Everything Butt with me, Darling and Bella Rossi

these two are two of my favorite girls in Porn. They are filthy filthy girls. I am really happy to work with such great girls.


Please check out the update on Everything butt with me and 2 of my favorite pervy girls :)



Everything Butt with Me and Casey Calvert

Published on February 26th, 2015 by in g/g porn

Casey Calvert always surprises me. She so cute, so pretty and so classy, I forget how dirty she can get. I have amazing chemistry with this girl. I hope to work with her more.


Please check out this update with me and the always lovely, Casey Calvert


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Mixed wrestling Match with Me, Wenona, Mona Wales is up on KOD




Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.41.32 PMI recently did a test shoot for kink that involved 100% competitive mixed wrestling. It’s been getting mixed reviews but over all is doing very well.  Its interesting to see comments from guys thinking it’s not competitive, that they guy wasn’t trying. First I’d like to mention that it was 2 girls against 1 guy, the odds were slightly stacked in the women’s favor. Also, I’m a submissions expert. A guy can try to hold me down all day but if he doesn’t’ know how to defend against a submission, he’s going to be tapping all day and night, which is what happened in this match. It’s sad to realize that I’m just TOO good to perform in matches now a days. When I win, people think it’s fake, it’s frustrating to me and frankly insulting. I put so much time and energy into training. To negate my effort by claiming that my victories must be staged or rigged is ignorant, but that’s people and that’s the internet for ya.

If you’d like to see my match please check it out here


I hope to do some more mixed matches for kink in the future ( not so much starring in them but directing) Please check out a forum thread I have on kink for a discussion about whether or not I should put an occasional competitive mixed match on Ultimate Surrender as a bonus. Thank you


kicking ass and lifting men

check out my latest divine bitches shoot. I love lift and carry but I love teasing men more bruahhaah





Thank you for the great comments on the blogs

I have fallen behind on approving comments on my blog. I just logged in today to look at the comments and I’ve been blown away by the support and positive comments you all have been sending. Thank you all!  I am blessed to have so many awesome followers who are kinky and open minded. Even when you give criticism you are very kind and constructive about it. I’m just writing to let you all know that your kind words have not fallen on deaf ears or gotten lost in the internet ether.


I’ve been busy directing and shooting full time at kink. I have adapted a second site ( As if running US tournaments and wrangling models for Ultimate Surrender wasn’t enough work, now I’m officially taken over a second site. All last year I was guest directing on various sites and for a good chunk of the year I was directing full time. I was able to sneak away for some fun in the sun in 2014. I went to the bahamas, Tulum Mexico and even Thailand for New Years!! I have been meaning to post information on my trips. If any of you travel a lot, I would love to bounce travel tips and ideas off of any of you.


I will be directing a lot more this year and I hope that doesn’t effect my ability to star in movies as well. Although I enjoy performing, directing is becoming a huge passion for me and between directing and training, it gets very difficult to do outside shoots.  I have started heavy weight training again; an activity I neglected some after my knee surgery. I really do enjoy lifting weights. I took up Sambo and I really enjoy that as well. It has really made me a devil on the mats with sneaky leg attacks :)  All in all 2014 was an amazing year and I’d like to thank all of you for helping to make it that much more amazing.


Device Bondage update

Published on December 8th, 2014 by in Bondage, fetish

Please check out my latest kink update on Device bondage. It was torment.



Available now at Sadistic Rope: Ariel X Will Submit

Published on December 3rd, 2014 by in Bondage

Available now at Sadistic Rope: Ariel X Will Submit

Ariel is a strong business woman who loves to flex her power and muscles. She is quickly taken down a notch when she is subdued and bound to a chair. Her clothes are ripped from her body, her legs spread wide, and her breasts tormented. She’s starting to feel helpless, but not quite ready to submit. She is moved from the first position straight into the next. All of the rigging is shown, as she is bound in a position of submission. Her body is on display and tormented for all to see. A nasty crotch rope is added to send the message that submission is the only way out.The final scene has Ariel on her back, with her legs spread further than before, exposing her holes and feet to the evil torment. She suffers through

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Ariel X and Carrissa Montgomery on Electro Sluts

We got Carrissa on Electrosluts. Carrissa is a hell of a wrestler but she’s a good kinky girl too. This was her first time working with electricity. She was in for a “shock” hahaha .

check out our stuff here


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Nominated for “kinkiest performer” for AVN

Howdy y’all,


I was nominated for another AVN this year. This time it “kinkiest performer”. I haven’t shot much DVD content, mostly web content and it’s my understanding that the AVN’s cater more to DVD content. Most of my Kink performances are not available on DVD. Judging from the picture they used for the voting polls, this is from a sweetheart videos submission. Regardless, if you are so inclined, please vote for me


Thank you

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