Archives August 2021

Moving out of California

Well the time has come. I was born and raised in California. I’ve lived in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles for the bulk of my life. I do love California. The weather is great, the scenery is beautiful; there are so many stunning hikes and camping areas to go to. But, it’s time to say good bye. I have had my company set up in Nevada for the past 5 years. I have been driving back and forth for 5 years. During Covid lockdowns with travel restrictions, I was spending much more time sitting in my car than I cared to. The Pandemic ignited a spark in me, I suppose. I realized I would much rather live closer to my work with my family living in the same town that I work in so that I wasn’t sitting on the road for 10-20 hours a month. With everything closed, people started encroaching on my favorite hikes and camping areas. I’m over it. I’m ready to move on. While I do not LOVE Nevada, I am very happy that they are business friendly towards adult companies like myself. Im simply going to use Nevada as home base so that when things do open up ( looking like 2024) I can travel easily out of my home base while not having to pay california prices. I will miss my training partners for sure. I have moved a few times and it always hurts when you leave a good gym that has become your family. I do plan on coming back to train with those buttheads often tho. On to the next chapter.

Thinking about closing this Blog

I have been mulling an idea over for a while. This site cost me money to keep up. I have domain fees, hosting fees. The ROI just isn’t there. I haven’t been active on here either but that’s mostly because the nature of the site being adult makes it nearly impossible to make any revenue from it. I have recently gotten sex toy companies asking about paid ads but I’m not getting enough to pay for the site. Also, I am opening a SFW site which I will be active on and which I will be able to monetize. So it looks like this is the end for this blog. I will keep it up for a few more week and then the site will be a redirect to my onlyfans fan page.

Thank you all for the support and I hope to see you all on the next chapter of my journey!

UPDATE AUG 16, 2021

I am overwhelmed with the love and support you folx have shown to my blog. Apparently some of you do read what I’m posting and you do like my blog and will miss it if it’s gone. So I will keep it up for now. Thanks again for all the love and support.