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New Submissive X shoot with Ariel X and Nikki Delano

I shot 2 submissive X shoots in vegas so there will be new Sub X shoots coming to my clips stores. Apparently, Clip4sales bans fisting so I had to edit out the fisting part in my scene with Nikki Delano. If youre not into fisting, get the video on clips4sale. If you are into fisting, get the video on Manyvids.

My shoot with Nikki was a lot of fun. I really get along with Nikki well. she’s super cute and she’s a hustler. I admire her hustle game. That girl knows how to work the internet like no one I’ve ever met before. She has 1.35 Million Twitter followers.  That’s incredible for porn standards let alone mainstream. She’s always on time, She’s always pleasant, She’s super sexy and she really goes above and beyond what it takes to make a good scene. Our scene was a little bit of a role play. She is a native in a secret jungle who stumbles upon some washed up box that has found itself in her jungle. Nikki Delano can smell ass and pussy from a mile away. After all, her people Love ass and pussy and they eat it daily for pleasure. Nikki opens the box and finds what she considers to be savage in the box but it’s also “lunch”. Nikki Pulls the confused Ariel X out of the box and tells Ariel she is going to eat her. She begins to lick and taste Ariel. Ariel is terrified, She doesn’t want to be eaten. Once Ariel Realizes that Nikki’s people calling “oral sex and fucking ” Eating, Ariel is a little more at ease. She’s no longer terrified but she still wants to get out of the creepy jungle. Nikki Fucks Ariel’s pussy and Ass and makes Ariel lick her amazon feet clean so that Ariel has all the nutrients needed to make her ass and pussy taste the best. Ariel is fucked hard by Nikki and then left in bondage so that the entire tribe can come in and eat Ariel as well.


Fires, Shootings and Stomach Flus

I had a hell of a week last week. I think the city I live in made national news first with the mass shooting in a Country Club near me. The coverage of this shooting fell to the wayside after a terrible Fire swept through a large part of Southern California and right into my town. The fires were devastating. Many of my friends lost their homes but gladly no more of my friends lost their lives. The tragedies brought out the best of some people and the worst in others. During the fires, there were mandatory evacuations and many people left their homes. Because the nation was broadcasting that everyone had left their homes, many opportunists with malicious intent starting coming into the neighborhoods to loot the abandoned homes. I myself stayed home. Me and my family were able to help out in small ways by putting out the small spot fires that would start up from flying embers. We were able to put out these small fires before the hit the brush and ignited. Obviously, if we were looking at big fires coming at us, We probably wouldn’t have been able to do much. We had our cars packed up with valuable and whatever and were ready to leave at the drop of a hat if things got really hairy. It was strange to see what people thought was “important to pack”. For myself, I packed my computer, my hard drives, my legal documents a few changes of clothing and protein bars and water. It was hilarious explaining to my family that I needed to pack my hard drive of Porn. LOL. honestly, at the end of the day, I do still need to get my content up for the fans. Paying members in Germany really dont’ give a flying fuck if my house burns down with all my porn. Models aren’t going to reshoot for free because I lost the content in a fire. The world isn’t like that and the show must go on. “Save the porn” was one of the first things I thought. My family was busy backing knickknacks and memories. …….so this can give you an idea of how pressing the fire was in my immediate neighborhood but trust me a mile down the road, houses were burning down left and right….the neighborhood next to us is completely charred and gone. There wasn’t ” fake news” reporting red herrings. The fires and the shootings were real. I sadly have to say this because I have been reading so many conspiracy theories online. People are interesting. I don’t wanna get political on my porn blog but Jesus Christ some people are really fucking dumb.

So after the Shooting, we had the fires. After the fires let up, the freeways and roads were reopened and I was able to leave to go to my Studio in Las Vegas. One side note I would like to make here: I do post a lot about Las Vegas because my Studio is in Las Vegas. I do not nor have I ever Lived in Nevada or Las Vegas. I get so many people writing to me about my living in las vegas. I don’t, sorry. I have been actively looking for a house there but I’m currently waiting for the market to crash in 2 years for the greedy bastards in Las Vegas to drop their shitty home prices…they think they live in New York and are charing NY pricing for some of their mediocre homes……I digress.  I was able to head into Las Vegas and I was greeted with a lovely stomach flu. I actually don’t know what it was. First I thought it was a bad reaction to too much smoke but then I started to vomit and then I thought it was food poisoning. Then Models I had in my studio said they got the same thing that lasted 24 hours. All I know is I slept for 18 hours and couldn’t even look at food without wanting to vomit.  I’m starting to feel better but I get boats of not feeling great. I am lucky to be back home so I can vomit in my own toilet. I have all my hard drives of porn and I will be editing and uploading the new content soon. I shot 2 submissive X shoots in vegas so there will be new Sub X shoots coming to my clips stores. Apparently, Clip4sales bans fisting so I had to edit out the fisting part in my scene with Nikki Delano. If youre not into fisting, get the video on Clips4sale. If you are into fisting, get the video on Manyvids.

Colorado, Nevada, Other adventures

I’m trying to be more consistent with blog posting. It is not my intention to merely post promotion material. I am currently a one-woman operation, running a full site with help from contractors here and there. If any of you run your own business, you probably remember what it was like when you first started out. Firstly, it’s really hard to get a loan for porn, so I have not been able to get financial backing from any banks. I have saved up every penny I have in order to start my business. There are three types of people in this world. People who will take the risk and put the dues in to start their own business, People who are completely fine working for a company and being an employee to someone else, and people who can not or will not work for one reason or another. In my nearly 39 years on this earth, I have heard from each type of these people. Everyone has their own story, and whatever works for them is their prerogative. I have attending many Tony Robbins events, I read a lot of business books. One thing that echoes over and over is that most people are not willing to do what it takes in order to be successful. It could be that they lack the sophistication of knowing how to get the resources to get started, or maybe they are terrified of failure so they play it safe. The shitty thing about success is people tend to only pay attention to the end result. Most of us do not pay any mind to the hard work that got a person to a place of success. It’s a stereotype in the US that rich people are all just born rich. That their mommies and daddies paid for everything for them or if a woman is successful, she must have slept her way to the top. Granted, of course, there are people in this world who were lottery style born into a life of ease like that. But Staying at the top requires hard work as well. I am not trying to brag here or toot my own horn but the fact of the matter is, that in the niche of adult entertainment wrestling, I am the biggest authority of the genre. People see my success but they really have no idea what work I have put into every aspect of what I do. I train my mind and body very hard to have what I have. I was not blessed with amazing skill or muscles. I built everything I have. There is a lot more to running a full competitive Adult mixed wrestling site than meets the eye as well. People see the end result, The website is up, they can purchase videos. They have not idea what costs and stresses come with the building of the site. There’s of behind the scenes efforts put in to make a successful business. I just want to remind you all of that so you can understand why I haven’t had the time to post detailed person blog posts.

With that said, I’d like to tell you all of some adventures I have and hopefully in the process clear up some confusion. If you follow my accounts on Twitter, I do post that I shoot in Las Vegas. I do shoot in Las Vegas, I do NOT live in las vegas. I do NOT live in Nevada at all. I live in California where I have the honor of paying really stupid high taxes and sitting in some of the most god forsaken traffic you will ever see in your life. I was born and raised in California however with taxes constantly going up, and traffic making it hell for me to get around, I have been flirting with the idea of moving to either Colorado or Nevada.  A  move to Las Vegas would make the most sense for me but let’s be honest, Las Vegas is the armpit of the world. The summers are unbearable. I have found some lovely areas in Las Vegas however that aren’t terrible. I do have a little tiny condo in Mammoth mountain as well that I can easily get to for the summer months to avoid the Vegas Dessert if I had to. I did check out Colorado this last week. I wasn’t super impressed with it. I will need to spend a little more time there before I decide. Either way, My studio has to stay in Las Vegas, Since what I shoot is sensitive and I’m all set up and established and happy there. I do not wish to fly into Las Vegas any time I have a production.

That’s the update for now. I’m not asking for suggestions on where to move. I know what I like, I don’t care if you like living in  Kansas or Utah that’s good for you, I do not want to live there.

Things are coming to an even keel now with my business. The start is always the biggest pain in the ass. I’ve made it over the hump. I will have more time to produce custom videos starting January 2019. I will be attending conventions as well so if any of you wish to meet me in person at the conventions, I suggest you subscribe to the little pop up that you see when you get on to my site so you can get updates on appearances. I will also be doing more webcam work on in 2019.