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BTS and Bloopers for London Rivers vs Tony Orlando

I keep saying, These wrestler are charming and fun. Porn is great and everything but these bloopers really show you the personalities of these performers. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do. For the Porn, go to www.evolvedfights.com    The bloopers will be on the site as well but here’s a

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Submissive X shoots on Clips4sale now available.

I’ve been somewhat regularly updating my https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/6285/the-secret-video-stash-of-ariel-xclips4sale store. I have been trying to update every Friday night with a new “submissive X” shoot. I started sub clipping each shoot and uploading each clip independently but It seems you folx like downloading the entire video rather than doing clip by clip so from now on I will just

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Coveted protein pancake recipe

I had a lot of folks asking for my recipe for my famous protein pancakes so I’m gonna share. It’s a recipe I invented through trial and error of trying to incorporate more protein into a regular pancake recipe. I’m pretty proud of this breakfast meal I made. I should patent and trade mark this

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14 week post acl repair

I saw my super hot doctor yesterday. He said blah blah blah. Nothing important or new. He did said in 2 weeks from now (so in early may) I can start running. That’s good to know since I started running last week. I have nursed my knee and taken very good care if it. I

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First week at the new apartment

I’m writing this blog on my iPhone while I commute to work. Ill try to actually proof read this post before I publish it but please excuse the grammar and typos. iPhone touch keyboards tend to change some words with their auto correct feature. When kink hired me on to direct for ultimate surrender, it

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7 weeks post Op

Well for a normal surgery, 6 weeks is the mark you get to go right back in to doing what you use to do. That’s not the case in an ACL surgery. My hamstring has atrophied a lot. I am allowed to work on strengthening it now. My quad is still a little weak but

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Thank you for the jacket

I didn’t forget about you awesome folks who have been sending me stuff. I couldn’t shoot for a while I have been moving back and forth between LA and SF then I had surgery and I honestly couldn’t pose very cute for pictures. My leg is doing great. Im away ahead in my PT, I’m

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3 weeks post op

I’m 3 weeks post Op. I had to switch to a PT in San Francisco. Kaiser is lame and forced me to do a regular doctor consult before they would give me a PT even though my surgeon in Los Angles had already put a referral. Insurance Politics are lame. no biggie, It’s just a

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Measure B passed in California?

I’m sure most of you have heard about Measure B passing in LA county this last election on Nov 6th. Measure B requires porn stars to wear condoms for any and all videos shot within the Los Angeles Country. That means guys must wear condoms for scenes with women or men and Women must use dental Dams

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Book Of Mormon

I went to see the “Book of Mormon” musical at the Pantages Theater. I’m not a big fan of Musicals. I never have been. I’m really not a big fan of muscials that have been formed after 1998. Modern Musicals sound like utter garbage to me. They may have decent stories but the music and

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