Hardest Battle To Date

Today my clips4sale and Manyvids stores have updated with a very special update. How this match came to be is kinda fun. I got an email from a friend telling me that a Session Wrestler from Europe was going to be traveling to Las Vegas and I should try to set up a match with her. I didn’t know much about this girl but I went ahead and booked the match. Her name is Sheena. She came across very professional and friendly in our email correspondences. She responded to everything in a timely fashion and the communication was great. I had reservations about booking her only because session wrestlers in the US have been somewhat irresponsible and have flaked on shoots which has cost me a lot of time and money not to mention have let down the customers who paid in advance to sponsor the matches. Thank god, Sheena is as professional as she came across in emails. She showed up on time, brought a few friends who were all so delightful and sweet and she came ready to rumble. She’s a tall ( compared to me but then again everyone is tall compared to me) Blonde natural-muscle girl. Her body is impressive by itself but coupled with her skill she is even more desirable. Sheena is a Black Belt Judoka with 20 years experience. She has competed all over the world and is a champion in Judo. She doesn’t go topless she doesn’t do nude and she certainly doesn’t perform in adult stuff. So getting a chance to go against her was a great honor for me. I have had several sponsors attempt to book matches with myself and other “professional” athletes only to have said “athlete” decline. Most likely because when I beat them it would be truly and utterly humiliating and it isn’t worth the risk for their ego. Sheena doesn’t give a fuck. She likes to compete and she’s ready for anything. She’s a true champion

*side note: I put a trailer for our match on twitter and I’ve already gotten really stupid comments from unintelligible people stating shit like ” Why isn’t she topless” or ” I only want to watch if there is sex” Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit. I appreciate the support of porn but if you can not appreciate athleticism then simply don’t buy the match. You didn’t sponsor it to begin with and if you ONLY watch matches that are topless or with sex, you’re going to be limited on the skills the girls have…news flash professional athletes don’t shoot porn!! Also, Go ahead and order a custom from two women who will shoot exactly what you want how you want it and pay the $1500-3000 to have it your way

Back to what really matters:  This Match that Sheena and I had was hands down the most technical match I have every had for film and probably even ever ( including the sport competitions I have done outside of filming) The match is 20 minutes long. Most Wrestling or bjj competitions matches go 7 minute maximum if there is no instant victory for pin or submission. If you have every done any of this type of sport, then you will appreciate how tasking 2 rounds at 10 minutes would be. Sheena had a power in a female wrestler I have never experience. I roll with men day in and day out for practice and she was stronger and more powerful than 30% of these men ( the percentage isn’t 100% because most of the guys I roll with outweigh Sheena by 40+lbs which means they outweigh me by 60+) Sheena has a calm and coolness to her even when she’s about to get her shoulder popped out of socket. She has a true champion mind set and it’s lovely to see in this match.

How does she compare to other wrestlers? I still get people asking about the likes of Dia Zerva or Vendetta who both retired from wrestling and porn around 2010. Both were actually white belts. I think Dia may have gotten a blue belt at some point. When I first started wrestling those girls gave me a run for my money but back then a white belt weighing 110lbs ( that’s how small I was when I started) going against a white belt weighing 145lbs ( that’s what Dia and Vendetta weighed) was going to have a hard time. Being the same level as someone but being outweighed by a lot is definitely going to impact a fight. This is why there are weight classes in professional sports. Do I think Dia or Vendetta were great wrestlers….to be honest, no but obviously they were better than I was on some days since they both were able to beat me at least once. But being able to beat a girl once doesn’t mean you’re a great athlete. It means you were just better than she was that day. Dia and Vendetta were the better wrestler than most of the porn girls on Ultimate surrender for sure. However, They would be squashed 10000000 times out of 10000000 times if they ever came up against myself today or the likes of Sheena. I can not stress too much how legitimate Sheena is as a fighter. She is a world class Judoka. She competes on the world stage. She would clobber any girl on Ultimate Surrender so please don’t even try to compare her skill to any of your old favorites. It’s kinda of silly. I don’t mean to take away from Dia or Vendetta, I’m merely stating that for what ever adoration you have for their skill you will need to check that and really admire the skills that people like Sheena or myself and Syd Blackovich or Veve Lane currently have. The four of us have evolved beyond anything the fetish wrestling scene could ever comprehend.

and now for the twist: the Title of this blog was the hardest battle to date. This match was hands down the hardest match I’ve had but the battle I’m dealing with is personal. My nephew was injured very very badly…this isn’t the kind of injury where he’s in the hospital for a few months and then he’s fine. The Kid is paralyzed from the waist down…..as in 90% chance he never walks again in his life. His life and everyone in the family’s life is forever changed. I still need to stay positive because I don’t know who in my family may read this and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or the downer but facts are facts. We all remain hoping for the best but this is hard. The hard part for me is that I’m expected to still get my job done. I have 3 sites I update regularly. I have a skeleton crew. The sites do NOT make enough money to afford me to the convenience of hiring people to do things for me. I have other jobs I do and sources of income outside of porn that make me much more money and I always said I wouldn’t Pay to make porn. The moment shooting porn starts losing me money or costing me sanity is the moment I pull the plug. Having people who are super fans see a picture of a shoot I’ve done or they’ve heard about a shooting I’m doing and then having them write me bugging me to edit it early for them and upload it so they can enjoy it is very bittersweet for me. Of course, I’m happy to have eager fans but in moments like this, I get infuriated that they demand such personal attention. For me, this is the battle. I have to accept that the people who are paying for the product are going to be super eager. But I also need to set boundaries for my own sanity. I will post blogs once something is updated and I may post some teasers but I need to ask you superfans 2 things.

  1. Do not ask me for a special early update for any of my shoots.
  2. Do not critic the videos I shoot since nearly ALL of them are customs shot specifically for a customer who paid a shit ton of money to have a video shot just the way they like it. Your telling me the video “would be better if….” means nothing to me because the video wasn’t made FOR you, you are a happy passenger along for the ride that the OTHER customer paid a lot of money for. IF you want a video that is catered to your taste, shoot me an email with a script and I will send you a quote. I do not do any customs that involve Penis or nudity with men. Customs still is done within my boundaries.

I hope you enjoy this fight. I hope you get a chance to do a session with Sheena if you ever get the chance. Thank you for the support!