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Mixed Wrestling Tag Team Test Shoot

I put together a tag team match. Guys vs Girls Style. I chose Penny Barber and Daisy Ducati to take on Patrick knight and Garrett Nova. Patrick had some wrestling experience and he was actually able to put up a fight. Garett has no wrestling experience and it’s clear when you watch the video he had no idea what he was doing.

I chose the talent based on many things. Penny and Daisy could legitimately kick either of these guys’ asses any day of the week. I thought the tag element would mix things up a bit. When a team tags and it’s 2 on 1, the team with the 1 member but give up control. This is done for safety reason. I had 3 people who knew how to wrestle and 1 guy who had no idea what he was doing. When people don’t know what they are doing and you throw them into a wrestling match they basically just flail and end up hurting themselves or someone else. Patrick was a little more controlled and knew some moves. He was actually able to reverse some holds and put the girls into some trouble. I felt that having a guy who could wrestle a little would make the victory THAT much more exciting. Seeing the girls Actually have to work to take their prize is sexy in it own right.

I changed the scoring up from the Ultimate Surrender scoring. I made it so the winner of the round gets 10 points the loser get 9 or lower. I have found that in US with the rule being you can only score points when yo uhave control has discourages the person on the bottom from doing sexual things to their opponent. They are thinking ” how can I stop their score from going up” Rather than ” how can I distract them so I can reverse this and wrestle rape them” have a 10-9 round is also more exciting that seeing a blow out of 10000-3 in my opinion. These guys put up a fight ( at least one of them did) and some people ( me) want to see the girls earn their prize, really work for it. The guys in this particular shoot actually won the second round :)

Please check out the kink test shoot and let me know what you think.


Check it out HERE


Mixed wrestling tag team

Mixed wrestling tag team


New Kink Updates

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Well, I’ve been stayin busy at kink. I do only run one site ( Ultimate Surrender)  but I’ve been staying busy by directing mixed wrestling test shoots, cat fights and guest directing several current sites. I’ve been working a lot on the TS sites and I have to say, it’s some of the sexiest stuff I’ve ever seen. The Kink TS girls are some of the hottest babes I’ve ever seen and their cocks are so hot!!! These girls know how to use their dicks and their costar are always lustfully, thankful recipients. I really enjoy working at kink because the talent that we get are so entertaining and happy to be there. It really is like one big weird family.

Please take a look at some of my recent shoots:

Mixed wrestling :

Penny vs Tony

Cheyenne Vs. Tommy


Public Disgrace:

Emma Haize and John Strong 


TS Sites:

Ava Devine and Kelly Klaymour

Darling and Venus Lux

Eva Lin and Juliette March

Venus Lux and reed Jameson

Natassia  Dream and Garret Nova

Jessia Fox and Blake


Check them out, Enjoy them. There’s more to come:)


Ultimate Surrender Updates for April and May

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I promise to make a blog post that is U/S related. But for now Here’s a list of the upcoming updates

This Friday 4/11 is the Rookie cup tournament match up between Ana Fox and Daisy Ducati…winner of this match up moves on to the finals

4/15 Tag Team’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month which means we bring you the full update of the Tag match shot on the First Friday of the month. It’s the fist installment of Team wrangler meets Team queen

4/18 Rookie Cup Tournament Final ( squirting orgasms and a forced orgasms after the buzzer no holds bar rookie match up)

4/18 We have a single match Streaming LIVE at 7pm PT Lea Lexis Vs. Wenona ( this is to see who will contend for the now vacant light weight title (( Syd no longer wrestles)))

4/25 Rilynn Rae vs. Layton Benton….there are some orgasms on the mat for this one

5/02 update will be Lea Lexis vs. Alexa Aimes
5/2 Live Tag Team Match up starts at 7pm,PT

5/9 UPdate is a Special mother’s day update. its our MILF battle ( mom’s I’d like to fight) starring Dragon Lily, Penny Barber and Holly Heart mini tournament style

5/16 update will be Jeze Belle vs Bella Rossi Great Rookie Debut on this one
5/16 LIVE show streaming at 7pm PS light weight bout

5/23 Milcah Halili vs. Izamar Gutierrez

5/30 Elizabeth Thorn vs Luna Light.

These should say solid but I will just put the disclaimer that they are subject to change at any moment.

This has been the most orgasmic season so far!!!


February updates on Ultimate Surrender

Friday updates:

Reminder. We update Weekly,  Friday by noon PT.

2/07 is the the recorded update of the match between Mistress Kara vs. Cheyenne Jewel. If you saw this live, Please try not to spoil the outcome for anyone who has to wait for the update.

2/14 Ana Foxx vs. Milcah Halili

2/18 is a tueday on which we will put the update of the tag match that was streamed live earlier in the month( the one that streams  2/07/14.)

2/21 Mona Wales vs. Wenona

2/28 Juliette March vs. Sasha Princess Banks


Streaming Live: Friday FRiday of the month is TAg Match 3rd Friday is Singles Match

2/07 Tag match Teams are still waiting to be confirmed.

2/21 Singles match. Winner of the Cheyenne Jewel vs. Mistress Kara match moves on to face Izamar Gutierrez for the Belt.


Mixed wrestling match is up

howdy Y’all and Happy New Year! I started the new year off by updating on kink with some pretty outstanding shoots. I did a test shoot which can be found on kinkondemand. It’s scripted with a story line but the wrestling is semi competitive, though the talent did have to remain “in character”. It stars Cheyenne Jewel and Tommy Utah. I will be doing more test shoots of mixed wrestling that are fully competitive, Though to be honest, semi competitive matches are a lot more fun to shoot and easier to put together. Here’s the link, I hope you enjoy Mixed Wrestling


Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 11.09.17 AM


50 shades of Grey Review

I’m waiting for a flight and have a great deal of time. I haven’t blogged in a while so I figure it would be great to do some blogging. I’m typing this on my phone keyboard so please forgive the typos and run on sentences.

I have a good amount of time to myself while I ride BART to and from work. The round trip is a 2 hour commute for me. I try to spend the time being productive or by keeping up with pop culture. I recently decided to pick up the book “50 Shades of Grey”. I was very curious about it since someone I was hanging out with said it reminded him of me. I thought the obvious. I thought that the BDSM in the book made him think of me. But I just finished the last paragraph and now I see how my life my echoes the book in other ways.
The story is a romance between a simple self described “plain” girl and mega billionaire who has secrets and a dark and “perverted” sexual appetite. It takes the reader into the courtship through the point of view of the aforementioned simple and plain girl named Anastasia. Anastasia is an annoying, needy, young, Virgin. Her inexperience makes for some thrilling chase scenes for the romantic inside me. I was utterly infatuated with the courtship in the book. I was utterly bored by the sex once it happened. I learned something very important about myself from reading this. I learned that I like foreplay much more than the actual act of sex which says a lot because I really fucking like sex. I realized my adoration for foreplay after I put the book down for 4 months because I was bored that this Christian Grey guy deflowers our lovely Ana and then I was left thinking “okay, well you can only have her virginity once “. His getting her to give herself to him was the exciting part for me. The actual sex parts were not as exciting.

That’s not to say the sex was boring. It is not. It’s well written and not crude what so ever. It was definitely written FOR women. However, the female submissive (who admits over and over in the book she’s not really a submissive) is not very exciting. I found her annoying, really. If she were my submissive I would have let her go on our third date. She’s not obedient enough for me and I found it difficult to swallow that a man of Christian Greys lifestyle and needs both personal and professional would be willing to put up with so much of her whining. I’m an asshole tho. That’s the difference between me and Christian grey I guess. Well that and I don’t have a helicopter named Charlie tango.

I must admit there were moments where I could sympathize with Anastasia’s insecurities which would lead to her whining. I’ve been in a relationship were I was constantly doubting why someone was with me. I’ve also been in relationships where I felt it was so important to get the person I was in the relationship whom I thought was cold or distant to love me. Some how I felt my love for this person in the relationship would change them and make them happy. And that is what many young girls, including our poor sweet Anastasia, do wrong. We try to change people because we think they must be miserable and we need to “fix” them. And in order to do that we need them to love us the way we love them and if they don’t we get insecure and act a little ( for lack of a better word) crazy.
I applaud the character for trying out new sexual fantasies with her first lover. I was happy to read she even enjoyed some of the spanking if it was too hard. I was a little annoyed by the constant use or words/phrases like “torture” “is he gonna beat me again”. From the very dull descriptions it did not sound like any torture or beating was happening. But I suppose I’ll let it slide because to a girl who has never experienced anything like what she was doing for Christian grey, she may very well perceive it as torture or beating. But then again she also says she liked it and was turned on by it so really not torture or beating but then again it is “beat” into our heads that’s she’s not a submissive. Meh oh well.

With that said, the Bdsm aspect if this first book in the series was not the best part of the book. The best part of the book was seeing a woman realize she was loving someone in the wrong way and her being strong enough to do the hard and right thing.

This book is repetitive and boring at times but over all it’s a good read. I think every woman should read it just to realize you’re not crazy for thinking some of the silly things one thinks when starting a new and very different kind of relationship


Updates for ultimate surrender

These are subject to change but for the most part should stay like this

This friday’s update 11/15 We have an amazing match up between Lyla “the Jaguar” Storm and Rookie Ana “Conda” Fox. Theres something like a 10 point difference between these two. So many beautiful Leggy holds and sweeps. This one is outstanding!!!! Ana Foxxx is a contender for rookie of the year

Also, There is a LIVE match THIS FRIDAY 11/15 7:pm PT between Jayogen “The Beast” and Penny Barber ” The Tarrasque”

Tuesday 11/19 is the full length Tag Match.

11/22 we have Izamar “La Diabla” vs Daisy “Dooms day” Ducati. Daisy has had a great start to season 11 with her match with Mia Li, Let’s see how she does with someone a little more experience.

11/29 Bella”The Annihilator” Rossi vs. Nikki “Road Warrior” Hearts. Nikki is scrappy and wants to do her signature sex move on Bella in Round 4.

12/06 We have a LIVE Tag match….still waiting for wrestlers to confirm.

12/06 updated will be either the recorded match of Jayogen v penny….if for some reason this match is cut short due to cancellation or injury we will update with Wennona vs. Nikki Darling. Two of the fittest girls try to muscle their way into sexually dominating the other.

12/13 New cummer Molly “From Hell” O’dell vs. Bella “The Wolfe” Bella tries to make wolf babies with little Molly but molly has other plans.

12/20 Carissa “The Barbie Brawler” vs Bella “The annihilitor” Rossi. Carissa looks like a Barbie; Blond hair, Tanned/toned skin, Big tits and pointed toes but don’t let her looks fool you. this Barbie likes to Brawl and she thinks she’s ready to kick Bella’s ass.

12/27 Alice “The Killing” Frost vs. Lea Lexis “the Romanian Rager” Alice has been training and it shows. She gives Lea a very hard time and Lea doesn’t like disobient girls. asshole fingering during the wrestling….ouchie-mama!


Coveted protein pancake recipe

I had a lot of folks asking for my recipe for my famous protein pancakes so I’m gonna share. It’s a recipe I invented through trial and error of trying to incorporate more protein into a regular pancake recipe. I’m pretty proud of this breakfast meal I made. I should patent and trade mark this shit and sell it. But I’m giving away the recipe because I want to help folks

I have included brand names for products. I strongly suggest using the exact product I mention. Through my own trial and error, I have found that these specific products work best for cooking. So don’t substitute anything or you will murder my recipe.

1 cup egg whites
1 cup voskos fat free plain Greek yogurt
1 cup Quakers quick oaks uncooked (dry)
1/4 cup gluten flour ( not gluten free) if u require gluten free do no use this flour and use gf oats however I’ve done this and they pancakes are very flat and not as delicious.
1 scoop chocolate Protowhey protein powder
1 scoop vanilla Protowhey protein powder

Blend everything together in a blender

Heat pan

Cover pan with macadamia nut oil ( I prefer this to coconut oil for cooking) see benefits of macadamia but oil here

Macadmia but oil also has a higher smoke point that coconut oil has so its better for cooking. To find the oil you like best and is most healthful for you, here is a great article about different oils

I don’t use syrup for these pancakes. I make my own jam using strwberries, blueberries and a teaspoon of local organic honey.

If you use this and/or tell others about it please give me credit for it. It took me several trial and error days of slaving at a girl to make this just right.

There it is, enjoy


14 week post acl repair

I saw my super hot doctor yesterday. He said blah blah blah. Nothing important or new. He did said in 2 weeks from now (so in early may) I can start running. That’s good to know since I started running last week. I have nursed my knee and taken very good care if it. I have listened to the doctor and my physical therapist and done everything they have told me. However I feel like the PT has greatly underestimated my strength and persistence. Any thing my PT told me to do I would do. It would be a lot of effort at first but my body adjusts to things well and quickly. If something is hard for me to do, I continue to do it until I master it. Perfect practice makes perfect. I train with great form and quantity. This has served me well in my bjj training as drilling is 99% of how one improves. I sacrificed time with family and friends and myself in order to recover and rehab from this surgery. I spend about 2 hours a day stretching and doing the exercises suggested. Me at my weakest is still better than the average American. I really wish I could afford the type of PT and doctors that a paid professional team athlete gets. I wish I had a sports specific program alas I’m with kaiser and I’m dealt the hand that is given to me. I did switch doctors and pt to find the best person in network. I’m happy with them however I feel they don’t “get me” I understand that there is No possible way for my graft to heal sooner than 6 months but I feel they are being too cautious. It’s sad that in today’s day and age that doctors and hospitals are targets for frivolous law suits. I strongly believe that assholes ruin things for everyone. Of course doctors would prefer to error on the side of safety. I truly do understand it. However, I think every patient is a special case. Not everyone should be handled the same way. The doctors can’t dedicate the time money and effort it takes to proper service all their patience. I’m taking it upon myself to heal myself the best way possible. I have never , in the time after surgery, pushed my body to do more than it could handle. But I certainly have pushed my body beyond what the doctor and pt protocol has allowed. The doc and pt are patting themselves on the backs. “Wow you’re way ahead of our best athletes, you’re the poster child of how this rehab should be” yeah it’s all you doc!! Sure.
At any rate, one thing I can not speed up is the process in which my body starts turning the hamstring graft into an actual acl. That takes 24 weeks even if you are fit as a fiddle and super healer like myself. So right now my knee is still vulnerable. The muscle I have built around my knee is strong and solid and will help protect me. But the graft is weak. I will not be permitted to box or wrestle until mid July. I can drill however as long as I do no pivot. So I will be doing everything and anything I can do in this time. I see a lot of arm bar drills in my future ;)


Tuff Love

I shot a movie for Wicked a few months ago and it’s coming out so I’m sharing the info with you. I had a great time working with the cast and crew for the film. I don’t have a big part in the movie but it was great being around so many people who like fighting as much as I do. The ladies were smoking hot and I was so lucky to be in a scene with 4 other amazing girls. I have a huge girl crush on Jessika Drake now. I always thought she was hot but after spending a little time with her and speaking with her, I have huge respect and horn dog boners for her. She’s probably the sweetest girl in porn. She picked up the fight training really fast.  Adrianna Luna already had some background in training and it really shows. She’s super hot and skilled.

here’s the trailer for the movie and some additional information :


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