Still working, I run a business

I wanted to make a post to keep those of you who follow me up to date. I appreciate your support. I understand many of you get bored and you’ve been reaching out to make small talk, which I appreciate. It’s always nice to hear from all of you. For me, I’d prefer if you told me more about yourself rather than reach out to me to try to get me to talk about myself. I don’t like talking about myself too me. If you follow me on my social media accounts, I’m not a huge “extrovert”. I know that sounds ironic because I have no problem flashing my junk to everyone on camera. But there is a huge difference between interacting with a camera and then having to interact on social media.

I run a small business which has been stalled at the moment, like most small businesses due to covid-19. But unlike most small business, my business is not entitled to any bail out or relief as the relief package specifically excludes anyone who shoots anything considered sexy…sorry instagram models or anybody who has posted skin on the internet.

If you are a business owner, I’m sure you understand how fun it is right now to try to hustle to keep your workers with food in their mouths while you cover your overhead for your business and health. I’m very blessed to have been able to save up and plan however many of the costar and models and crew are not so lucky. It’s painful to know many people are struggling and the relief packages can not or will not help them. Even if some of you can get loans for your business right now I recommend you read the fine print on your deferral. Many banks are expecting a big lump some at the end of the term of your loan. For example, Let say your bank gives you a defferal for 3 months on your building you pay $1000/month on and it is April 1st today. May-June-July 1st, you will ow $3000 lump sum on top of the next lease amount of $1000. If you call your bank, you may be able to set up a payment plan so try to call them NOW!!! You will be put on hold for about 3 hours but trust me, YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN WHTA YOUR EXACT SITUATION IS.

I have been spending my days researching information to pass on to my fellow kinksters. I have been researching ways to keep my business open. I Have been working very very hard, day and night to be creative on ways to keep income coming in so I can keep my doors open. So you will not find me doing webcams or private chats. The short term income from that creates an opportunity cost for me both short term and long term. I chose to work smarter, not harder. Also I want to leave those things open to the models who always do that; where that is their bread and butter. The market is saturated right now with models doing work out videos or webcamming, I do not wish to be in that market. I didn’t do cam shows before and i’m not going to start. My time is much better spent creating content and helping others.

right now porn is not shooting. We are on a voluntary moratorium. The FSC has recommend that models only shoot with their partners or room mates at their own home…..this is a good recommendation. I may be able to shoot in the future if I am able to book couples for my mixed wrestling match. But I will gauge what the CDC and WHO recommend and my professors at my data analytics school are recommending from the stats we are getting in. So that’s what I’m doing. Yes I’m keeping very very busy. Thank you for your support. If you find any helpful information about relief, please email me so I can research it and send to others who may need it. Cheers. Be safe.

COVID-19 how I’m holding up

I’ve been quiet on my blog lately but that had nothing to do with SARS-COV-2 virus or to COVID-19 illness. I’m running a business full time. Based off the emails I get from casual fans, it appears most people think porn is just something people do as a hobby or fun. While our jobs are fun, they are indeed jobs, folx. I produce videos for websites that update weekly. I am in charge of booking models, booking accommodations and flights, editing, marketing…….you know….work…like everyone else who has a job. I am the master of my own destiny. Everyone in porn must manage their schedule; it’s work. If you do dog walking or hair styling or anything at all, you know you can’t just dilly dally and expect to make money. You most likely have to work with many people’s schedules on top of your own schedule. Just the simple act of coordinating schedules is a lot of work. Porn is work, people. We are entertainers. We need to package our product and sell it. We also need to pay people for their services. Models do not work for free. Tech companies don’t host our sites for free, domains are not free, hosting isn’t free, record keeping isn’t free, ….nothing is free just because we shoot porn. So yes, I keep busy just with porn. it’s not just a hobby.

I had some real dumb luck this year so far and the end of 2019. I was in Spain just before the sentencing dropped which led to a major riot in Barcelona and I narrowly missed all the flight cancelations and demonstrations by an hour. I missed most of the strikes in France when I went there as well. To top it all off, I’m healthy, I have a good immune and respiratory system, I avoided most illness in 2019. I returned home from my Europe Trip and stock piled on footage for and because I had PTSD from years past where our industry would be put on hold for moratoriums and no one could shoot. I told myself, I have to have 2 months of footage. Just like I have at least 2 months of income saved up for emergencies. I prepared from something but I can not claim I thought it would be anything remotely like this. While I mentioned I am healthy and not as risk, I understand how serious it is to be considerate of those who are not. I need to do my part to NOT contribute to the spread of this problem while hospitals are over worked and unable to attend to the masses coming to them. I am not going to be shooting content with models until I get the green light from the city I run business in.

Back in 2009 I tore my ACL. This life changing experience made me realize that I can not depend on a job that requires me to be physically on set shooting all the time. If something happens to my health and I can not be present which causes a huge loss of income, I need to be ready. So I saved and saved and saved. I worked my ass off to move slowly into production. I became my own boss, I invested into myself. Thankfully I had the foresight to prepare for emergencies. I do not think I have done enough though with this global situation. I don’t think anyone has. I’m very blessed to have been in a position where I could save up. I want to thank each and every on of you for supporting me. I will continue to keep updating the sites with the content we have shot. I will continue to post so you can get a peep of how I’m doing.

I do have elderly family members I need to tend to ( pickup supplies for and monitor their health) so I’m not available to chat and be your bestest friend right now. But I want to invite you to email me if you need a virtual hug or just a conversation. I understand things are very stressful. It’s very very important that you manage your stress level to keep you immune system healthy. I will post about a potential form of skype chat I will be setting up in the near future. Stay tune and be safe

2020 so far

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I gotta admit that a lot has happened since my last entry. If I’m being honest, blogging is not helpful to me in any manner. This site doesn’t get a ton of traffic, I am not allowed to market it with any mainstream marketing tools due to the adult content. And if you haven’t noticed, This site is free and has no ads. So I don’t make money off of this blog while it does cost me to host, and pay for the domain. So this blog is mainly for die hard fans who wish to hear about what’s going on in my head. So while I appreciate the die hard fans, something you folx need to accept, is the fact that I’m too busy or too tired to get on here to blog. Which means I’ll be too busy when you write me an email requesting my undivided attention while you detail your fantasy about me… It may be a surprise to many of you but porn personalities like having time off from their jobs and we do have lives outside what you see on camera.. Bizzare! I know. I think the world gets angry at adult performers when we express who we wish to be compensated for the work with do online. Somehow the general population of people feel entitled to adult performers attention. It’s comes down you people NOT truly respecting adult work which can be categorized as sex work as real work. The human brain associates ” that’s not real work” with….” well then they should give me sex for free” or sexy pictures for free or sexy conversation for free. I’ll be the first one to tell you, any time there is value seen in something, you should expect to pay for it. If you value speaking with someone about your fantasies, you should compensate the person who is providing the value. Just like you would compensate a therapist for their session with you, or your doctor for the check up, or your lawyer or accountant for their services. Because you Go to ALL of those people because you can’t do the job yourself. You go to a professional to provide you something of Value. If you can find a person in Tinder or Grinder to do your taxes for free….great….you can also find a person on Tinder or Grinder to fulfill you fantasy for free. But do not approach a person who does something for their profession about doing their said job for you for free. If they wish to offer their services for free, great, take them up on it.

I’ll get off my soap box on lecturing people about demanding my time and energy now. 2019 was a roller coaster of a year for me. I had many great successes coupled with a few major tragedies. In 2019, I was nominated for best actress for my role in Sweetheart videos in Girls of Wrestling . I didn’t win but it was really nice to be recognized by the industry. Because I was nominated, I made it a point to attend AEE and the AVN award show. I had not attending the AVN convention since 2006. It was nice to see how the industry has evolved. Fans seem WAY more open about expressing their support for porn! So Thank you everyone for realizing people’s opinions of you for liking porn doesn’t matter because most everyone is a closet porn fan anyway. had it’s 1 year anniversary last year which is exciting for me. The site is getting more and more popular so that’s nice. It’s great to know I can stay in business another year! Thank you for your support on the project. We will have many new porn stars come on board and I keep hearing from the performers who we do get to be on the site, that they all feel motivated to take up grappling classes and pursue a martial art. This was my mission when starting the site(s). I want to create a fun, safe, sexy arena where people can explore the excitement of competitive sex. Naked wrestling or erotic wrestling is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done in my life and it’s been HUGE for me to share my passion with the world. I’ve been seeing people on twitter share my trailers and express how they never knew anything like evolved fights existed and how they never thought it would be something they enjoyed but they are truly entertained by our content. I am blessed. Thank you again everyone.

My family had a few tragedies this year. A Close family member passed away in October. In March my Nephew was in a motorcycle accident which has left him paralyzed. A good friend of mine took her life. It’s been rough. I do not want to go into any details on these things. It’s of no consequence to you readers but I just wanted to share the downs I’ve had in hopes you realize adult stars have lives outside of what you see on social media. Sometimes we get depressed too. So if we are quiet, be polite, be kind…everyone goes through something. In general it’s best just to be polite because you never know what someone is dealing with on the side.

MILF tournament on Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition

I’m dipping my toes in the water to see if I want to jump in. I held a mini-tournament for Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. A mini-tournament on my sites means it only has a few competitors ( 3 in this case) and the matches for each bracket are only one round as opposed to being 3 full rounds like a full fight for a regular update. I hope to gather information on this product. If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ve seen that I am focused on making data-driven decisions for future sites and shoots. In one of my recent posts, I explained that I will not be producing the Submissive X shoots unless they are sponsored by fans who wish to order a custom. I had many of you email me in private begging me not to stop producing them and yet none of you were willing to shell out the money to help produce them so that doesn’t help much. I want to reiterate that all my decisions are based on numbers ( money). I’m not an evil cunt who wants to take things away from fans. I’m just not a sucker who wants to pay out of my own pocket to satisfy the minority. I’m a businesswoman. I work off data, not personal preference, Not hunches, DATA!

I’m sure you have noticed a change in my posts. The shift has gone from infrequent posts about shoots I’ve starred into nearly weekly posting about shoots I’ve produced. I do star in some of the shoots I produce, like the Submissive X series and some of the matches I’ve been in. I love being in videos when I’m producing them. It’s much more fun knowing exactly what the producer wants from me as a performer and since I am the producer, I know exactly what I want. Of course, stepping behind the camera and focusing on JUST production is much easier than being in front of the camera and directing everything as well. Part of me wanted to be part of this MILF tournament and yet the other part of me knew it would be much more successful and less stressful if I didn’t perform in this Match.

I landed myself 3 amazing porn MILFs to star in this tournament. Porn MILFS are not always real-life moms. MILF has somehow gotten bastardized into meaning any porn girl who looks older than 24. Now, of course, MILFS can be super young in real life since a MILF is simply just a Mother *I’d Like to Fuck*, a young person can potentially become a MILF as soon as she starts her period. However in porn, for some reason, they just like to use any girl who has been around for a few years. It’s now transformed into porn MILFS getting Brazilian butt lifts and huge fake tits because somehow that makes them appear more mature ( ?). So Now we have a ton of porn star, who aren’t even moms just making their curves curvier and then promoting themselves as MILFS. This isn’t a bad thing at all so I hope this doesn’t come across passive aggressive or anything. I’m merely making an observation of what I’ve noticed. It’s just part of the game of branding yourself one way and then rebranding yourself in other to follow market trends and get yourself booked accordingly. 2 of the 3 performers in this tournament are real-life mommies so I was honored to have a legitimate MILF tournament

Tournament matches are a much bigger pain in the ass for me to produce. Tournament Matches are much more stressful for me to produce. The models know these matches will be promoted heavily so they want to make a good impression on everyone and Win would definitely impress a lot of people. I’m a referee for the matches so I must keep an eye on the girls at all times. I never want to see an injury no matter how small. Due to the nature of these shoots there is always a possibility of injury so I must do my due diligence to make sure I mitigate any potential issues. These matches cost me more money to produce. I have more actors in the scenes which means the costs go up to pay out the higher number of actors in the scene. I have to market these more which means I have to put time money and effort into graphics and marketing material. It is of the utmost importance that I track data for this so I know what my ROI is and if it’s worth the while to produce more of these.

For as much of a pain in the ass producing tournaments are with the booking logistics and costs, I still love doing them. The girls I book for tournaments are girls I have noticed make big improvements from when they first started. I would never book a flakey girl for my tournaments either. I am able to hand pick who I want for these tournaments so I only chose to work with women I really enjoy being around. For this tournament, I got Brandi Mae, Serene Siren, and Sofie Marie. I have shot these girls a handful of times for evolved before. Each has shown a tenacity that tournaments need. While they are all competitive, they are all safe and sane wrestlers. I was confident there were not going to be any injuries. Thankfully, I was right. Other than a few bruised egos, the models walked away unscathed. I can’t spoil the outcome of the tournament but I will say that we have a bonus ending in this one. Brand and Sofie are heading to the locker room to clean up and they walk in on Serene and Ariel doing what looks like some sort of pay off. Did Serene Throw some matches at some point? We don’t know…all we know is that brandi and Sofie have dicks and they are ready to tag team fuck Serene and take all her money. Check out the trailer and the fun Arm wrestling promo we made. For the full match head to Evolved Fights Lez

Super X in Peril Super Heroine Video

I had the honor of working with Maya Kendrick again. Some of you may have seen our Everything Butt shoot where We fisted each other’s ass. If you haven’t seen it, no worries, I have provided the link if you click the hyperlinked text just prior to this sentence. I really enjoy Maya Kendrick on a personal level. She is young ( much younger than I, indeed) and she has a maturity and intelligence that some of the peers of her age lack. Needless to say, she is a very pretty girl. She’s tall and slender and all natural ( come to think of it I don’t think she has tattoos but I could be wrong). What I love most about this outstanding human is that she is utterly, genuinely a kinky, self-aware super sexual player. She knows when to turn it on when she wants to but on the day to day, she is normal. She’s not Overly sexual where you are embarrassed to hang out with her outside of work ( you know what I’m talking about- the people who just have to fuck everything all the time and they end up getting in fights or bad situations because they have no filter) yeah she’s not that person. She’s a classy broad! I don’t say this often but …..”She’s the type of girl I would be actual friends with”.

I should mention that I’m a pretty introverted type of person contrary to what one may assume based on my profession. With the Internet being what it is, it is very easy for a person who wants zero personal interaction with actual humans to be able to thrive online because of the veil of protection. You’re over there at your computer, I’m over here…if I don’t want to talk to you, I just leave my computer. I do not hang out with many people. That’s not to say I don’t have friends. But I”m not the girl who goes to brunch with my girlfriends to have a mimosa and talk about purses or yoga pants. I’m more of the type who will show up at your gym and spar with you and after we’ve punched each other or tried to break each other’s arms we will sit in our sweaty clothes and talk about how fun that was. Then I leave and go home by myself and never talk to you again until we need to punch each other. To me, I don’t think staying in contact on a daily basis is important. I’m independent and I assume most everyone else is the same. I have found that isn’t the case….and some of you try to email me more than my own mother emails me….which, for an introvert like myself, is utterly opposite of what I am and I don’t understand it but I’m not judging you but I may just leave my computer for a bit. Knowing this about me is integral to know about why I don’t have many porn star friends. I get asked from time to time if I am good friends with porn stars. I wouldn’t say I’m *REALLY* good friends with a lot of pornstars relative to how many I know. There are a handful of girls I consider good friends. Penny Barber, Lea Lexis, Cheyenne Jewel, Mistress Kara, Izamar, Bella Rossi, Lily Lane, Dee Williams, Dragon Lily. These are girls I correspond with regularly and with whom I have inside jokes and conversations. These are the girls, if anything were to happen to, I would avenge. And if you take a look at all these girls they all have something in common. They are down to earth, no nonsense, no drama, intelligent badass females who can be totally normal when you sit down one on one with them but they are all also incredible freaks when it counts. It is safe to say, Maya Kendrick is this type of girl and I would absolutely show up at her gym and let her try to kill me for a while and we would laugh about it later.

Maya did get the chance to pretend kill me for a shoot we did recently. She played a supervillain who has captured me. I play the super heroine, Super X. The scene opens with me already captured and in chains that have been fashioned out of a metal that takes away all my super powers. I am bound and powerless and having never been in this situation before in my pretend super hero life, that means it is the first time I am feeling pain. It also means it’s the first time I am feeling pleasure and since it’s first for both, it’s hard for the hero to differentiate between the two. The Evil Villain plans on defiling the hero and showing the world all the dirty things she is doing, thus destroying her good girl image and driving a wedge between her reputation and all the gullible people who let labels get in the way of their judgment. Maya Kendrick does a superb job of delivering the comic style evil villain character traits. Most importantly, she does a great job of topping. Maya zaps me with electricity. This doesn’t show up well on camera but I can attest that the zapper was working and was zapping. The less actual electricity you see on film, the strong it is because it is internally stimulating me. Then the external zap display for visuals, it actually felt less intense. That is just a nice little tidbit I would like to make note of here. I also want to point out that this dildo we use in this video is hands down the greatest dildo I’ve ever used in my life and at 39 year of age I’ve used a lot of fucking dildos. I made a separate video review for this dick check that out . In short, I was having one of those personal conversations I mentioned earlier with Dee Williams. She told me about this dildo she saw that looked amazing but due to the high pricing she was hesitant to purchase it unless she could see one in person and feel the texture to see if it was worth the price. She showed me a video of it. The “skin” on the shaft moved and there were individual balls in the ball sacs!! This was surely a high-quality product and I needed to see it for myself. I told Dee, I would order one. I would be able to write it off as a business expense for filming videos. I knew it would add to my content because the dildo looks like an actual dick. Some of my fans would love to see me take an actual dick and while that will never be seen in my videos, you will be the next best thing which is seeing me take this real dick dildo. I must give a side note for this video with Maya Kendrick. This video is a comic parody so the video has a filter on it to make it look cartoonish. If you purchase this video, you will not be able to see the detail of the dildo but I will make the video review using the same footage without the filter so you can see how fucking amazing this dick is. Now I know you are dying to see the link for the product so you purchase it or research it so without further ado here is the product link for the REAL COCK dildo

I’m putting some teaser videos and photos for the shoot with Maya. Also a reminder that I only have a few more submissive X shoots to be released but if you are willing to purchase a custom video to keep any of these stories going, please send me an email with a script for a 20-30 minute video and I will respond with a quote ( the shoots start at $1000 if they involved lesbian sex) my email is

Ariel X on Real Cock 2

Hey gang. I have a video review for the $500 dildo I purchased. The short and skinny is: THIS DICK IS WORTH $500. As a performer in porn, I have used a lot of sex toys. As a porn star, I get a handful of sex toy companies trying to get me to plug their products ( and they don’t even offer to pay). I personally don’t like to plug any products I do not believe in. When I was in my 20s working in sales, I absolutely despised selling something that I knew was crap so I left many sales jobs because I don’t like to lie to people and I don’t like putting my face and name on something I don’t believe in. The review of this product comes from the bottom of my heart. I really truly believe that this REAL COCK is amazing. Please don’t email me asking me specifications for this dick. I’m a porn star, not a dildo engineer, I don’t make these things, I’m not trying to sell it either. I’m merely doing a review on it

The photo on the Website makes the dick look huge…It’s not as huge as it appears in the photo. I am not sure if these dicks come in any other sizes. I do believe they come in different colors. The photos on the website also don’t do the actual texture justice. I know it’s impossible to convey the feel of something in just a photo. I am very impressed with the material used for this product. It doesn’t feel like skin at all. It’s a little clammy, but once you get it wet with your preferred lubrication, the product does seem to transform into something special. The details of the skin start to show up. The dick has wrinkles and freckles. It’s uncanny. With the slickness of the lube, the dick really does begin to feel lifelike with the only thing lacking being body temperature. The shaft has loose skin that tugs. The dick head has a cornice on it that is simply perfect. There are 3 Dimensional veins that are colored perfectly to look like aroused blood is flowing through the throbbing cock.

I have used this dick on a few shoots. I have had models give me extremely positive feedback on it. I myself have used it for my shoot with Maya Kendrick.   The dick was actually pleasant to take in any of my holes. Many times, dildos are hard stiff or have a weird smell to them that is unappealing. This was the most pleasant dick I have ever experience. I believe if it were several inches larger, it would still be easy to take and very enjoyable. If you like hard dildos that stab you, this isn’t the dick for you. This is as close to a real cock as you can take. If I were to crop out the strapon in a video, you would think it were a real did by the looks of it. This dick is worth $500

Video review of Real Cock 2

Work Focus Shift from Submissive X to ALL Wrestling

I Need to thank everyone who has supported my wrestling projects. Evolved Fights Mixed wrestling has been doing well which has allowed me to personally fund the Lesbian wrestling site It is an honor to be able to produce projects that I am so very very passionate about. It is with great regret however that because these sites are taking up so much time and energy and focus that I will need to stop the production of my submissive X series. The series was a pet project of mine created to help get more work for the women I hired to top me while I had fun with friends. However, I do not foresee myself being able to run and operate any more than two sites at this time. With that said, I know many of you have been asking about TS WRestling. I will do some test shoots and see how well they sell, but in honesty, unless they make me 50k a month which will allow me to hire a separate director and webmaster just to run them and cover me for any legal liability, rent, production fees, etc., I can not start the 3rd site dedicated to TS wrestling. My time is tapped out between doing everything for the 2 wrestling site from start to finish. The sites do Okay but in no way do they allow me the luxury of being able to hire people to delegate work to. I have a webmaster who helps greatly but when it comes to doing the daily managerial work of being a business owner, filing taxes, getting insurances sorted and audited, keeping the studio maintained, booking talent, booking talent accommodations, making sure models test in time, editing videos, doing marketing, fighting piracy…the list goes on and on; that is done by one person…MOI.

I’m proud of my work and I would like to keep the paying fans and members of the site excited about the work so I will need to focus all my attention to it. I still do modeling for other companies as well. Being an independent self-booking contractor is a full-time job in itself. I need to weed through a ton of bullshit. Daily I get “booking requests” from people who just bullshit to get their foot in the door for a conversation with me. I seriously get a dozen people a week attempting to book me but it ends up being some bullshitter who did a bait and switch and just wanted to chat. This wastes my time, It makes me lose respect for the person doing this since they can’t respect my time and they are dishonest. Its gotten now that I only work with companies I have worked with before and know they will not waste my time. That in itself keeps me very very busy. Being Self-booking is a full-time job.

So here I am with 2 full time jobs as Talent who self books and as a producer who does everything from A-Z for her own company. I am cutting back on the Submissive X shoots. I will have few more come out since I have the shot already. I will take customs, If you want to write a story for a submissive X or any style really, email me a script and I will send you a quote…just know that if its XXX and I have to pay talent, the rates start at $1000 and will go up depending on how extravagant your script is. I dont’ do B/G work for customs…keep that in mind. Please email me if you would like to order a custom

Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition has Launched

It has been a long time coming but it is finally here. Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition has launched and will be updating every Wednesday. I think I owe an explanation to fans of Lesbian Wrestling as to why it took me so long to launch this site. As many of you know, I was directing for’s Ultimate Surrender series. In May of 2017, I was told by Kink that they no longer wished to sponsor ( produce) exclusive wrestling shoots such as ultimate Surrender. They also had no desire to sell me the rights to Ultimate Surrender in order for me to take it over and continue it. I wasn’t given any information about what their plans were for any wrestling content. I was not told if they were going to take a break from it or have someone else direct it or if they were permanently shutting it down. They merely told me they no longer wished to update Ultimate anymore. Kink did, however, express interest in licensing my mixed wrestling content. You may have seen some of my mixed wrestling stuff on their platform and I hope you have enjoyed it. I was hesitant to produce my own lesbian wrestling content if Kink was shutting down their very popular and successful site. While I was an employee at kink, I was well aware of how successful the wrestling shoots were, however, after they laid us off, I no longer had information into the financials. It would seem as if the shoots may not have been selling as well for one way or another however I had no insight into it once I was not an employee. All I could assume was that Kink had experts working for them to make their decisions that were hopefully based off the proper metrics and if THEY couldn’t make money from lesbian wrestling then I wouldn’t be able to make money either. I figured that they must have some insight into numbers that I didn’t’ have and that their experts would do what’s financially viable for them. I needed to gather my own information in order to be 100% certain about my next steps. I took my time doing test shoots and test marketing for MY lesbian shoots. I wanted to collect data to make sure the ROI would be worth my while before I committed to launching a full site. Over the course of a year’s time, I gathered enough information and found that there was still a huge demand for lesbian wrestling content. This is based on my own marketing ( who knows, maybe my marketing for wrestling surpasses the experts at Kink in this genre) All I know is that I was able to find a paying market for Lesbian wrestling. Now I just needed to save up money to get enough Matches for a launch.

I am personally funding all my wrestling projects. I tapped into my retirement fund to get the money to start the wrestling sites. Each shoot costs me thousands of dollars to produce. The costs include paying for the talent, Paying for my hotel and travel to Las Vegas to film, Camera equipment, lighting equipment, studio maintenance, insurance, business maintenance ( payroll or accounting services ), utilities, crew services ( videographer/photographer), marketing, processor fees, and website maintenance. These things add up. I know there is some misconception about porn. I think many people think it is simply pulled out of someone’s ass and magically appears on the internet with no policing or law to adhere to. I know we make it look easy but porn really is a business like any other business. We have to abide by rules and regulations and we end up paying a lot more than any other business in doing so because we are what is considered ” high risk”. We are high risk because porn of volatile and has a reputation for being unprofessional. to Paraphrase, I pay a shit ton of money to make the smut you want. Having 1 site was a lot of work for me. I am a skeleton crew. The site doesn’t make much money. The site currently covers cost and then a little more. But it’s not causing me to live the lap of luxury. I am very lucky to have side gigs outside of porn that allows me to live a good lifestyle. I also have a life partner who does very well so stress is relieved greatly from that income. The funding for a whole stand-alone Lesbian Edition of my Evolved Fights concept was going to take some time. I had a handful of fans offer to partner but what when they send an offer in they were willing to pay me pennies for me to do all the work while they expect all the reward. I think this comes down to the misconception people have about what it takes to legally and morally produce porn. It took me since November of 2017 to save up to get the matches for the Lesbian Edition. I also was able to save a little money by staring in some of the matches myself rather than having to pay a performer. I decided to upload 2 of my custom videos as well. These are scripted matches. One was a catfight with Bella Rossi, the other was a squash match with Alexa Nova.

My thinking is to be able to expand my roster of female wrestlers by incorporating a handful of “Scripted” matches. I had several models, during my years of booking Ultimate Surrender, decline to shoot competitive wrestling. They did not feel safe for one reason or another. These same models would work with me on other projects what were scripted or choreographed. I would like to be able to work with all models. It was always heartbreaking when a model declined work for the competitive matches because I knew I would not be able to ever book them. I will use these scripted matches from the launch to gather more information. I am also currently running polls in the member area of the site to see how many of you like the scripted matches. I’m an information freak so I love to make my decisions based off you, the fans, rather than my personal preferences. I am not too proud to admit that I have had fans make suggestions that I thought would be terrible only to try the suggestions out and find out I was 100% wrong and the fan was 100% right. But I have also had a few suggestions turn out to be terrible and financially devasting. With great risk comes great reward. The only way to get the proper information is to actually try the suggestion. I hope this shows you how dedicated I am to this genre. You may not be an Ariel X fan, I get that I’m not for everyone, but please respect that I doing my damnedest to keep the genre thriving and I am putting personal time, money and energy into making the content for the fans!

I also need to explain something about the most recent update with me and Bella Rossi. If you go to the site, the most recent update is a match with myself and Bella Rossi with Penny Barber as the ref. I really really wanted Bella vs Penny barber. I paid to fly the models in, everything was set to go. The models tested, the models showed up, everyone did what they were supposed to do. Everyone on set that is. The test facility where Penny got tested did not mail her samples in on time. Her test did not come back in time for us to do this wrestling shoot. She was unable to perform sex acts while the test was pending. I know this is a bummer. I know someone is thinking ” Ariel is so cheap she didn’t want to pay for Bella vs Penny” no no no that’s not the case at all. I had the models there ready to go but without a test, we can’t shoot. So I jumped in last minute to get a match so Bella Rossi didn’t lose out on a shoot. I hope you can appreciate the real Behind-the-Scenes information about this production. There is always a reason for what I do. I will eventually get Penny and Bella back in for their match but I need to save up more money on those damned expensive flights!!!!! Side note: Penny’s test did come back in time for me to be able to shoot her for the latest submissive x shoot with me, Bella And Penny check it out here

without further ado, Please check out my sites and for mixed wrestling

Hardest Battle To Date

Today my clips4sale and Manyvids stores have updated with a very special update. How this match came to be is kinda fun. I got an email from a friend telling me that a Session Wrestler from Europe was going to be traveling to Las Vegas and I should try to set up a match with her. I didn’t know much about this girl but I went ahead and booked the match. Her name is Sheena. She came across very professional and friendly in our email correspondences. She responded to everything in a timely fashion and the communication was great. I had reservations about booking her only because session wrestlers in the US have been somewhat irresponsible and have flaked on shoots which has cost me a lot of time and money not to mention have let down the customers who paid in advance to sponsor the matches. Thank god, Sheena is as professional as she came across in emails. She showed up on time, brought a few friends who were all so delightful and sweet and she came ready to rumble. She’s a tall ( compared to me but then again everyone is tall compared to me) Blonde natural-muscle girl. Her body is impressive by itself but coupled with her skill she is even more desirable. Sheena is a Black Belt Judoka with 20 years experience. She has competed all over the world and is a champion in Judo. She doesn’t go topless she doesn’t do nude and she certainly doesn’t perform in adult stuff. So getting a chance to go against her was a great honor for me. I have had several sponsors attempt to book matches with myself and other “professional” athletes only to have said “athlete” decline. Most likely because when I beat them it would be truly and utterly humiliating and it isn’t worth the risk for their ego. Sheena doesn’t give a fuck. She likes to compete and she’s ready for anything. She’s a true champion

*side note: I put a trailer for our match on twitter and I’ve already gotten really stupid comments from unintelligible people stating shit like ” Why isn’t she topless” or ” I only want to watch if there is sex” Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit. I appreciate the support of porn but if you can not appreciate athleticism then simply don’t buy the match. You didn’t sponsor it to begin with and if you ONLY watch matches that are topless or with sex, you’re going to be limited on the skills the girls have…news flash professional athletes don’t shoot porn!! Also, Go ahead and order a custom from two women who will shoot exactly what you want how you want it and pay the $1500-3000 to have it your way

Back to what really matters:  This Match that Sheena and I had was hands down the most technical match I have every had for film and probably even ever ( including the sport competitions I have done outside of filming) The match is 20 minutes long. Most Wrestling or bjj competitions matches go 7 minute maximum if there is no instant victory for pin or submission. If you have every done any of this type of sport, then you will appreciate how tasking 2 rounds at 10 minutes would be. Sheena had a power in a female wrestler I have never experience. I roll with men day in and day out for practice and she was stronger and more powerful than 30% of these men ( the percentage isn’t 100% because most of the guys I roll with outweigh Sheena by 40+lbs which means they outweigh me by 60+) Sheena has a calm and coolness to her even when she’s about to get her shoulder popped out of socket. She has a true champion mind set and it’s lovely to see in this match.

How does she compare to other wrestlers? I still get people asking about the likes of Dia Zerva or Vendetta who both retired from wrestling and porn around 2010. Both were actually white belts. I think Dia may have gotten a blue belt at some point. When I first started wrestling those girls gave me a run for my money but back then a white belt weighing 110lbs ( that’s how small I was when I started) going against a white belt weighing 145lbs ( that’s what Dia and Vendetta weighed) was going to have a hard time. Being the same level as someone but being outweighed by a lot is definitely going to impact a fight. This is why there are weight classes in professional sports. Do I think Dia or Vendetta were great wrestlers….to be honest, no but obviously they were better than I was on some days since they both were able to beat me at least once. But being able to beat a girl once doesn’t mean you’re a great athlete. It means you were just better than she was that day. Dia and Vendetta were the better wrestler than most of the porn girls on Ultimate surrender for sure. However, They would be squashed 10000000 times out of 10000000 times if they ever came up against myself today or the likes of Sheena. I can not stress too much how legitimate Sheena is as a fighter. She is a world class Judoka. She competes on the world stage. She would clobber any girl on Ultimate Surrender so please don’t even try to compare her skill to any of your old favorites. It’s kinda of silly. I don’t mean to take away from Dia or Vendetta, I’m merely stating that for what ever adoration you have for their skill you will need to check that and really admire the skills that people like Sheena or myself and Syd Blackovich or Veve Lane currently have. The four of us have evolved beyond anything the fetish wrestling scene could ever comprehend.

and now for the twist: the Title of this blog was the hardest battle to date. This match was hands down the hardest match I’ve had but the battle I’m dealing with is personal. My nephew was injured very very badly…this isn’t the kind of injury where he’s in the hospital for a few months and then he’s fine. The Kid is paralyzed from the waist down… in 90% chance he never walks again in his life. His life and everyone in the family’s life is forever changed. I still need to stay positive because I don’t know who in my family may read this and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or the downer but facts are facts. We all remain hoping for the best but this is hard. The hard part for me is that I’m expected to still get my job done. I have 3 sites I update regularly. I have a skeleton crew. The sites do NOT make enough money to afford me to the convenience of hiring people to do things for me. I have other jobs I do and sources of income outside of porn that make me much more money and I always said I wouldn’t Pay to make porn. The moment shooting porn starts losing me money or costing me sanity is the moment I pull the plug. Having people who are super fans see a picture of a shoot I’ve done or they’ve heard about a shooting I’m doing and then having them write me bugging me to edit it early for them and upload it so they can enjoy it is very bittersweet for me. Of course, I’m happy to have eager fans but in moments like this, I get infuriated that they demand such personal attention. For me, this is the battle. I have to accept that the people who are paying for the product are going to be super eager. But I also need to set boundaries for my own sanity. I will post blogs once something is updated and I may post some teasers but I need to ask you superfans 2 things.

  1. Do not ask me for a special early update for any of my shoots.
  2. Do not critic the videos I shoot since nearly ALL of them are customs shot specifically for a customer who paid a shit ton of money to have a video shot just the way they like it. Your telling me the video “would be better if….” means nothing to me because the video wasn’t made FOR you, you are a happy passenger along for the ride that the OTHER customer paid a lot of money for. IF you want a video that is catered to your taste, shoot me an email with a script and I will send you a quote. I do not do any customs that involve Penis or nudity with men. Customs still is done within my boundaries.

I hope you enjoy this fight. I hope you get a chance to do a session with Sheena if you ever get the chance. Thank you for the support!

Submissive X Series updated

I’m having some fun shooting these Submissive X shoots. I love being able to hand pick the models I work with and collaborating with fans for the content to be shot. I love having the freedom to do what I want for my shoots. I have a cute series called “Hungry Natives”. I suppose it’s in the genre of soft vore. It’s more of a play on words than actual Vore, however. The idea is that I have somehow ended up stranded on an exotic island where I am discovered initially by Nikki Delano. I am terrified because Nikki keeps saying how delicious I look and how much she is going to enjoy eating me and having her tribe eat me. Then Nikki starts eating me out (licking my pussy) and I realize that there is just a communication misinterpretation. Click here to see this video with me and Nikki Delano

I continued this series with Part 2. It stars Bella Rossi and Penny Barber as two sexy tribe members who again threaten to eat me. Being unfamiliar with the ways of these peoples, I am still unsure if this means literal eating or if this is some vernacular they are using for something else. I quickly learn that these natives are just really horny sluts who like to play with castaways. I remain captive in the jungle being held captive by horny hungry natives. Bella and Penny begin by tenderizing my meat with flogging and stretching. I am on my tippy toes being held up on a sharp wooden block by my pussy. The girls lick and kiss me to taste the salt on my flesh. Then they get me down and take turns licking my pussy and then feeding their pussies to me. Finally, both girls come in with strap on cocks and use every hole I have. I am DPed with both of their strap on cocks until I cum and then I am left there for the next tribe member(s) to take his/her/their turn on me……to be continued. This is a fun series I enjoy shooting so I will probably have a few more series in this one. Please check it out . 

I also have a few new lift and carry videos up on my clip store. So please feel free to check those out . My clip4sale store can be found here