Tuff Love

I shot a movie for Wicked a few months ago and it’s coming out so I’m sharing the info with you. I had a great time working with the cast and crew for the film. I don’t have a big part in the movie but it was great being around so many people who like fighting as much as I do. The ladies were smoking hot and I was so lucky to be in a scene with 4 other amazing girls. I have a huge girl crush on Jessika Drake now. I always thought she was hot but after spending a little time with her and speaking with her, I have huge respect and horn dog boners for her. She’s probably the sweetest girl in porn. She picked up the fight training really fast.  Adrianna Luna already had some background in training and it really shows. She’s super hot and skilled.

here’s the trailer for the movie and some additional information :  http://www.wickedb2b.com/movies/tuff-love