Sweetheart Video with XXX pix

I was lucky enough to shoot with Sweetheart Videos again. They had me with elexis Monroewho is their new contract girl. I’ve been wanting to work with Elexis for a while. I met her on another set and she was so flirtatious and sexy I immediately grew a huge crush on here. I was so happy to learn I was chosen to work with her on this movie.

Sweetheart video went all out for this production, They hired a makeup artist and brought all types of outfits so that Elexis and I could be made up to look like pinup girls. I don’t think I have a good pinup look. I think i’m to flat, to muscular, to tan and my face is to angular to pull  off your classic pinup look but  I must admit, the makeup artist did a great job and we looked pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. The scene is a dream sequence. Elexis doses off at a birthday party and dreams that we are pinup girls taking pictures for a calendar. When we are done with our photoshoot we go up to the dressing room to change. We have a short discussion and eyeball each other as we undress. I slowly make my move on Elexis, keeping in mind that we are supposed to be in the 40’s when lesbianism was extremely taboo. We start off with long passionate kissing. We kiss for several minutes and Elexis starts to get me extremely moist. She kisses my neck…oh god how much I love having my neck kissed. I’m a Taurus after all and we are ruled by our throats/neck.

The scene is a very soft scene. No porno kissing, not moaning out “fuck, that’s good” no pussy slapping, just pure unadulterated girl on girl love making. We made a lot of eye contact during the scene which is always so romantic and sexy to me. I love when a girl looks into my eyes as she pleases me. She watches me move and watches my reactions to see what is turning me on. I love unselfish lovers. I did get to reciprocate to Elexis. I licked her softly around the outer lips, teasing her…I listened as she breathed heavier and heavier and moaned from the teasing. I didn’t make her wait to long before I went for it. I watched her body undulate with sex. She was an amazing lover, I look forward to working with her again.

Michelle Lay  was on set with us that day. She heard me say Iwas trying to take pictures of myself to share with folks for my blog and she asked me if I wanted her to take some pictures. I took her up on her offer and I’m glad I did. She took pictures of us while we did our scene and I’m sure you guys will love it. I had to host my blog somewhere other than wordpress so I could share these with you without getting in trouble with wordpress. See what I do for you guys…I love you SOOOOO much!!! I do this all for YOU. Especially you Shawna Muah!!!