COVID-19 how I’m holding up

I’ve been quiet on my blog lately but that had nothing to do with SARS-COV-2 virus or to COVID-19 illness. I’m running a business full time. Based off the emails I get from casual fans, it appears most people think porn is just something people do as a hobby or fun. While our jobs are fun, they are indeed jobs, folx. I produce videos for websites that update weekly. I am in charge of booking models, booking accommodations and flights, editing, marketing…….you know….work…like everyone else who has a job. I am the master of my own destiny. Everyone in porn must manage their schedule; it’s work. If you do dog walking or hair styling or anything at all, you know you can’t just dilly dally and expect to make money. You most likely have to work with many people’s schedules on top of your own schedule. Just the simple act of coordinating schedules is a lot of work. Porn is work, people. We are entertainers. We need to package our product and sell it. We also need to pay people for their services. Models do not work for free. Tech companies don’t host our sites for free, domains are not free, hosting isn’t free, record keeping isn’t free, ….nothing is free just because we shoot porn. So yes, I keep busy just with porn. it’s not just a hobby.

I had some real dumb luck this year so far and the end of 2019. I was in Spain just before the sentencing dropped which led to a major riot in Barcelona and I narrowly missed all the flight cancelations and demonstrations by an hour. I missed most of the strikes in France when I went there as well. To top it all off, I’m healthy, I have a good immune and respiratory system, I avoided most illness in 2019. I returned home from my Europe Trip and stock piled on footage for and because I had PTSD from years past where our industry would be put on hold for moratoriums and no one could shoot. I told myself, I have to have 2 months of footage. Just like I have at least 2 months of income saved up for emergencies. I prepared from something but I can not claim I thought it would be anything remotely like this. While I mentioned I am healthy and not as risk, I understand how serious it is to be considerate of those who are not. I need to do my part to NOT contribute to the spread of this problem while hospitals are over worked and unable to attend to the masses coming to them. I am not going to be shooting content with models until I get the green light from the city I run business in.

Back in 2009 I tore my ACL. This life changing experience made me realize that I can not depend on a job that requires me to be physically on set shooting all the time. If something happens to my health and I can not be present which causes a huge loss of income, I need to be ready. So I saved and saved and saved. I worked my ass off to move slowly into production. I became my own boss, I invested into myself. Thankfully I had the foresight to prepare for emergencies. I do not think I have done enough though with this global situation. I don’t think anyone has. I’m very blessed to have been in a position where I could save up. I want to thank each and every on of you for supporting me. I will continue to keep updating the sites with the content we have shot. I will continue to post so you can get a peep of how I’m doing.

I do have elderly family members I need to tend to ( pickup supplies for and monitor their health) so I’m not available to chat and be your bestest friend right now. But I want to invite you to email me if you need a virtual hug or just a conversation. I understand things are very stressful. It’s very very important that you manage your stress level to keep you immune system healthy. I will post about a potential form of skype chat I will be setting up in the near future. Stay tune and be safe