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Tuff Love

I shot a movie for Wicked a few months ago and it’s coming out so I’m sharing the info with you. I had a great time working with the cast and crew for the film. I don’t have a big part in the movie but it was great being around so many people who like fighting as much as I do. The ladies were smoking hot and I was so lucky to be in a scene with 4 other amazing girls. I have a huge girl crush on Jessika Drake now. I always thought she was hot but after spending a little time with her and speaking with her, I have huge respect and horn dog boners for her. She’s probably the sweetest girl in porn. She picked up the fight training really fast.  Adrianna Luna already had some background in training and it really shows. She’s super hot and skilled.

here’s the trailer for the movie and some additional information :


First week at the new apartment

I’m writing this blog on my iPhone while I commute to work. Ill try to actually proof read this post before I publish it but please excuse the grammar and typos. iPhone touch keyboards tend to change some words with their auto correct feature.
When kink hired me on to direct for ultimate surrender, it was almost like a last minute decision. I was born and raised in souther California. I love the city I lived in. Santa clarita CA is one of the most beautiful cities in all of the west coast. With the beaches an hour west and the mountains an hour east, there is plenty to do on a weekend or holiday. Santa Clarita has some great hiking trails and also hosts my favorite outdoor gun range. Not only is the city beautiful with its accessible nature trails and activities it’s also rich with history. Newhall is a town within the Santa Clarita valley. It is famous for the oak of the golden dreams where goldwas first discovered in Southern California. It is also famous for its “western preservation” thanks to William s. hart. Yes the city is nice and diverse but the real reason I stayed in that city my entire life was because my family lived there. My mom, dad and one of my brothers lived in the SCV. Moving to the Bay Area was a big decision for me. I was leaving everything I’ve ever known behind. When I was looking for places to live in Northern California, I had to take a lot of things into consideration. I wanted a place similar to SCV with good schools districts for my son and in a safe neighborhood with trails to hike but modern enough to have a mall I know sounds stupid but sometime when you live in a place that is beautiful with nature you end up having to drive 30 miles to get to the closest mall. I have a tweenage son who loves to do the mall crawl. So it’s important to have balance. It’s important to be close to nature and still be able to do the American pass time of window shopping in stores. 😉
I looked at several places in the Bay Area. I knew I did not want to live in San Francisco. I’m not a big city kind of girl. I did live in sf for 3 months in the interim of finding a place to live. I do love the city of San Francisco. It’s like they never developed anything after 1960. It has a throwback vibe. Very retro yet ahead of its time. The gas less muni and bart transportation is amazing I’m not sure why every city doesn’t get their shit together and get on this method of transportation. I guess America is so addicted to oil and politicians get too many metaphoric blowjobs from the Middle East to make public transportation independent of oil. C’est la vie. I will say its really nice to walk around in a big city and not be assaulted my smog or pollution.
I looked high and low for a place to live. I knew I’d have to live far outside sf to find a place like SCV. I knew I’d have to commute an hour to work every day but I’m willing to do that. I decided to move to the tri city area. It’s a 53 minute bart ride to San Francisco but that also means that is 53 minutes closer to the SCV so when I go down to visit every weekend I’m an hour closer each way making a 6 hour drive only a 5 hour drive which makes all the difference 😉
So I’m officially moved in to my new place. I have to admit its pretty sad that my place is empty. I gave away most of my furniture. Actually it was involuntarily given away. I stored it at someone’s place and they decided they liked it and I decided they could keep it. Mostly because I didn’t want to move it 300 miles but also because it made them happy. So I’m shopping for new crap for the apartment. Right now I have a mattress in my living room and a TV set up with my Apple TV and that’s about it. It feels lonely in an empty place but I’m hardly home so I don’t have to deal with the solitude too much until night time. My son is still in so cal finishing school until he transfers into jr high. So I’m utterly alone when I come home. The good news is ill start doing web camming again to have some company 😉 and to help fund the new furniture and appliances for my new place. Heheh kidding kinda ;). So that’s the news of the move. I have a movie I had a scene in coming out soon ill post more about that soon.


7 weeks post Op

Well for a normal surgery, 6 weeks is the mark you get to go right back in to doing what you use to do. That’s not the case in an ACL surgery. My hamstring has atrophied a lot. I am allowed to work on strengthening it now. My quad is still a little weak but it is much better than it was 2 weeks post surgery. My knee still has some swelling but I can actually see the shape of my knee cap.

My PT regimen is getting longer and longer every week. We add new things to perform each visit I get with my PT. It takes me about 2 hours to do all the stretching and exercises I’m recommended to do.  Slowly but surely I am regaining my strength and balance. PT is hard but it’s not like the kind of hard a good workout or training session is. It’s a whole lot of effort for small movements. I haven’t been in “pain” in the rehab, save for the stretching. Trying to get my extension on the bad leg to 0 degrees was one of the most torturous physical things I’ve ever done. All the other pain has been mental. I feel like a prisoner in my own body. With the knowledge of knowing what my body “should” be able to do; the things I use to be able to do, not being able to do small things is devastating to my ego. Not being able to do a 10lb single leg curl is someone embarrassing to myself.

I’m very lucky I have the new job at kink which keeps me busy and challenged. If I were idol to sit and dwell on all these things I can’t do, I would go mad. I’d like to say that I’m a warrior and I would tough it out but to be honest this is hard and if I wasn’t forced to keep my mind off of the rehab when I wasn’t working on rehab, I’d be really depressed.

I’m going to jot down what I’m doing for PT, this is more for my own reference down the line if I ever come back to this to see how I handled every thing

I wake up and stretch my knee with it levitated ( leg straight) and let gravity ease the leg into a 0 degree extension. I must hold this for 15 minutes. If you’ve ever done bondage and have been “forced” to stay in a position for any amount of time, you can relate to how annoying this is then add the sever pain of a leg doing what it does NOT want to do. I then do pretty much every leg stretch you can imagine.

3 sets of 10 step ups

3 sets of 10 step downs.

3 sets of 10 “clam shell” with band hip adductors

3 sets of 10 laying face down tighten butt, leg raises backwards

3 sets of 10 quad flexed, straigh let facing up leg raises

on a exercise ball, shoulders on ball, hips up( not allowed to droop) calf raises 3 sets of 10

on exercise ball, single leg raises 3 sets of 10

standing- single leg calf raises 3 sets of 10

single leg half squats 3 sets of 10

3 sets of 10 single leg leg presses

3 sets of 10 single leg laying down leg curls

Note: all single leg exercises are performed on both legs, just one leg at a time

25 minutes on a bike

25 minutes on a stair master

This takes me about 2-3 hours to complete.


after PT is done, I hit upper body weights. I work out different muscle groups each day. I’m excited that I finally was able to do a pull up today, I wasn’t able to do them recently because i was putting torque on my hamstring in a weird way. I am back to being able to do most upper body exercises without any pain. I’m greatly excited that I am able to do the stair master and bike as cardio. It’s not my preferred method of cardio but who cares I’ll take it.

So there it is. I don’t expect much to change in the next 6 weeks except maybe the weights that I’m adding to any of the exercises. I will not get permission to run until may. I wont be able to wrestle for a while 🙁 it’s a slow process.


Thank you for the socks

Thank you for the comfy socks. I love em  xoxo

Thank you for the super classy White dRess

I love it…and I love flexing my muscles in super sexy, classy dresses

Thank you for the jacket

I didn’t forget about you awesome folks who have been sending me stuff. I couldn’t shoot for a while I have been moving back and forth between LA and SF then I had surgery and I honestly couldn’t pose very cute for pictures. My leg is doing great. Im away ahead in my PT, I’m able to do a little bit of a work out now so my confidence is coming back and I found my camera  ( which was lost in the moving for a while) So now I have no excuses. So here ya go. Thank you for this amazing jacket that matches my cool shoes I picked up for myself the other week. MUAH. love you