Projects Projects and More Projects

Well I’ve been busy, really busy. I have been doing session wrestling and it’s been AWESOME. I have gotten a handful of emails from douchebags but all in all the wrestling fans are THE most amazing people in the world. I am also lucky enough to have a bunch of awesome girlfriends who are ready and willing to do the session wrestling with me which can make for some really awesometastic times ( email me for details).

On top of recently taking on Session Mixed Wrestling I have been offered some pretty sweet deals from some companies. It turns out people like me and some companies have asked me to come along board their company and be the “face” of their movies. I don’t want to say to much about it right now as things are still in the works but I have been going to meetings and talking to the big wigs and it looks like you guys are gonna have to see more of me. hahah.

I’m also thinking of starting a Paysite. I have to find a web person to help me with the start up. I am fine with the maintenance but I want something that is really professional and user friendly. Now I was thinking of a spanking site but then again I do love wrestling so much so I was thinking about a wrestling site but then again I don’t want to compete with any of these badass companies out there. Anyway…your thoughts and opinions do matter to me so please let me know your ideas.

okay okay…well I’ve been shooting as well. Yesterday I had 2 shoots. That’s right. I did a shoot for the good folks at I got to shoot with Ashley Fires ( MMM MMM MMM). Then after shooting with big A I shot down to Malibu to shoot for Dana Dane and L Factor and erocktavision. I did my scene for Lesbian cheaters with a new girl named Missy Martinez…who BTW lives down the street from me in real life and I got her number and I’m totally going to bang her in private bruahhaha ( don’t tell her husband heheh…okay you can tell him he saw us go at it yesterday).

Missy does not currently have  site but keep your eyes and ears pealed for her name. She’s  stunning voluptuous babe. In our scene she hires me ( I play myself) to come to her house and show her how she could be a better lover for her girlfriend. She tries to justify that it’s not “cheating” because he’s paying for lessons and it’s really all for her girlfriend…..haha I would totally do that in real life with chicks so this plot wasn’t to far off 🙂 She did a great job and I”m going to try to get her into wrestling because he’s a total BABE!

Well I also got to work with Ashley last week for a POV with my guy. We did a  B/G/G oh la la. don’t get your panties in a bunch I just sat there and played with Ashley while she worked the poor guy we picked up at Fry’s electronics. It was outstanding to watch that girl work a man. I’d never seen it before I had to run home a jerk off, after all the scene was about them…not about me. bah..I hate just being eye candy for movies but it was fun and I always love to see ms. Fires. What else…mm well there has been a lot going on, mostly off camera stuff….business deals and negotiations. 2010 is going to be a great year for Ms. X.

Kiss Me girl

I still have a bunch of stuff to catch up on. My buddy Tim sent me pix from the US tag team shoot and I haven’t downloaded them or uploaded them hear either yet. I’m still catching up. I’ve been working a lot, which was a good thing since all my personal drama would have driven me nuts if my mind was idle. I’m getting back into the swing of things…and good and my guy are doing fine, we are back to being madly in love with each other. So to catch up I will start with what I did today, because it’s fresh in my mind and then tomorrow I will blog about yesterday and work my way backwards. WHY? you ask, because that’s how my brain works.

Today I worked with Sinn Sage for is a some what “softcore” site that features amazing girls making out and sucking face with each other. Now I love Sinn, she’s one of my favorite girls in the whole wide world. I was pretty excited to work with her today. She’s charming on set, she’s smart she sexy..she’s got a crazy bod on her. She drives me nuts. We did a make out video today and it was soooo hard not to start effing her. We started kinda soft. We were kissing slowly and groping each other. She had this dress on with not straps so her titties just popped right out of that and I had to suck on them bad boys. So we were making out, boob sucking then the clothes came off and I swear my head almost exploded. We were touching each other rubbing on each other all the while our lips were locked. I wanted to bang the shit out of her. Alas, it was just a kissing video 🙁

Sinn, i you’re reading this, I’ll get you my pretty, you owe me that ass!!

So, the video will be released on soon so please check it out and in the mean time you can check out my Clips4sale store and see the short videoSinn and I did almost a year ago where we make out for like 5 minutes. It’s totally cute.

L factor with Daisy Layne

I’ve been meaning to blog about my shoot with Daisy Layne for a while. We did a scene last Wednesday and it was outstanding. One of my favorite shoots in a while. Then today I had a really great shoot with another girl and it reminded me that I needed to blog about Daisy.

The directors for the video were running a little behind due to model’s flaking and replacement girls having to rush in last minute. Daisy and I were able to chit chat a little before our scene. We were able to peep in on the scene that was being shot before our scene. The directors paired up two hot little honeys for me to perv out to and get all hot and bothered over before I was to do my scene with Daisy. I got to snag some pictures of Charlotte Vail and Natasha Nice doing some work on each other.

Watching their scene was pretty fun. The girls were really into each other and really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. So Daisy and I had to show them up of course!!!

My scene with Daisy started out with us talking dirty to each other on our cell phones. I love phone sex, it’s rather exciting however I often get goofy and say really stupid things and break the mood 🙁 That night I was able to keep a “straight” face , so to speak. Daisy put some work in on me. We were both sweating our asses off through out the entire scene. I love sloppy, wet, sweaty sex. Sex is so much more fun when you can slip and slide all over a girl”s genitals :).

Daisy was skilled. She is one of the top 10 women I’ve ever had. She was sensual, attentive, sexy, unselfish. She seemed really intent on getting me off, which isn’t hard, I have orgasms really fast. It’s a blessing and a curse, what can I say….

The scene is destined to look really great on camera. We both were really into each other, it was almost like we had been lovers for a while. So….keep you eyes out for that scene when it comes out and of course, I will let you guys know when and where it comes out.

I have a lot more to blog about but it’s getting late. I Dom’ed for PD and I wrestled today and did a short scene for DeviceBondage. Tomorrow I’m shooting photos for some Promos for a current project that I will tell you guys more about as I learn more details.

That’s about it for now. I’m pretty tired, I had a long day. I ordered sushi for dinner and it took them 1.5 hours to deliver it to the kink palace, I was sooo hungry I inhaled all my food and now I’m in a food coma. Have a great night, Y’all

Ultimate Surrender, Season 7 Ariel X vs. Savannah West

  Season 7 with Savannah West vs. Ariel x


So season 7 of Ultimate Surrender is off to a start.

The first match for the new season was released today. It was me vs. Savannah “The Cupcake” West. She picked a really unintimidating name, “the cupcake” but let me be the first to tell you that this cupcake is going to be the rookie of the year. She has solid upper body strength from being a rock climber. She is intelligent on the mats. She picks up moves really fast. She had never wrestled a day in her life and she picked up EVERYTHING I showed her before we started our bout. She is strong, cute as hell and going to be the next big thing at US…mark my words. click on the large image below for a trailer:


the happenings

I’ve been meaning to blog but I’ve had a lot of stuff going on yet nothing exciting to mention in the past few days. I have an ear infection. It’s making me dizzy and nauseous. I went to the doctor to have him help me out and he’s put me on strong antibiotics, prescription ear drops and some shit for my nausea. I took the pills for my nausea the first day and I refuse to take them anymore. They put me to sleep for 16 hours and when I awoke I still felt like doodooo. So here I am running into walls and not being able to eat. I’m a little nervous about my tag team match coming up this Saturday. I hope am well enough and strong enough to do this without totally humiliated my team…now if I humiliate the other team..that’s a whole other story :).

In other news I have been working on a Triangle films shoot. They are making a feature about women in prison. It has an all star cast which includes and is not limited to:

Adrianna Nicole

Claire Adams

Jada Fire

Marie Luv

Dia Zerva

Syd Blakovich

Justine Jolie

Melissa Monet

This is going to be a pretty outstanding movie. It has a great story line and the girls can actually act. I was extremely impressed watching an acting scene with Jada Fire and Melissa Monet. I’m a little scared of Jada but she’s still hot and I’ll still bang her.

We have not shot the sex scene yet for this movie. I will be doing my scene with Marie Luv. I’m pretty smitten with Marie. I have worked with her before and she is a top grade performer/lover. I’m also looking forward to watching the entire movie once it comes out. I would love to see the other sex scenes of course but I’m really looking forward to seeing how they tell the stories.

Well I was able to shoot some stills on set last Sunday. I didn’t’ take many because I felt like  a creep snapping pictures of girls on set, getting “free content” LOL.

I also took some pix of me being fucking up on antibiotics while stuck in traffic. I don’t do drugs, I won’t even take pain killers so when I am on any kind of medication, I get REALLY FUCKED UP!!!


also in other news, I have developed a major crush on a “co worker” since I spent a lot of time with the girls on set. It happens from time to time, I get to know a girl a little better and I get an enormous crush on her. I love having crushes. I love the butterfly feeling I get when I see my crush, I love stumbling on my words when I think I’m saying something stupid in front of my crush.

aww life is fun 🙂

my birthday weekend

Friday, May 15th was my birthday. I went to the gym in the morning and then headed out to Los Angeles to go to work for Girlfriend Films. Inadvertently GF Films gave me a most righteous birthday present. They gave me an 18 year old girl named Ashlyn Rae. Ashlyn was a total babe. She was very level headed and rolled with the punches. She did her job well and never missed a beat. She didn’t even blink when the directer asked her to put on a leg brace. LOL


 We did our scene and I was off to celebrate my bday with my baby.

I was running late because traffic was horrible…as expected, I was coming from down town LA after all. My baby went ahead to the gym because I told him it would take me a while to get to his place. I told him I wanted my birthday to be all about me, I wanted dinner, just him and me..not with anyone else.. I didn’t want to share my bday with anyone as i have had to do in years past. I told him exactly where I wanted to eat. I got to his house and when I walked in there were some awesome flowers waiting for meid-014


We went to dinner and sugarbear told me to bring a pair of tennis shoes. I was automatically suspicous. I knew he had something up his sleeve but I didn’t know what. I asked him if we were going to have a picnic in the woods and bang..he said “no” I asked him if we were going for a hike and then going to fuck he said, “NO”. After dinner which was delicious, he took me to this kart racing track. It was so much fun. I had no idea I would enjoy something like that but it was really really fun. We went on 3 races and each time I got better and better and more and more confident. I was so excited that my guy picked this for me. It’s not anything I would have done for myself, I wouldn’t even have thought to go there but he took me and I freakn’ loved it. Those are the best gifts!!

Well the biggest and best gift I’ve ever gotten came the next day and the day after that. Sug and I went to an Imago Therapy workshop. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My guy had to sit there and watch me blubber about childhood hurts and emotions…lol poor guy. It was very helpful to me…and I know my guy hated every minute of it but it meant a lot to me and it helped me a great deal.

so that was my weekend. Now I’m playing catchup because I have to work the next couple of days and then we are heading out to Havasu for Memorial day weekend.

Here’s my checklist for the lake:

Bug spray

Sun Screen


antibaceria cream for applying after going in the lake..that thing is filthy

vodka and sugarfree redbull



chap stick

slutty dress for clubbing

ipod so I can igore people

my new iDS

my own pillow



enema bag

snacks, protein bars and rice cakes

wrestling videos for entertainment

that’s pretty much it.

Leathal Harcore shoot with Elizabeth Anne

I got to do my first g/g scene in over 3 weeks. I got paired up with Elizabeth Anne. I have worked with Elizabeth before but never had sex with her. I worked with her on the Tushy sites I work for. She was such a sweet thing the first time I worked with her. I was her very first job ever and I got to stick my finger up her butt for the doctortushy site.


Yesterday I was called into set the last minute because 2 girls had to be sent home because they showed up with scratches, bite marks and bruises that were so bad that the company decided they couldn’t’ use the girls. My agent called me and another replacement girl , Elizabeth Anne, in to the rescue. I have to admit I always feel kinda crappy about getting work solely because the original girls the company wanted flaked or couldn’t work. I feel like second rate…like they didn’t’ pick me to begin with and they are only working with me because I’m reliable LOL. It’s not the best feeling in the world but at least I’m working and bringing in money so I’m certainly not complaining…Lord knows I get the majority of my work from being a replacement and I’m happy even then the companies want to work with me.

So the scene was supposed to be Elizabeth and me going out to a gay club…only thing is Elizabeth isn’t gay and doesnt’ know I’m gay. I have to “break the news to her”. This scene was actually Elizabeth’s firth g/g scene ever. She has been with girl in her personal life but never on camera…so I got to be the first person to stick anything in elizabeth’s butt for the tushy site and now I’m the first girl to bang Elizabeth on camera…yippie…I love it.!!!!

Elizabeth is 22, very sweet. She complimented me on my body when we were taking stills, which meant a lot to me because she has such a tight body herself. She is a very great kisser….she has soft lips that taste like candy. Her skin is so smooth and soft. It was very easy for me to “seduce” her. I got to go at her first….ya know, do the whole..I’m a lesbo so let me show you what we do and then you can try…I don’t know how many scenes I’ve done like this but It’s been well over 50 and it’s fun every single time. So I put my moves on little Elizabeth. She let’s me do my thing. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but she soon let go and was really able to get into it. Her body would trust back and forth and she would make legitimate moans in pleasure. Then we set this little shark lose on me. I swear she was a pussy shark…like a pool shark but for pussy. She claimed she hadn’t been with that many women making me think she might suck then POW!! she goes right for it. She was good…I have to admit though, I did close my eyes at one point when I was close to cumming and imagine I was with my boyfriend so that I would really cum. If you recall my guy and I were having some issues. We are going to work on it. So falling in and out of love is a funny thing. Because it makes my sexlife a big giant roller coaster. Every time we break up and get back together it’s like falling in love all over again and things still excite me. Thinking of my boyfriend making love to me got me off so hard while little Elizabeth was going down on me. I know this is not what my lesbian fans want to hear..but tough titties said the kitty, but the milks still good. Love is love…you find it where every you can….if you can relate to what I’m talking about with my boyfriend then I’m happy for you and I’m sure you realize what a special thing I have. If you’re bitter at me for going to the dick side..then’re just bitter and I don’t need your negative energy in my life anyway. 

It’s a strange life I live. I love women…pretty much all women. I could and would spend the rest of my life with some of the women I’ve fallen for…thing happen and things don’t work out but I wouldn’t trade my man in for anything. He’s a good person regardless of gender. He makes me happy, never lies, never cheats ( as far as within our relationship boundaries) and he makes me be a better person. It’s a shame he’s a man LOL but I’ll take love where ever I can find it.


So I was on set waiting for Elizabeth to show up and took a few pix of me waiting around. She was called in last minute as well. She’s a trooper for coming out last minute and doing a fantastic job. I hope to see more of her. She’s so adorable…and yes she is 22 even though she looks 11 in her pix.

post sex going homeleathal-hardcore-waitingleathal-hardcore-034

Shoot with Shayne Ryder

I did a shoot for Dana Dane again 🙂 she put me with one of my favorite girls, Shayne Ryder. what can I say about Shayne that hasn’t already been said about a sun set. She is stunning, breathtakingly beautiful and I can’t have a night with out her. She’s got so much energy, so much stamina. I have worked with her before for Dana’s videos and Dana knows and see the chemistry Shayne and I have. I got to pick Shayne up for the shoot and drive with her to set. I got to know her a little bit more. She’s so fun, so loving so kind. She’s a special kind of girl. I have developed a major crush on her. She was so funny. We stopped by a store to pick up snacks for while we waited on set and I bought some beef jerky because it’s a decent source of protein. I offered Shayne a piece and she was like ” that stuff is so expensive I dont know how you can offer to share it with anyone, I’d be like ‘I spend $9 on this shit, it’s all mine'”. lol she is so adorable.

At anyrate, I got to seduce Shayne in this video. I was a Lacrosse player and she was a tennis player. She appearantly was straight but had a crush on me so I put the moves on her. Being the lesbian who wants to convert every other woman to lesbianism that I am, I went soft on her at first. I made love to her. I kissed her body. I took my time on her breast and sides and inner thighs. I squirmed in my arms. She told me she heard I was pretty good with a strap on and I couldn’t deny that I was. “I am pretty amazing” i told her and I turned to grab my toy and strap on. I took her like she’s never been taken before. We rolled all over the floor like real lovers to and I pounded her pretty good.

I can safely say that if Shayne were straight before this shoot, I would have really converted her bruahhaha.

Triangle Films with Justine Jolie

I’ve been busy with work again. Which can be good or bad for you readers. I can either blog about some really sexy stuff or just simply be waaay to tired to even turn on my computer. The actual shooting isn’t the exhausting part. Sitting in traffic for a few hours then staying on my feet all day, posing all sexy like, sucking in my gut, popping out my tits and ass and trying to look long and lean is the exhausting part. “modeling” is like doing yoga. It’s hard

But enough bitching and complaining…because for all the  hardships I might have in my line of work the benefits and perks outweigh any of the “bad stuff” by infitiy. Last week the perk I got was working with Justine Jolie. I have worked with her once before. We did an educational video on how to perform cunnilingus is Tristan Taormino”guide to oral sex”. We worked on that movie about 2 years ago. I’ve always admired Justine. She’s a sexy girl with a good head on her shoulders. I love that she promotes her self as “The World’s Hottest Geek”. She is a complete genius about electronics and gadgets and she’s very business suvvy. Add a hungry sexual appetite to all those other characteristics and you have what I call, the perfect woman. While we were doing our scene I would look into Justine’s piercing blue eyes and I would melt. She hypnotized me, put a spell on me, took me to another land. She was aggressive in bed but not too aggressive. She really really really wanted to get me off and she wouldn’t stop until she did. She’s a pleaser alright. She’s a natural born lover.

I have to admit I was nervous about working with Justine. I think the world of her and I didnt’ want to disappoint her. On top of that the director, the amazing  Kathryn Annelle, kept telling me she was nervous about shooting us because she didn’t think she was ready to shoot the both of us up until that day. sheesh….the pressure was on. I was so nervous I could barely remember the few lines they gave me. I lighted up after Justine got me on the bed and went between my legs. She took me  to another land for the next half hour. I am finally coming back down to earth now after a few days. Thank you Kathy 🙂

Girlfriend Films with Raven Alexis

I did a shoot with Raven Alexis this week. Unfortunately I didn’t have anyone on set to take pictures while we were shooting our scene and we were kinda rushed off set before we could take any nude stills so I don’t have any juicy nude set stills to share with you but I do have a juicy story for you.

I volunteered to pick Raven up from the hotel she was staying at. Unfortunately she was staying in Beverly Hills and our call time put us right in the middle of bastardly Los Angeles Traffic. Poor Raven had to sit in the car with me while I kvetched about stupid traffic and stupid LA drivers. We got on set and immediately got ready to shoot. We got into some casual attire as our characters were supposed to be casually hanging out. Raven’s character was to discuss family matters with India Summers while I am out shopping. I suppose the plot has India putting Raven through school. India is a little concerned about Raven not having a boyfriend and wouldn’t you know it I just happen to walk in as they are in the middle of discussing Raven’s sex life. India volunteers me to teach Raven the ways of lesbianism, a job that I take on graciously.  Raven and I move into the bedroom where she hesitantly lets me disrobe her. She is nervous a little. Being the fine teacher I am I am gentle with my student. I do the things to her that I like to have done to me. I kiss her neck softly, I like her ears, I kiss starting at her neck and move to her ample breasts, then down to her firm milk white stomach and then almost down to her pinkest lips but I skip over to her thighs, letting her anticipate when my tongue will actually touch her down there. Her body trembled at my touch. I licked her softly and she made the most adorable sound; a very high pitches moan. I do my best to teach her everything  lesbian knows. Then I let her lose on me to see if she’d learned anything. Raven has a pierced tongue. I’ve only been with a few girls who had pierced tongues. The girl was fantastic with her oral skills and I have to tell you that tongue piercing do not make much of a difference. The girl was skilled with or with out ring. We exchanged “favors” to each other back and forth between each orgasm we would meet lips face to face and kiss long an passionately. We were just about to end the scene when we got a second wind so to speak. Raven kissed my lips and then kissed my breasts and then stomach and then thighs and then went back down to my little kingdom of X. She pleased me a few more times and then met me back face to face and rested gently in my arms as I kissed her forhead. The concensus of the room was that the scene could end…though we both could have gone more.

Afterwards, I was to take Raven home. We stopped to get some Sushi. I took her to a spot that my boyfriend and I frequent. I was hoping she would enjoy it. You know how everyone thinks their sushi spot it “THE BEST” sushi spot….I didn’t want to be “that guy” bragging about how awesome my place was and then have her eat there and her not like it.

I think she tought it was okay. We ate and took a nice candid picture outside the resturant with the fluids of each other still on our faces 🙂

after sex and eating

after sex and eating