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After years and years of beating up men in session wrestling, I’ve found that I am 100% totally comfortable beating up men on camera as well. I was delighted when Devine Bitches asked me to co-top for one of their shoots. I was even more delighted when they asked me to pee on the adorable Rukus. Please stay tuned for more shoots of me domming men :) let me know what you think.



Check out My Sadistic Rope update


Happy Birthday to Me, Thank you Everyone

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Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and presents. I really appreciate the love. Here are some photos of me with some of the beautiful items some of you sent me. Please note that beautiful jewelry

DSCN1948 DSCN1947 DSCN1946 DSCN1945 DSCN1944 DSCN1943 DSCN1942 DSCN1941 DSCN1940 DSCN1939 DSCN1937 DSCN1936 DSCN1935 DSCN1934 DSCN1932 DSCN1930 DSCN1929 DSCN1928 DSCN1927 DSCN1925 DSCN1924 DSCN1921 DSCN1919 DSCN1918 DSCN1915


Dangers of the Condom bills

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This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or co-workers


The Big Porn Producers are smart. They realize the  recent mandatory condom laws trying to get on the books are going to hurt the industry. Contrary to what some of the proponents of the laws will say, porn producers are not looking at loss of sales as a reason to oppose the bills, they are looking at loss of safety in the long term. We have been blasted by people accusing us of putting dollar bills before the health and safety of our employees. Our accusers are ignorant to the facts on how we test universally and why our testing works. A  law mandating condom use in pornagraphic films will increase the occurrence of life threatening STIs long term and Porn Stars who know how the industry works today are fearing for the safety and health of porn stars coming into the industry a few years after the laws are passed.

I’d like to state, for the record, that the porn industry is not opposed to wearing condoms.Currently condoms are optional and any performer who choses to use one for any reason may do so.  Condoms do reduce the risk of infection for some STI’s and the general public should wear condoms to prevent STDs and for population control.  Porn is not the General Public. We are overly concerned sex workers on high alert who have developed a highly effective way of practicing safe sex without condoms. If everyone in the world  were to uses the  self regulated practices that the porn community used, the spread of disease would drop significantly. I will have to explain our practice for you to fully understand why and how our method works and has help make it so that there have been absolutely ZERO transmissions of HIV from a porn production interaction since 2004.  The Porn Industry has been self regulated since its inception. The Group of Talent has made an unofficial union which enforces the ground rules for shooting porn. Currently an active performer tests for STIs every 7-14 days.   Not every performer tests on the exact same day. Testing is staggered amongst the talent pool. The staggering helps to maintain verification of clean testing amongst performers who work a lot because testing overlaps between performers. Some performers even require that their partners have tests that are no older than 2 days. Performers who work a lot will test every 7 days since getting lab results can take anywhere between 1-7 days and they don’t want to risk losing work due to an expired and/or late test. It would be very unlikely for a performer to pass along HIV to another performer within the 7-14 day period between testing. So unlikely, that it’s actually never happened in the adult industry.

Our Frequent testing has also been beneficial for those performers who have contracted HIV in their personal lives. Thanks to the tests, they are able to get early detection and start using PEP ( Post Exposure Prophyalxis) medication. The earlier the disease is detected, the higher probability of stopping its progression. Incidentally, if bills like AB1576 which mandates condom use for adult performers while they are on set had been in place, the performers who recently contracted HIV in their personal lives would still have contracted HIV. It is our testing system that made them test so they could work which notified them they had an issue and they were able to get treatment early.

Now that you know how our testing system works, you may be asking yourself, “Why not do both” “isn’t doing both even better”? Those are simple questions with complicated answers. Firstly, the Government can not and should not have the ability to mandate that ANYONE get tested for STDs. It’s great they they recommend that everyone do get tested but they can not mandate it. The Issue with mandating condoms is it give people a false sense of security. Condoms are only 99% effective if used properly. That’s still a 1% chance of a defect. But remember that 99% is only if they are used properly. Porn sex positions and longevity take that “if used properly” out of the equation.  There’s also the issue of spillage; when the male ejaculates and the seamen spills out of the condom onto/into his partner. There is Zero protection from that.

If condoms are mandated, some performers and producers may drop the testing all together. The big companies will still require testing because it is the safest way to make sure you absolutely are clear if there is spillage or a if a condom breaks altogether. But for every big porn company there are 100 small  GWC ( guys with cameras) who pop up every year trying to make it in the industry. Over time, new men and women who enter into the workforce as performers will not know about how things were as they are today with this back bone we have now.  A girl can come into the industry, do a scene with a guy who hasn’t tested with the best quality HIV test that we currently use ( because it’s not mandatory ) and use a condom because those are mandatory. There could be spillage, the condom could break. She Could contract HIV and not know about it until she goes to work for one of the BIG companies who are looking out of performer safety  and have her get tested. But by the time she tests it will be past the time when PEP medication is most effective.  It would be highly unlikely for small companies to do the voluntary testing if required to pay for it ( as the condom bill now mandates that IF there is testing that the “employer” pay for it”). The current tests cost $200 and  up each time for a test.  This is the Pit fall of the condom mandate. It will disintegrate something that is tried and true to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Right now We have a system that works and a track record to prove it.  This bill will divide the industry. We’ve taken years to develop a network of doctors and performers and companies who come together harmoniously to make the test work. All performers volunteer their test results to each other right now.  The current performers and current big companies will continue to test, always, even if there is a condom mandate. We are not worried for ourselves; we will be fine. We worry for the next generation of stars who will come into an industry that will be divided between those who use the  rapid HIV test and those who do not. Us “old timers’ who’ve been at this a while will try to keep the knowledge of the importance of testing strong but sooner or later we retire or otherwise leave the industry.  Some performers and producers will do test and condom but believe me some will say the government doesn’t require tests; that the tests are only used for a certain part of the industry of OLD production companies and it’s okay because “hey we’re using condoms “. They will show you this law that the government made that says, you must wear a condom for porn and it must be all good because the government made it so. Ask yourself, would you rather have sex with someone with a clean test or would you rather have sex with someone who could have and STD but wears a condom. Right now you’re saying, Let’s have both. I know I can hear you from here. But people in their nature will always find loop holes. The Condom Bill is the biggest loophole a scum bag and have and this world if full of scumbags. The next generation of porn stars wont know any better because they have trusted that the government understood their best interest so they wouldn’t pass a law that would put them in jeopardy.  That is our ignorance, because, if the government passes this bill, we will be in jeopardy. Not because the government wasn’t trying to help but because the government didn’t listen and simply didn’t understand the message we stood up to say to them in Sacramento by the bus load.   Porn star after Porn star pleaded with them to not allow the bill to pass  because we know it will take away the freedom we have to self regulate ourselves in a successful way.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” We do deserve liberty and security and we are not asking to give up one or the other but we are going to lose both because they didn’t listen. Because saying ” just put a condom on it” sounds good to the public.

If you would like to stop the currently AB1576 Bill please fax sacramento There is NO condom bill that is good for Porn. We have successfully self regulated for over 10 years. ANY condom mandate will dissolve our tried and true system.



Thank you for the Thai Shorts

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They fit very nicely. I’ve been using these in my classes. Thank you So much for the support


DSCN1890 DSCN1891 DSCN1892 DSCN1894 DSCN1899 DSCN1900 DSCN1901 DSCN1903


Thank you for the Grey Pants

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Someone was kind enough to get these grey pants for me off my wishlist. Thank you



Planning some Training in Thailand

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I’m looking at doing a 2 week training camp in Thailand later this year. Although I can pay for myself to go, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping to sponsor my trip. I will be training at Tiger muay Thai I’d like to go for a month, but with my work schedule at Kink, there is no way they will give me a month off to do this. So I’m looking at using my vacation time to do this. I’m going solely to train muaY Thai. This will be supplemental training to what I already do now. I do train Muah Thai every day at my MMA gym but it is a huge fantasy of mine to train Thai fighting in Thailand. Ideally, I’d like to raise $5000 for the trip. This will pay for flights accommodations, water/food, gear, private sessions and group sessions. I don’t anticipate anyone contributing 100% of the sponsorship. A little here and there is helpful.

If you give $2000 you get a 1 hour private webcam session ( weekend or evening session)  and 1 year ad space on my blog and a personalized Thank you pix from me ( you will need to send me your email address)

$1000 I will give you 1 year ad space on my blog  and a personalized Thank you pix from me

$500  20 minute webcam session and a personalized Thank you pix from me

$100 a personalized Thank you pix from me ( you will need to send me your email address)

Thank you. Even if you don’t contribute, I thank you all for the support. Either way, I will be going to train and I look forward to posting pix and stories about my experience here on my blog. xoxo







Mixed Wrestling Tag Team Test Shoot

I put together a tag team match. Guys vs Girls Style. I chose Penny Barber and Daisy Ducati to take on Patrick knight and Garrett Nova. Patrick had some wrestling experience and he was actually able to put up a fight. Garett has no wrestling experience and it’s clear when you watch the video he had no idea what he was doing.

I chose the talent based on many things. Penny and Daisy could legitimately kick either of these guys’ asses any day of the week. I thought the tag element would mix things up a bit. When a team tags and it’s 2 on 1, the team with the 1 member but give up control. This is done for safety reason. I had 3 people who knew how to wrestle and 1 guy who had no idea what he was doing. When people don’t know what they are doing and you throw them into a wrestling match they basically just flail and end up hurting themselves or someone else. Patrick was a little more controlled and knew some moves. He was actually able to reverse some holds and put the girls into some trouble. I felt that having a guy who could wrestle a little would make the victory THAT much more exciting. Seeing the girls Actually have to work to take their prize is sexy in it own right.

I changed the scoring up from the Ultimate Surrender scoring. I made it so the winner of the round gets 10 points the loser get 9 or lower. I have found that in US with the rule being you can only score points when yo uhave control has discourages the person on the bottom from doing sexual things to their opponent. They are thinking ” how can I stop their score from going up” Rather than ” how can I distract them so I can reverse this and wrestle rape them” have a 10-9 round is also more exciting that seeing a blow out of 10000-3 in my opinion. These guys put up a fight ( at least one of them did) and some people ( me) want to see the girls earn their prize, really work for it. The guys in this particular shoot actually won the second round :)

Please check out the kink test shoot and let me know what you think.


Check it out HERE


Mixed wrestling tag team

Mixed wrestling tag team


New Kink Updates

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Well, I’ve been stayin busy at kink. I do only run one site ( Ultimate Surrender)  but I’ve been staying busy by directing mixed wrestling test shoots, cat fights and guest directing several current sites. I’ve been working a lot on the TS sites and I have to say, it’s some of the sexiest stuff I’ve ever seen. The Kink TS girls are some of the hottest babes I’ve ever seen and their cocks are so hot!!! These girls know how to use their dicks and their costar are always lustfully, thankful recipients. I really enjoy working at kink because the talent that we get are so entertaining and happy to be there. It really is like one big weird family.

Please take a look at some of my recent shoots:

Mixed wrestling :

Penny vs Tony

Cheyenne Vs. Tommy


Public Disgrace:

Emma Haize and John Strong 


TS Sites:

Ava Devine and Kelly Klaymour

Darling and Venus Lux

Eva Lin and Juliette March

Venus Lux and reed Jameson

Natassia  Dream and Garret Nova

Jessia Fox and Blake


Check them out, Enjoy them. There’s more to come:)


Ultimate Surrender Updates for April and May

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I promise to make a blog post that is U/S related. But for now Here’s a list of the upcoming updates

This Friday 4/11 is the Rookie cup tournament match up between Ana Fox and Daisy Ducati…winner of this match up moves on to the finals

4/15 Tag Team’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month which means we bring you the full update of the Tag match shot on the First Friday of the month. It’s the fist installment of Team wrangler meets Team queen

4/18 Rookie Cup Tournament Final ( squirting orgasms and a forced orgasms after the buzzer no holds bar rookie match up)

4/18 We have a single match Streaming LIVE at 7pm PT Lea Lexis Vs. Wenona ( this is to see who will contend for the now vacant light weight title (( Syd no longer wrestles)))

4/25 Rilynn Rae vs. Layton Benton….there are some orgasms on the mat for this one

5/02 update will be Lea Lexis vs. Alexa Aimes
5/2 Live Tag Team Match up starts at 7pm,PT

5/9 UPdate is a Special mother’s day update. its our MILF battle ( mom’s I’d like to fight) starring Dragon Lily, Penny Barber and Holly Heart mini tournament style

5/16 update will be Jeze Belle vs Bella Rossi Great Rookie Debut on this one
5/16 LIVE show streaming at 7pm PS light weight bout

5/23 Milcah Halili vs. Izamar Gutierrez

5/30 Elizabeth Thorn vs Luna Light.

These should say solid but I will just put the disclaimer that they are subject to change at any moment.

This has been the most orgasmic season so far!!!

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