Long Time, No See

I haven’t posted a blog on here in while. Covid has me working extra hard just to make the same progress. I feel like there were 100 million extra steps that I had to do just to get the same results. Keeping my pay sites updating regularly during a pandemic had its trials and tribulations, but I made it work. The one thing I do appreciate about the whole shit year of 2020 was it forced me to see that small changes in my career are going to be beneficial. I want to make my business 100% online. I do not want a brick an mortar business. I want to get rid of my studio entirely. Studios are expensive had high maintenance. My issue is figuring out how I will produce a high production value product for the Evolved Fights series without a studio and without having to physically be on set to film it. I am potentially going to sell the sites in 5 years. That’s an option for me. But that’s along ways away. What I am doing in the mean time is building some “mainstream” sites that are fully PG and SFW ( safe for work) I have spend the last 15 years doing fitness and martial arts and I do consider myself an authority in those areas. Believe it or not, I get just as many folx asking me to be their coach as I get folx asking me for webcam or custom videos. I feel honored to be regarded as someone who can add value to people’s lives. I am working on a freemium blog that will give tips and ideas for working out, eating healthfully and keeping a positive mind set. If this sounds interesting to you, Please sign up for my email list at www.myjitsjourney.com By all means, if this is not of interest to you, DO NOT sign up. This site is 100% professional mainstream. There will be no nudes no porn. If you want that, say on this site. I can keep everyone happy but I need to keep things separate. Signing up doesn’t do me any favors if you are not interested or have no intention on reading or engaging in health and fitness subjects.