Submissive X….coming soon

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. I suppose there is something uniting about COVID-19. It’s a global pandemic that has affected nearly every single country. There has been sympathy with everyone when shipping has been delayed or if New content hasn’t been created because everyone in the world understands that things have been changed due to COVID-19. Before, all creatures of earth had only a few things they could all relate to. We all see the same sun and moon ( although at different times). When I was a kid growing up, I would look up at the moon and think “there’s a kid out there who has things worse than I do looking up at this same moon right now and we are connected right now”. I have no idea if that was true, or if anyone was looking up at that moon at that same exact time looking for a soul to connect with, but it was a truth I made up in my head to help me cope with things as a young child. With COVID, I can watch the news and see so many people being affected by this Virus and I become sympathetic to everyone because we are ALL going through this. I wasn’t destroyed by COVID but some businesses have been. Every day that goes by, I’m reminded of an industry that has been decimated by this Pandemic. Artists all any kind who perform for crowds, concerts, people who work at conventions, People who do sports….the reach of this is sooooo huge. It’s hard not to be sad in some way.

One positive thing that COVID has done, is it has forced me to slow down. All my school/classes were cancelled for a while. All my training was forced to stop due to gym closures. Here is CA, gyms and salons are still closed. The gyms were open for about 2.5 weeks and then got closed down again. Since about 5 hours of my day was spent training, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I decided to use this time to grow and learn. I been studying herbalism and survival skills. This has become something I am very passionate about. I can see myself retiring and living a very minimalistic life. I try to follow the ideas of Stoicsm. I don’t want to be hedonistic, I don’t want to chase luxury, I just want a life where I appreciate what I have without having stress over finances. What currently makes me happy is learning how to live off of what the earth provides.

Another thing that has filled up my time has been working on building the site. I guess I should give a little background on how subX started. I was producing for kink for a while. I was getting a lot of cancellations which cost me a lot of money. I have to pay kill fees, locations still need to be paid even if models don’t show. Crew still gets paid even if we don’t shoot…hey they showed up to do their job I gotta pay them something ( kill fee). The cancellations were killing my profit margins. I told myself that if I could just create a shoot last minute when there is a cancellation, I could sell it on my clipstores and at least break even. So it worked like this: I would have 2 models booked for a shoot. I would have my crew booked as well and every once in a while I would have a location booked. I had to file for film permits, insurance for the location……I would buy craft services ( food for people to eat while they are on set) I had expense whether the shoot happens or not, I have costs. If one of the 2 female models no-showed or couldn’t shoot, rather than cancel the shoot if I couldn’t find a replacement model day of, I would just turn the shoot into a lesbian domination shoot where the model who did show up would dominate me. This saved me a TON of money in cancellations but it also started doing really really really well on my clip stores, on my pornhub profiles and on the sites I was able to get licensing agreements on. So Submissive X actually started being a major bread winner for my business. Now that Submissive X is in the black regularly and now that I have time to work on a stand alone site, I have turned that into my next project. So submissive X will now have a home. I’m going to make it streaming ( I know I can hear some of you grumbling already but cheer up we will allow downloads) The difference with Subx and my evolved sites is that the evolved fights give you the ability to download everything once you are a member. Subx you will only be able to download if you pay for the download otherwise you will still have access to stream anything on the site.

I’m not sure I want to be in front of the camera too much longer. COVID made me realize I hate wearing makeup or dolling up. If I could wear pajamas all day, I would. I also don’t like trying to promote myself. I hate trying to hype my work. I am much much better at hyping OTHER people’s work. I LOVE promoting companies and models that I like. I can sell the hell out of anyone else. ….I am very timid when it comes to promoting myself but I am a genius when it comes to marketing and promoting other people/companies. I have kept up with marketing since I took classes in college. Things change with marketing but principals stay the same. There are so many new platforms and ad buying networks and it is a lot of work to keep up with all of it.

I learned many years ago when I tore my ACL, that I would not be able to stay in front of the camera for ever. I knew that I would need to develop skills so that if anything happened to my industry, I could bounce back. I didn’t want a “BACKUP plan” I wanted a ” multiple streams of income” plan. I have set myself up pretty well for that. With that said. Submissive X will be going live soon. I do not know how long I will maintain it. But I’m happy it will be up soon. Please enjoy.