could just create a shoot last minute when there is a cancellation, I could sell it on my clipstores and at least break even. So it worked like this: I would have 2 models booked for a shoot. I would have my crew booked as well and every once in a while I would have a location booked. I had to file for film permits, insurance for the location……I would buy craft services ( food for people to eat while they are on set) I had expense whether the shoot happens or not, I have costs. If one of the 2 female models no-showed or couldn’t shoot, rather than cancel the shoot if I couldn’t find a replacement model day of, I would just turn the shoot into a lesbian domination shoot where the model who did show up would dominate me. This saved me a TON of money in cancellations but it also started doing really really really well on my clip stores, on my pornhub profiles and on the sites I was able to get licensing agreements on. So Submissive X actually started being a major bread winner for my business. Now that Submissive X is in the black regularly and now that I have time to work on a stand alone site, I have turned that into my next project. So submissive X will now have a home. I’m going to make it streaming ( I know I can hear some of you grumbling already but cheer up we will allow downloads) The difference with Subx and my evolved sites is that the evolved fights give you the ability to download everything once you are a member. Subx you will only be able to download if you pay for the download otherwise you will still have access to stream anything on the site.

I’m not sure I want to be in front of the camera too much longer. COVID made me realize I hate wearing makeup or dolling up. If I could wear pajamas all day, I would. I also don’t like trying to promote myself. I hate trying to hype my work. I am much much better at hyping OTHER people’s work. I LOVE promoting companies and models that I like. I can sell the hell out of anyone else. ….I am very timid when it comes to promoting myself but I am a genius when it comes to marketing and promoting other people/companies. I have kept up with marketing since I took classes in college. Things change with marketing but principals stay the same. There are so many new platforms and ad buying networks and it is a lot of work to keep up with all of it.

I learned many years ago when I tore my ACL, that I would not be able to stay in front of the camera for ever. I knew that I would need to develop skills so that if anything happened to my industry, I could bounce back. I didn’t want a “BACKUP plan” I wanted a ” multiple streams of income” plan. I have set myself up pretty well for that. With that said. Submissive X will be going live soon. I do not know how long I will maintain it. But I’m happy it will be up soon. Please enjoy.