2020 so far

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I gotta admit that a lot has happened since my last entry. If I’m being honest, blogging is not helpful to me in any manner. This site doesn’t get a ton of traffic, I am not allowed to market it with any mainstream marketing tools due to the adult content. And if you haven’t noticed, This site is free and has no ads. So I don’t make money off of this blog while it does cost me to host, and pay for the domain. So this blog is mainly for die hard fans who wish to hear about what’s going on in my head. So while I appreciate the die hard fans, something you folx need to accept, is the fact that I’m too busy or too tired to get on here to blog. Which means I’ll be too busy when you write me an email requesting my undivided attention while you detail your fantasy about me… It may be a surprise to many of you but porn personalities like having time off from their jobs and we do have lives outside what you see on camera.. Bizzare! I know. I think the world gets angry at adult performers when we express who we wish to be compensated for the work with do online. Somehow the general population of people feel entitled to adult performers attention. It’s comes down you people NOT truly respecting adult work which can be categorized as sex work as real work. The human brain associates ” that’s not real work” with….” well then they should give me sex for free” or sexy pictures for free or sexy conversation for free. I’ll be the first one to tell you, any time there is value seen in something, you should expect to pay for it. If you value speaking with someone about your fantasies, you should compensate the person who is providing the value. Just like you would compensate a therapist for their session with you, or your doctor for the check up, or your lawyer or accountant for their services. Because you Go to ALL of those people because you can’t do the job yourself. You go to a professional to provide you something of Value. If you can find a person in Tinder or Grinder to do your taxes for free….great….you can also find a person on Tinder or Grinder to fulfill you fantasy for free. But do not approach a person who does something for their profession about doing their said job for you for free. If they wish to offer their services for free, great, take them up on it.

I’ll get off my soap box on lecturing people about demanding my time and energy now. 2019 was a roller coaster of a year for me. I had many great successes coupled with a few major tragedies. In 2019, I was nominated for best actress for my role in Sweetheart videos in Girls of Wrestling . I didn’t win but it was really nice to be recognized by the industry. Because I was nominated, I made it a point to attend AEE and the AVN award show. I had not attending the AVN convention since 2006. It was nice to see how the industry has evolved. Fans seem WAY more open about expressing their support for porn! So Thank you everyone for realizing people’s opinions of you for liking porn doesn’t matter because most everyone is a closet porn fan anyway.

EvolvedFights.com had it’s 1 year anniversary last year which is exciting for me. The site is getting more and more popular so that’s nice. It’s great to know I can stay in business another year! Thank you for your support on the project. We will have many new porn stars come on board and I keep hearing from the performers who we do get to be on the site, that they all feel motivated to take up grappling classes and pursue a martial art. This was my mission when starting the site(s). I want to create a fun, safe, sexy arena where people can explore the excitement of competitive sex. Naked wrestling or erotic wrestling is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done in my life and it’s been HUGE for me to share my passion with the world. I’ve been seeing people on twitter share my trailers and express how they never knew anything like evolved fights existed and how they never thought it would be something they enjoyed but they are truly entertained by our content. I am blessed. Thank you again everyone.

My family had a few tragedies this year. A Close family member passed away in October. In March my Nephew was in a motorcycle accident which has left him paralyzed. A good friend of mine took her life. It’s been rough. I do not want to go into any details on these things. It’s of no consequence to you readers but I just wanted to share the downs I’ve had in hopes you realize adult stars have lives outside of what you see on social media. Sometimes we get depressed too. So if we are quiet, be polite, be kind…everyone goes through something. In general it’s best just to be polite because you never know what someone is dealing with on the side.