Colorado, Nevada, Other adventures

I’m trying to be more consistent with blog posting. It is not my intention to merely post promotion material. I am currently a one-woman operation, running a full site with help from contractors here and there. If any of you run your own business, you probably remember what it was like when you first started out. Firstly, it’s really hard to get a loan for porn, so I have not been able to get financial backing from any banks. I have saved up every penny I have in order to start my business. There are three types of people in this world. People who will take the risk and put the dues in to start their own business, People who are completely fine working for a company and being an employee to someone else, and people who can not or will not work for one reason or another. In my nearly 39 years on this earth, I have heard from each type of these people. Everyone has their own story, and whatever works for them is their prerogative. I have attending many Tony Robbins events, I read a lot of business books. One thing that echoes over and over is that most people are not willing to do what it takes in order to be successful. It could be that they lack the sophistication of knowing how to get the resources to get started, or maybe they are terrified of failure so they play it safe. The shitty thing about success is people tend to only pay attention to the end result. Most of us do not pay any mind to the hard work that got a person to a place of success. It’s a stereotype in the US that rich people are all just born rich. That their mommies and daddies paid for everything for them or if a woman is successful, she must have slept her way to the top. Granted, of course, there are people in this world who were lottery style born into a life of ease like that. But Staying at the top requires hard work as well. I am not trying to brag here or toot my own horn but the fact of the matter is, that in the niche of adult entertainment wrestling, I am the biggest authority of the genre. People see my success but they really have no idea what work I have put into every aspect of what I do. I train my mind and body very hard to have what I have. I was not blessed with amazing skill or muscles. I built everything I have. There is a lot more to running a full competitive Adult mixed wrestling site than meets the eye as well. People see the end result, The website is up, they can purchase videos. They have not idea what costs and stresses come with the building of the site. There’s of behind the scenes efforts put in to make a successful business. I just want to remind you all of that so you can understand why I haven’t had the time to post detailed person blog posts.

With that said, I’d like to tell you all of some adventures I have and hopefully in the process clear up some confusion. If you follow my accounts on Twitter, I do post that I shoot in Las Vegas. I do shoot in Las Vegas, I do NOT live in las vegas. I do NOT live in Nevada at all. I live in California where I have the honor of paying really stupid high taxes and sitting in some of the most god forsaken traffic you will ever see in your life. I was born and raised in California however with taxes constantly going up, and traffic making it hell for me to get around, I have been flirting with the idea of moving to either Colorado or Nevada.  A  move to Las Vegas would make the most sense for me but let’s be honest, Las Vegas is the armpit of the world. The summers are unbearable. I have found some lovely areas in Las Vegas however that aren’t terrible. I do have a little tiny condo in Mammoth mountain as well that I can easily get to for the summer months to avoid the Vegas Dessert if I had to. I did check out Colorado this last week. I wasn’t super impressed with it. I will need to spend a little more time there before I decide. Either way, My studio has to stay in Las Vegas, Since what I shoot is sensitive and I’m all set up and established and happy there. I do not wish to fly into Las Vegas any time I have a production.

That’s the update for now. I’m not asking for suggestions on where to move. I know what I like, I don’t care if you like living in  Kansas or Utah that’s good for you, I do not want to live there.

Things are coming to an even keel now with my business. The start is always the biggest pain in the ass. I’ve made it over the hump. I will have more time to produce custom videos starting January 2019. I will be attending conventions as well so if any of you wish to meet me in person at the conventions, I suggest you subscribe to the little pop up that you see when you get on to my site so you can get updates on appearances. I will also be doing more webcam work on in 2019.

Kelli Provocateur, Ariel X Submissive X Fitness Trainer Trains Ariel’s ASS

I’ve been trying to get somewhat regular updates for my Submissive X series. I will most likely NOT be building a membership site for this series. I’m finding it hard to juggle updating 3 sites right now,, and also  It takes a lot out of me to booking models, accommodations for the shoots, maintaining the studio building, star in movies, edit movies, market everything, do customer services. currently, I can not hire anyone to delegate any of this work to since all these projects are in their infancy and not bringing in enough money to pay someone else. I do enjoy shooting all this content and I would like to continue.

Without any further ado, Let me tell you about my most recent shoot with Kelli Provocateur. I’ve known Kelli for a few years now. She has wrestled for me on various websites. She’s a sweetheart, a little wild and very fun. I think I get along with Kelli so much because we have a lot in common. She’s petite albeit she is smaller than even I. She has a muscular build, she’s into fitness. I immediately have a rapport with fitness people because there is a mutual respect for people who discipline their workout and diet. After spending some time with Kelli, I have learned a lot about her and I really really think she’s amazing. It’s always fun and easy to be submissive to someone you hold in high regard. For the Submissive X shoots, I write and direct all the shoots to live out My fantasy. Since Kelli is notorious for being a great trainer, I thought it would be fun to do a scene where she is training me, being mean yet seductive at the same time and then having her way with me.

Here’s a trailer for our scene which can be found at

Lesbian Evolved Fights Clips are up for Sale on

Thank you guys and girls for signing up to receive updates on the lesbian evolved fights series. That project is still a work in progress. There is no promise of a full site build out for that site yet. I am still doing market research to see if the demand will make the cost of shooting these things. Currently, the only place to purchase our Lesbian evolved videos is on If these videos do not break even, I will not be making the site.



With that said, Check out the videos if you are in lesbian wrestling….and if you’re not, then don’t check them out…


Evolved Fights Launches

It is with Great Pleasure that I announce that Evolved Fights is now LIVE!! I want to thank each and every one of you for watching the free video and checking out the photos and doing our survey. We have taken a lot of your feedback and changed a few things about the site. So things on Evolved fights have already….well…..evolved. We will be updating Weekly on fridays ( no specific time of day but before midnight) The site Launches now with 12 really fun shoots already uploaded which you can view for the membership price or you may purchaseindividually on VOD.

These shoots are:

Cheyenne vs Max Blunts

Savannah Fox vs Shawn fox

Lux Lives vs. Jay west. 

Dee Williams vs Jay west. 

Daisy Ducat vs Sam Solo 

Charlotte Sartre vs Lance Hart

Bella Rossi vs Max Blunts

London River vs Jay west

Billy Boston Vs Kelli Provocateur

Brandi Mae vs Marcello

Mistress Kara vs Will Havoc

Sebastian vs Cheyenne


I have also been working on a separate stand-alone site for tracking fights and fighter stats. We track how each wrestler enforces orgasms and the leg scissor power as well as take down defense and sexual aggression. This stand-alone site is a lot of fun and it’s 100% free. It is going to be PG for the most part so that I can drive traffic from mainstream sources there. The fights are tracked there so if you don’t wanna know who the winners of each match is, don’t look at the fight record. However, most of you have expressed interest in knowing the outcome and this is understandable seeing how these matches are competitive and not predetermined and you may have a preference for one gender to win or not. IF you only wanna see femdom, you would absolutely NOT want to see a match where a girl loses, therefore, it is important for you to know the outcome. This is the same thing but flipped if you have a preference in seeing the women dominated; you sure as hell don’t wanna accidentally watch a video where a guy is getting ass fisted. Please book mark the stats page by visiting

Enjoy the sites and shoot and please keep the feedback coming.






Lesbian Wrestling Site coming along #spoiler alert on Cheyenen Jewel vs Jasmeen Lefleur

I know I’ve posted before about my mixed wrestling project. While working on the mixed wrestling site….and after hearing that potentially Ultimate Surrender will not longer update ( at least I know I will no longer be involved with it) I knew there would be a market for a new high quality lesbian wrestling site. After dealing with the pain in the ass that is building an adult site. I don’t think I will invest into a stand alone site for the lesbian wrestling content. I will host it on clip stores and update about ever 2 weeks. Building a site from scratch is costly and frustrating on so many levels so I’m just not going to do that again. I hope to launch in September 2018. For now, I have my first lesbian wrestling shoot up on wrestlingclips. It stars Cheyenne Jewel and Jasmeen Lefleur. I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the surveys I’ve been putting out. I have gotten some really outstanding feedback and I believe I have made a pretty unique and fun new sex fight format that is completely different than anything I’ve ever seen online. The Evolved Fights “Lesbian Edition” focuses on wrestling skill and sex fighting. It has a pretty simple scoring system that rewards good skilled wrestlers as well has good dirty sex fighters. So someone can be a great wrestler but if they aren’t being very sexual, their opponent can win. We have 3 people in the room who act as judges, myself and my camera crew. The three of us watch the match and decide who wins the round we just saw.

We evaluate techniques, such as effective Pinning with shoulders down, effective grappling, control of the ring/fighting area, effective aggressiveness and defense, Sexual aggression from the top or bottom position, number or submission successfully applied.

Evaluations shall be made in the order in which the techniques appear in above, giving the most weight in scoring to effective grappling, Shoulders down PINS, control of the wrestling area and effective sexual aggressiveness ( fingering, kissing, tribbing pussy licking) and defense ( not gettin fingered, not getting kissed, not being trib fucked and not being face sat and also reversing holds or getting out of submission attempts) These are all things that are pretty obvious to the viewers at home. There is not arbitrary point system where a ref hands out points for touching a boob for a set amount of time…its a very simple system…very easy to follow but I have a few more details listed below on how we judge each round.

Effective grappling is judged by considering the number of successful executions of legal sweeps or reversals. Examples of factors to consider are any position to mount position or side control, passing the guard to mount position, and the top position trapped in the guard being able to pin the shoulders and perform sexually aggressive moves on their opponent

Effective aggressiveness means moving forward and constantly looking for sexual aggressive attacks ( IE fingering, pussy licking, oral, penetration when applicable)

Effective defense means avoiding being taken down or reversed while countering with offensive attacks and defending sex points

The following objective scoring criteria shall be utilized by the judges when scoring a round:
a round is to be scored as a 10-10 round when both contestants appear to be fighting evenly and neither contestant shows clear dominance in a round;
a round is to be scored as a 10-9 round when a contestant wins by a close margin, landing the greater number of effective Sex points, grappling and other maneuvers;
a round is to be scored as a 10-8 round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by doing more sexually aggressive moves or grappling in a round.
a round is to be scored as a 10-7 round when a contestant totally dominates doing more sexually aggressive moves or grappling in a round.


If you are familiar at all with how boxing or MMA is judged, you will be familiar with how our matches are scored as well. simply put….If someone looks like they are a better sex fighter, then they will win the match. They must be aggressive sexually to win the round.

We have also made a new rule to keep things fun and sexy when we get uneven match ups where one wrestler simply keeps submitting the other inexperienced wrestler. We have 20 second penalties. Once a submission is successfully applied, the clock is stopped and the person to submitted her opponent gets 20 seconds to do anything sexual to her opponent. Because the clock is stopped, the judges can not take this sexual part into consideration towards the scoring of the round. However it is highly likely that the person getting the submissions is also dominating sexually while the clock is going so it is highly likely they will win the round anyway. We loved this rule so much we are now implementing it into our mixed wrestling matches….so after the Bella vs Ruckus match that will upload at the end of 2018, you will see our new mats and our new rules on As you can see…..we are already evolving. Keep the feed back and amazing suggestions coming gang however do not write me asking me for what will end up being a custom match. Please do not send me a breakdown of everything you want to see in one match…that’s a custom….send suggestions like “it would be cool if in the prize round the girls could do lift and carries”….thats an example of a great suggestion……but writing me which models you want to see and what positions using what toys and how you want close ups of belly buttons….well folx….that’s a custom….we can shoot that and charge you a fortune…but that will never ever see the light of day on the two 100% competitive wrestling sites I run.

without further ado, here are some sample photos and the trailer for the video







Nuru Massage Scene with Penny up

I’ve posted a clip onto my clips stores.  For Anyone who is interested in more senual lesbian dominations, we took abreak from corporal punishment and toned things down with a nice sensual NURU massage. Penny Barber oils me up then oils herself up and we rub our hot, tan bodies all over each other. Penny fists my pussy then fucks my ass. So it’s not exactly “tame” but it’s not extreme by any way. Here are some pictures from the shoot. Enjoy



I’m a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now

I was promoted to brown belt last Saturday at my gym. I can not express how accomplished I feel and how excited I am.


I started training seriously in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2008. I had been wrestling for Ultimate Surrender for a few years and I had my shares of losses in the beginning. My Boy Friend at the time got me a membership to Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training  Academy ( BJMUTA) so that I could get skills for US. In the beginning, I  went intermittently. After a while, the addiction kicked in. I half joke about it being an addiction. If any of you know anyone who trains a martial art, you might say it seems “cult-like”. We followers tend to eat drink and sleep the art. If we meet someone randomly who also trains in our preferred martial art, we instantly bond with them. When I first started training, I practiced No gi. A GI is a uniform you might see a BJJ practitioner or Karate Practitioner, or Judoka wear. It’s a heavy “pajama” almost. No Gi just means you do not wear the Gi but you will wear some sort of rash guard or board short attire. I felt that no-gi was better to learn for sex wrestling…which it is. I was actually promoted to Blue belt in no gi…which sounds weird…they usually don’t do belt promotions for no gi. But I paid my dues, put the work in, competed in the tournament (and won gold many times) so at BJMUTA  I went from the white belt ( which is what you start as) to Blue belt. Shortly after getting my Blue Belt, duty called. I had to leave Southern California and move to the SF Bay Area. I was sad to leave my gym in so-cal but I found a new home in the Bay area at Combat Sports Academy. CSA was my family. I really loved that gym. I had torn my ACL just before my move to the Bay Area. For two years I was unable to train in anything that would twist my knee. I had the Hamstring Autograph ACL repair which means the ACL repair would heal within 6 months but my hamstring repair would take much much longer. During this time that I was unable to train BJJ, I got into boxing and Muay Thai. I was blessed to be able to train with world champion strikers at CSA while I nursed my knee to health. Finally after 2 long years of training 1-hour boxing, 1-hour Muay Thai and then sitting on the mats just watching the instructor go over technique for BJJ, I was able to actually participate in grappling again. It was frustrating at first coming back from my injury. I just wasn’t confident in my movements. I had a little PTSD as well. I was so damn nervous of anyone grabbing at my leg or foot. It took me a while to break the negative mental state. I trained several hours a day, I took private lessons, I watched youtube tutorials on moves while I was trapped on the BART train for my morning and evening commutes in and out of work. The obsession came back and it paid off when I was promoted from Blue belt to Purple Belt at CSA. Then work made me move again. Kink dissolved its production company, My dad got really sick and moving back down to southern California was the best choice for me so I could tend to family issues and still do production. I cried when I left CSA, they were a real family. Also, I had been promoted to Purple and was purple for 2 years at CSA. I felt i was on course to get promoted to brown at some point while I was still at CSA and on a terror there. I was doing really well in my classes and I had a great relationship with my instructor. Unfortunately, when I moved back to socal, I did not move back to the town that BJMTA was in. I moved closer to Ventura ( which is an hour away from BJMUTA which was in Valencia) a 1-hour commute just to train wasn’t realistic for me. I had to find a gym close to my house. I tried many gyms but one stood out above all. Elite MMA is my new home. Elite has become my new family. I train with some of the toughest yet kind men and women there. They Never go easy on me which is what I want. I have been training there for two years now. I have seen many of my training partners get promoted and of course, I was happy for them. One is not supposed to covet the promotion but one does. It’s hard not to be envious waiting for your day to come. I stayed patient. Each promotion that came and I didn’t get a stripe or a belt, I just said to myself, “as long as you’re learning it doesn’t matter”. Saturday, I have to admit, after the promotion, I felt amazing. I was like “finally”!!! the wait made the promotion that much more sweet. I earned this! I know it’s legit….all the others were legit as well but this one I really really waited for. 4 years as a purple belt. It’ seemed like an eternity. I am still filled with such joy and the reward I just got is driving me to train more and more. I’m more obsessed now than ever. I am so so close to the black belt. The Journey has been amazing and I wanted to share with you all.

I’m on Manyvids now

I opened a manyvids store finally ! I think I let this one slip through my fingers. I had heard about manyvids a while back.  A lot of my porn star buddies have been posting to promote their content on there but I thought ” it’s just another clips store what’s the big deal?” Well I gotta tell you I’m a little bummed I haven’t gotten on this sooner. I really like the features that manyvids offers. I don’t wanna name names but other clips stores just dont have the bells and whistles that manyvids offers. Most clip stores sell clips or memberships to the store, maybe the photos and that’s it. I’m noticing these new blood clips stores are really listening to the producers and fans and offering so many cool features like all the things I just mentioned AND they allow us to sell articles used in the clips we sell. IE I can sell you my used panties or socks or shoes or what ever. These clips stores are also allowing us models to post to our “wall” on the clip store so it’s like a mini blog feature. One clip store I’m working with is actually puttting a feature in to crowd fund customs. Many of you awesome fans really really want to be a part of the productions. You want certain things done in the videos yet you may not be willing or able to shell out the $500-4000 for a custom video that you write a script for. But if dozen of you each contribute $10-100, then we producers are able to get funds to produce the videos for all of you who put into that production. Sure it’s not a super bespoke video tailored just to your liking but let’s be honest, for $10-100, you’re not going to get anything THAT bespoke from anything…EVER. I feel this is a great way for us to come together as a community. Those of who want to see foot fetish can all pool your money together to get that video. If you want Creampie… creampie fans ban together to raise money for that so on and so forth. This is really great!!!


I’m really excited to announce I will put all my submissive X stuff onto manyvid HERE  and I will be putting a lot of the evolvedfights clips on when it launches.

Submissive X shoots on Clips4sale now available.

I’ve been somewhat regularly updating my store. I have been trying to update every Friday night with a new “submissive X” shoot. I started sub clipping each shoot and uploading each clip independently but It seems you folx like downloading the entire video rather than doing clip by clip so from now on I will just put up the full clip for one download. Right now this clip store isn’t making enough money to sustain itself. I’m paying my models out of pocket for these shoots, they are not customs that people write in to put in requests, however, if you do write a good script and send it over, I’m not opposed to shooting customs for this project. To be honest, It would be a lot of work to update this weekly on top of the other projects I have going on. I am launching two wrestling sites that also will eventually start to update weekly. Between producing these and then doing all the post stuff just to get it to the site, it’s a lot of work for one woman. Then to be a submissive performer weekly on top of that, it’s just a lot. To be Frank, it’s more fun playing a submissive when I want to be rather than make myself do it weekly just to get an update up…I’ll have to weigh out the pros and cons of this. With that said, I’m not sure I will dedicate an entire site just to submissive X. I want to be able to give my customers value and if I can’t’ give you regular updates, I don’t think that’s fair for you to pay a membership. When I do update Submissive X, I can send out an email to those of you who are interested. If you are interested in being put onto the Submissive X mailing list, Please sign up using this link.  SIGN UP HERE