Ryan Keely for smoothered slave

I’m getting my tires replaced and figured it would be a good time to blog about the shoot I did yesterday with Ryan Keely. I’ve met keely before for a playboy radio show interview, long ago. I always thought she was a stunning babe but I had no idea what a malicious tramp she could be. Apparently, she met Natali Demore at a convention where she confessed her desire to do some domme work on camera. She told Natali some of her ideas and Natali immediately thought of me to be the sub for the first time domme. Natali contacted me about the project and I did not hesitate to day yes….I have been lusting after Ryan for too long.
Our story line was simple. I was a douvlle agent spy and Ryan was trying to get information about for whom I was working out of me and I wasn’t giving her anything. Ryan had her two thugs drag me in the interrogation room and slam me in the metal table. The thugs soon left me alone with Ryan so she could work her “magic” on me. She was dressed in a military latex outfit. Her tight ass was barely covered by the short second skin of a dress. She wasn’t taking any mercy on me. She immediately started slapping and smothering my face with her hands and ass. She was breaking me down slowly….trying to get me to give her any information thatt could help her but I was stubborn.
Ryan was quickly getting annoyed by my lack of talking so she knew she would have to move to more drastic measures. She tied me to the metal table and sat on my face until I turned blue then she would sit up for a second, let me gasp for air and then sit in my face again. She went back and forth between sitting on my face and smothering me with her latex gloves for a good amount of time. She could see I wasn’t going to so, again, she had to move to more drastic measures.
Out came the strapon….a good sized Dick for sure. She fucked me long , hard and steady. When the fucking didn’t get me to talk she grabbed my face and jammed the cock down my throat and as I gasped for air when she took the cock out, she sat on my face only teasing me with the dreamm of getting air. Yet I didn’t talk and Ryan had to go to even more drastic measures.
She tied my hands and feet and tormented me with a piggy tail buttplug..telling me I was a swine,subhuman, piece of dirt. She was determined to make me talk….so in went the buttplug and down went my head intop a troth of water..in and out…over and over….

I will let you know when the video is released.
Keep you eyes peeled for Ryan Keely…she’s a superbabe

Jiz Lee and Triangle Films

I got to work with a girl I’ve been lusting after for a while now, Jiz Lee. I did get to work with Jiz momentarily for my all girl, Public Disgraceshoot a while back. Jiz has the face of a classic movie starlet and she’s easy to fall for. When I was informed that I would be working with her for Triangle, I was extremely happy.

When Jiz arrived on set, I was in the kitchen pouring myself a cup of coffee. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and rested her chin on my shoulder…awww like we were a couple already..so cute!!!!

We spent the next few hours, flirting and complimenting each other. I sat in to watch her take her “pretty girl” stills and she sat in to watch me do mine. I was immediately impressed with her body. She obviously takes very good care of herself. She has spectacular muscle tone and curves in all the right places. She has ample natural breasts and a itty bitty waist that is complemented by full juicy round hips. He buns are high and tight and her legs are long and tone. She is incredibly sexy naked.

In the scene, I played a personal trainer and I meet Jiz at the pub located in my gym’s complex. I apparently train all the lesbians there and I am infamous for seducing my clients. Jiz contacts me to train her. We do some stretching and some working out but the stretching quickly turns to flirting and we take each other into the shower and quickly undress each other.

Jiz definitely took the dominate role in this one. She has a very powerful presence and she took me like she owned me. She worked me very well and I unintentionally squirted ….nothing like you see in the squirt videos, just a little drizzle that came out and I had no control over it. We took turns pleasing each other. We finally got to turning the water on and actually having a shower…and fucking in the shower. The sex was so hot we had to cool off somehow and what better way to do that than to grab a giant strap on and turn on the shower. Jiz worked the big dark dong like a champ. She definitely put some work in. I love sex when the two bodies in motion work well with each other and compliment each other. When one thrust in while the other trusts ON. Our bodies were in perfect sync and the sex was AMAZING.

I will keep y’all posted when the scene is released in the movie..it is a MUST SEE…anything with this girl in it is a MUST SEE.

Blast From the Past Set with Satine Phoenix

holy cow..I was cleaning out my office desk and found and old disk that Ken Marcus sent to me. I had sent these folders over to my old webmaster who never did put them up on my old site. So Here they are for you guys to feast your eyes on FOR FREE!!!

and If you have the chance, Definately check out Satine’s artwork..she is multi-talented. I adore her…these pix where taken about 4 years ago…it’s been too longs since I’ve taken hot pix with this girl!!!


Dylan Ryan

I got to do a shoot with Dylan Ryan last week :). The girls at Triangle were at it again..hooking me up with hot babes to shoot with. Dylan is s tall, lean, smart, sassy, sexy girl. I got to spend a lot of time with her on set. I love working with Triangle films because everything is so relaxed. It’s not a bunch of hurry up and wait like some sets end up being.

I got to learn a little about this sweet girl before we humped which is always fun. It’s like forplay for me. We got to get to know each other, hear stories, share stories….good girls times.

By the time we got to the scene I was crushing on Dylan pretty hard. She’s adorable and huge!!! she’s a giant compaired to me. She actually picked me up and threw me on the bed for our scene. The roles called for her to be a little more aggressive sexually which was nice for me. I got to lay back and take it all in for a while. Dylan is an amazing kisser. She has big plump limps and she knows how to seduce with them.

She was very sweet enough to ask me if there was anything I liked or didn’t like in love making. I’m not a big fan of furious knuckles grinding at my bone so I told her to go slow at first which she did and she did it well. She did a fantastic job getting me warmed up and then finishing me. I tried to return the favor but she seemed to want most of the control. She’s a very great and unselfish lover which makes me love her even more.

I will let you know when the scene comes out so you guys can all watch the awesomeness!!!


Shoot with Brea Bennet for 3rd Degree

I got to work with a hottie porn star yesterday, Brea Bennet. She was a total babe and a real sweetheart. ๐Ÿ™‚

We were shooting for Miles Long for a movie series called “Girlfriends 2”. The scene was set up with me and Brea coming back from a club. Brea is upset because we caught her boyfriend, red handed, cheating on her at a club. I even had proof on my cellphone so there was no way he could deny it. I talk Brea into getting back at her boyfriend by cheating on him with a girl and sending him cell phone pictures. She is game and thus ensues some great girl/girl action. Brea is a very passionate kisser. Her lips are soft and plump. she has a ridiculously hot body and a killer smile. As she pleasured me she would look up at me occasionally which would drive me wild. She definitely knew what she was doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

The scene felt like a really nice, soft lesbian scene, with real passion and chemistry. I will let you know when it comes out so you all can check it out.


Road Queen scene with Allie Haze

I did my road queen scene with the sexy, Allie Hazetoday. I freakn’ love this girl. She’s young, sexy, beautiful and fun as hell. The shoot went really fast and I didn’t get to see to much of the sexy girl but every moment was a gem. We shot at this really cool location that had horses and doggies and chickens.ย  It was just fun fun fun. Allie and I got to feed and pet the horsies and then we got to pet each other.

One thing that set this lesbian scene apart from most of the lesbo scenes I’ve been doing is Allie banged me good with a strap on. My character is a hard working country girl who does all the work a man should be doing and I want to be fucked by someone who can fuck me like a man would fuck me but kissed softly only the way a woman can kiss. So I ask Allie to fuck me with a strap on which just happens to be right next to the bed. LOL. Allie did a great job with the strap on. It’s been a while since i’ve had one of those inside me, it was an interesting sensation LOL and very enjoyable.

Allie and I also did a little tribbing. I hear there is a debate on whether or not women actual do the pussy grinding when having sex in private. UMMMM yeah we do, its the best thing ever!!!! Allie and I did a little interview about that debate so you should check that out when the video is released.

Allie is an up and coming star. She’s got the most innocent looking face and all natural body. She is definitely going to be a big star.


I have a lot to catch up on. I did get back from vegas but I’ve been working every day this year LOL sounds dramatic but it’s only the 13th day into the year. ๐Ÿ™‚ still I’m not complaining. I have some cool custom wrestling pix to share with y’all as well so keep your eyes open for those in the next blog!!!!

Fist of the Going down Star!

So, as promised, I am blogging about the fisting shoot I was scheduled to do. I can’t believe I was actually nervous about the shoot. I was getting over a cold and I thought it would be a little rough. I was actually more concerned that the girl doing the fisting wouldn’t know what she was doing. Boy oh boy did I luck out. I got to work with Clara Gย who is an expert at many things and one of them is fistings. She worked up to it on me by going down like a rock star and then putting one finger, two fingers, 3, 4 and then 5 fingers. She was incredibly sexy. She had these huge titties wrapped up in this nice black bra. When she took off the bra her soft suppleย  natural breasts fell slighty and rested into her own hands…
“holy shit” i said aloud “them shits are real” and she laughed. They were just as fun to suck on as they were to look at and bounce around in my little hands.

When it was my turn to fist her she grabbed my hand and forced it into her. She sucked my paw up like a vacuum. She took it like a champ and then she fisted me and we simultaneously squirted all over each other.

I now have a huge major crush on Clara G. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you blame me?

Lots to Talk About

I’ve been working like a mad woman lately which is a very good thing. If you had talked to me 2 weeks ago, I would have told you that my December schedule was empty. It happens a lot, in the industry I’m in, that work gets books relatively last minute. My agent came through with booking me a few jobs this month, which is awesome. I had 2 job in 1 day on Monday. For which today I am paying the price. I have been laying in bed for the last 2 days. I slept almost all of yesterday, missed the wrestling chat. I really couldn’t do a dame thing. I had to force feed myself food. I had no appetite but I know I had to eat so I downed some nasty protein shakes. I figured I wasn’t going to be able to go to the gym anyway so I pigged out on junk food like ice cream and cookies..which did make me feel a little better ๐Ÿ™‚ My poor guy kept calling me and calling me and I wouldn’t answer because I was asleep. When he did get ahold of me he was like “what the hell” and I swear no one would believe that I was to sick to answer the phone or email. I was literally the living dead yesterday. I feel much better today, although my throat is a little sore. For the first time in the 6 years of my adult entertaining career I had to call into work yesterday. Luckily I was able to reschedule. The job was all the way down near San Diego which with LA traffic would have been a 5 hour drive for me..and then I would have had to do 1 hour in bondage and as tough as I am I just couldn’t have done it in my condition, nor did I want to expose anyone else to my sickness.

I’m glad I rested up yesterday because I’m going to need the Strength today for my fisting, squirt video. I will tell you all about that after it’s all said and done.

So this is what I’ve had on my plate. I did a shoot with chelsea pfeiffer. She caught me steeling herbs from her garden and decided to giving me my punishment in spankings…ouch my buns were a little red and it was wonderful.

I also had an oil wrestling session match with one of the regulars on nakedwrestlingforum.com. It was totally fun, you can read all about it at nakedwrestlingnew.com.

I also shot a custom enema video with Aiden Starr and Bobbi Starr. This is probably the first day my illness started to kick in and the bondage did feel more uncomfortable than usual and the day afterwards is the day I was full blown ill. The enema shoot was a blast…literally hehehh. Those girls are top notch performers. Aiden is a great, considerate director. I felt so clean after the shoot ๐Ÿ™‚ . The video was a custom so you won’t be able to find it in stores or anything.

After the enema shoot I headed over to my guys house to watch the UFC fights on PPV with a bunch of friends. It was raining that night and many people come to the house and invited many friends. I was a little irritated because there were these strangers, uninvited and then they’d come up to me and ask me where the alcohol was. Like we were going to supply these stranger with an endless supply of booze so they could get wasted and trash theh ouse. I spent the majority of the night cleaning up after these ungrateful lunatics but I actually had a very good time. My good friends showedup and entertained me all night. I have this one friend who makes me laugh with everything he says. My abs and cheeks were killing me from smiling so much after seeing him. He and his beautiful wife made my night.

Monday I did a g/g shoot with Cindy Hope. Cindy is from Hungry. She has a banging body and a sexy accent. The scene was very short, so it seemed but time always flies when you’re having fun.ย  I got to drive her home because I had to do a cam show at her house. By the end of the Cam show I was feeling pretty sick. It was building up all day and by 6pm I was miserable.

Tuesday I slept all day and rested up. I feel better but it’s still lingering.

That’s all for now folks. More on the fisting later


River Rock Women’s Prison

The girls at Triangle Films sent me over some hot pix of me and my partner in crime ( so to speak) Marie Luv. The movie is coming out soon so keep your eyes out for it at your favorite smut peddlers location.