Infamous ButtSniffer’s with Ariel X, Gabriella Paltrova and

Kink has updated some really fun, extreme content the last few weeks. I have directed and starred in some shoots that recently went up on EverythingButt and Ultimate Surrender. It’s a lot of work to star in and direct movies all at once but every once in a while I get models who are so hot and so sexy, I can’t resist and I have to be in the movie with them. This particular Everything Butt update, I had some irresistible ladies. Gabriella Paltrova and Ryan Reisling showed up and started playing with their buttholes and one thing lead to another and the rest is history. I did have some external motivation for this particular video. I saw this article circulating online and I immediately knew I was going to make it into an Everything Butt movie. The head line was “Man arrested for breaking into homes and sniffing butts”….GOLD!!!

If you like butt sniffing, fisting, Slinks and good old fashioned lesbian anal strap on, This video is for you. 


Best Sale of the Year



click the image for the link to the deal. It wont last long. Get it while you can!!!!!


Lorelei Lee does Ultimate Surrender and EB

Somehow, I was able to convince Lorelei Lee to do Ultimate Surrender after about 10 years of shooting with She was very cute, coming in confident she was going to be able to out wit me. She’s a very smart lady but having never wrestled before, she didn’t really stand a chance against the likes of me. My muscles do a lot of work but I train hard for several hours every day and every once in a while some moves  do require a little bit of brain power. Spoiler alert!!! I kick the nerds ass. I put her in brutal scissor hold, camel clutches, back breakers, chokes….but on Everything butt, the Nerd gets her revenge. The Nerd outsmarts me. Tricks me into wearing myself out so she can tie me up and have her way with me. What she does to my asshole is unspeakable. She tries to put two fists into me, gets me to gape open, squirt all over myself and the lick her gape….revenge is a dish best served off of Lorelei Lee’s gaping asshole.





Ariel X Productions Start up

Hey Gang! I have some exciting news and I really need everyone’s help spreading the word and supporting the cause. As you may or may not know, I have a huge passion for combat sports and I have a huge passion for porn. I’d like to marry the two together by starting a athletic style porn site which will include but not be limited to Mixed wrestling, fem/fem wrestling, sex fights, catfights, and Lez dom. I’ve been in the porn industry for over 13 years. I love what I do and I know I produce amazing content  à la the stuff I made for Just so you all know, I am more than happy to continue shooting for I am loyal to them and I love them and value them. Right now they are going through some transitions and I’m not sure I can continue working with them full time. I am more than happy to shoot for them on an “as needed” basis as long as it’s serendipitous. In the mean while, I would love to continue focusing on the things I love so much. Please take a moment to check out my gofundme page. I know you may not have funds to support my cause right now but if you share this and spread the word, that will help a great deal. I’m also very open to hearing about site/shoot suggestions. I am asking for such a huge start up amount because I will need to build good set, purchase good equipment and hire amazing web developers. I want high quality content…nothing but the best for my fans. Please feel free to share my blog post or just the gofund me page. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.




Ariel Submits Izamar Gutierrez…..TWICE

I can die happy now because I can say I’ve gotten Izamar to shoot for 3 kink sites now. She’s been a long time regular on Ultimate Surrender, I got her to shoot for Everything Butt and now she’s on Whipped ass. This season of Ultimate Surrender was somewhat anti climatic with Savanna Fox leaving the summer Vengeance tournament just before the finale due to a knee injury she sustained outside of the industry. Izamar Gutierrez got a the Belt by default. Because I don’t like letting so called champions off the hook too easily, I had Izamar take on her Achilles Heels, Mistress Kara. Izamar just can’t beat that chick. No matter what she does, Kara always gets the best of her. I decided to take on Izamar myself after her horrible performance against Kara. I wanted to find her whole ( and her holes). I found her weaknesses. I let her get some holds on me to find out where her strengths are and at the end of the day, I owned Izamar. I had to punish the so-called champ. I had to really make her hate losing. I wanted her to hate losing so much that she gave it everything she got to win from here on out. Hopefully she will do better against Kara next time. You can see all the crazy things I did to Izamar on US here at  Ultimate Surrender but wait, there’s more. The punishment didn’t stop on US, I dragged her ass to Whippedass and tied her up, suspended her with ropes, fisted her, and fucked her good. you can see that  at Whipped ass



Ariel X submits to The Pope on Device Bondage

I did a shoot for Device Bondage in which I submitted to one of my favorite dudes in the world, JP aka The Pope. I was reading through the comments on the shoot and I was surprised to read that people think I don’t do sub work. While it’s true I haven’t done much of it since becoming a full time director at, I still do it. I have no issue about submitting to people I trust and get a long with. While I am very particular with the males I will submit to, I will still do it. It’s also interesting to read comments from people here on my blog or twitter or on shoots who are obsessed with my sexual orientation. I supposed I’m flattered to people would care but what really does it matter. If I like girls it doesn’t mean I will fuck any girl and if I like guys it doesn’t mean I will fuck every guy, if I like both guys and girls It doesn’t mean I will fuck any guy or girl, so don’t worry about getting you hopes up or wondering what my preference is. I like brilliant people who inspire me ( regardless of what gender they identify with or what is between their legs) I do not fuck penis on camera simply because I don’t want to. It’s the same reason probably you sitting at home reading this has for not shooting porn…you don’t want to, you don’t need to, you have nothing compelling you to do so….it’s really that simple…Occam’s Razor…there’s not conspiracy, I promise.

I’ve gone on a tangent and I will bring us back to the real topic at hand; the awesome Device bondage shoot . I had a great time on this shoot. I think the most frustrating part of the shoot was the ” forced deep throating” in the last scene. The dildo was rather thick and I couldn’t get it very deep ( at least not as deep as I wanted to get it). I always walk into these submission roles thinking the  processing of pain will help me with martial arts. I feel like if I can tough through the shoots, I will be tougher when I’m getting kicked, elbowed, punched, tackled or what ever else in my sparring in the gym. One thing is for sure, girls who can tolerate BDSM definitely are a lot tougher than your average broad. I also feel that since I’m topping so many women as of late, I still need to keep grounded by bottoming every once in a while so I can better sympathize with the girls I top. Basically there are so many benefits to being a sub, it would be silly of me not to continue doing it.

I won’t ramble on much longer. Here are some photos from the shoot, enjoy



Thank you for the sports Bras

the DR.  sent me some awesome sports bras from my wishlist. I absolutely love them. I have put some work-out attire on the wishlist so if you are in to fitness babes, I will post pix every time someone gets me something from the list that you will certainly enjoy. I have more photos coming of lululemon pants, gorgeous shoes and much much more. Thank you to all of you for supporting me.


Kacie Castle’s Anal Audition

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Everything butt has updated with a great new find (for me). I brought Kacie Castle to everything butt to see what her ass could do and boy oh boy can it do a lot!!


Ariel X is holding auditions for Everything butt. She has been in the casting couch all day, putting fists in ass and no one has impressed her. Her next recruit is Kacie Castle. Kacie is confident in her anal abilities and Ariel is curious to challenge her. She puts Kacie over her knee and gives her a very good spanking with her hand and with Kacie’s own shoe. Ariel gives Kacie’s ass a fisting with no warm up but it’s simply not deep enough for Ariel’s liking so Kacie is sent home. When Kacie learns she has been turned down for the role, she takes her anger out on her own asshole. Kacie furiously fucks her ass to teach it a lesson. She will get her ass to open and take big things and prove to Ariel she is worthy of the everythingbutt members. Once Kacie is nice and warmed up, she sneaks into ariels home where she finds Ariel Sleeping. Kacie sniffs Ariels ass while she sleeps. Ariel wakes to Kacie sniffing her ass and decides to give Kacie another audition, this one even more intense than the last. There are not breaks, no hold. This is straight through with some editing. Kacie is fucked hard with a giant strap on, Spread wide with the speculum where we see deep into her red rose budded asshole the fisted all in a span of a few minutes. Kacie licks and sucks on Ariels Gape, face sat and then Kacie is accepted on to everything butt. Based on a true Story! Click HERE to watch


Summer Vengeance is Upon us

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here is the summer Vengeance bracket. Enjoy



Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.06.05 PM


Rematch of the Century Ariel X vs. Mistress Kara 2

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If you can’t tell from recent posts on my blog here, I adore Kara. She’s a solid girl, physically and characteristically. She’s a tough opponent. We had this match scheduled 4 times. The first was November. Kara flew all the way into San Francisco and I took one look at her skinny ghostly face and asked her if she was okay. She told me she had been sick for a week. She had caught the flu. She was willing to take the match but told me she was very weak and asked me just not to hurt her because she wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to take the match with her. It really was a no win situation for me had we gone forward with the match. Had she lost, I would have been the bully who beat up on a sick girl. Members would comment on how she looked sick and skinny and if I took her when she was 100%, there would be no way I would have won. If I lost the match ( which would not have happened), I would have lost to a skinny, sick mistress Kara and I would never live it down. Also, Knowing she wasn’t 100%, I wouldn’t have given it 100% myself and the match would have been lackluster.
We rescheduled the match for January. January came and I was injured slightly in a ski accident. I took a pretty bad fall and sprained my MCL. I could walk and I could function but I took some time off training so I could rest and recover my knee which also required a reschedule for the match in February. February came and so did Kara. She flew back up to San Francisco. She pulls me aside and tells me she has bruises on her and wants me to approve her to shoot. I could not approve her. She was black and blue and it wasn’t pretty. Again, I wanted her at 100%, not marked up, not potentially hurt. I rescheduled the match for the end of March. March 30th came. I had spent the entire weekend wrestling for another company, finding where I had holes in my game and where I excelled. I made sure to cut back on weight lifting and wrestling the Monday prior to my shoot with Kara so that I would be in peak condition. I was running a sub 6 minute mile for conditioning up until 2 days before the match and then I went to doing just wind sprints. I’ve been competing for a while so Peaking hasn’t been a problem for me in many years. The match happened.

To watch the full match, Click HERE

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