Super X in Peril Super Heroine Video

I had the honor of working with Maya Kendrick again. Some of you may have seen our Everything Butt shoot where We fisted each other’s ass. If you haven’t seen it, no worries, I have provided the link if you click the hyperlinked text just prior to this sentence. I really enjoy Maya Kendrick on a personal level. She is young ( much younger than I, indeed) and she has a maturity and intelligence that some of the peers of her age lack. Needless to say, she is a very pretty girl. She’s tall and slender and all natural ( come to think of it I don’t think she has tattoos but I could be wrong). What I love most about this outstanding human is that she is utterly, genuinely a kinky, self-aware super sexual player. She knows when to turn it on when she wants to but on the day to day, she is normal. She’s not Overly sexual where you are embarrassed to hang out with her outside of work ( you know what I’m talking about- the people who just have to fuck everything all the time and they end up getting in fights or bad situations because they have no filter) yeah she’s not that person. She’s a classy broad! I don’t say this often but …..”She’s the type of girl I would be actual friends with”.

I should mention that I’m a pretty introverted type of person contrary to what one may assume based on my profession. With the Internet being what it is, it is very easy for a person who wants zero personal interaction with actual humans to be able to thrive online because of the veil of protection. You’re over there at your computer, I’m over here…if I don’t want to talk to you, I just leave my computer. I do not hang out with many people. That’s not to say I don’t have friends. But I”m not the girl who goes to brunch with my girlfriends to have a mimosa and talk about purses or yoga pants. I’m more of the type who will show up at your gym and spar with you and after we’ve punched each other or tried to break each other’s arms we will sit in our sweaty clothes and talk about how fun that was. Then I leave and go home by myself and never talk to you again until we need to punch each other. To me, I don’t think staying in contact on a daily basis is important. I’m independent and I assume most everyone else is the same. I have found that isn’t the case….and some of you try to email me more than my own mother emails me….which, for an introvert like myself, is utterly opposite of what I am and I don’t understand it but I’m not judging you but I may just leave my computer for a bit. Knowing this about me is integral to know about why I don’t have many porn star friends. I get asked from time to time if I am good friends with porn stars. I wouldn’t say I’m *REALLY* good friends with a lot of pornstars relative to how many I know. There are a handful of girls I consider good friends. Penny Barber, Lea Lexis, Cheyenne Jewel, Mistress Kara, Izamar, Bella Rossi, Lily Lane, Dee Williams, Dragon Lily. These are girls I correspond with regularly and with whom I have inside jokes and conversations. These are the girls, if anything were to happen to, I would avenge. And if you take a look at all these girls they all have something in common. They are down to earth, no nonsense, no drama, intelligent badass females who can be totally normal when you sit down one on one with them but they are all also incredible freaks when it counts. It is safe to say, Maya Kendrick is this type of girl and I would absolutely show up at her gym and let her try to kill me for a while and we would laugh about it later.

Maya did get the chance to pretend kill me for a shoot we did recently. She played a supervillain who has captured me. I play the super heroine, Super X. The scene opens with me already captured and in chains that have been fashioned out of a metal that takes away all my super powers. I am bound and powerless and having never been in this situation before in my pretend super hero life, that means it is the first time I am feeling pain. It also means it’s the first time I am feeling pleasure and since it’s first for both, it’s hard for the hero to differentiate between the two. The Evil Villain plans on defiling the hero and showing the world all the dirty things she is doing, thus destroying her good girl image and driving a wedge between her reputation and all the gullible people who let labels get in the way of their judgment. Maya Kendrick does a superb job of delivering the comic style evil villain character traits. Most importantly, she does a great job of topping. Maya zaps me with electricity. This doesn’t show up well on camera but I can attest that the zapper was working and was zapping. The less actual electricity you see on film, the strong it is because it is internally stimulating me. Then the external zap display for visuals, it actually felt less intense. That is just a nice little tidbit I would like to make note of here. I also want to point out that this dildo we use in this video is hands down the greatest dildo I’ve ever used in my life and at 39 year of age I’ve used a lot of fucking dildos. I made a separate video review for this dick check that out . In short, I was having one of those personal conversations I mentioned earlier with Dee Williams. She told me about this dildo she saw that looked amazing but due to the high pricing she was hesitant to purchase it unless she could see one in person and feel the texture to see if it was worth the price. She showed me a video of it. The “skin” on the shaft moved and there were individual balls in the ball sacs!! This was surely a high-quality product and I needed to see it for myself. I told Dee, I would order one. I would be able to write it off as a business expense for filming videos. I knew it would add to my content because the dildo looks like an actual dick. Some of my fans would love to see me take an actual dick and while that will never be seen in my videos, you will be the next best thing which is seeing me take this real dick dildo. I must give a side note for this video with Maya Kendrick. This video is a comic parody so the video has a filter on it to make it look cartoonish. If you purchase this video, you will not be able to see the detail of the dildo but I will make the video review using the same footage without the filter so you can see how fucking amazing this dick is. Now I know you are dying to see the link for the product so you purchase it or research it so without further ado here is the product link for the REAL COCK dildo

I’m putting some teaser videos and photos for the shoot with Maya. Also a reminder that I only have a few more submissive X shoots to be released but if you are willing to purchase a custom video to keep any of these stories going, please send me an email with a script for a 20-30 minute video and I will respond with a quote ( the shoots start at $1000 if they involved lesbian sex) my email is

Nuru Massage Scene with Penny up

I’ve posted a clip onto my clips stores.  For Anyone who is interested in more senual lesbian dominations, we took abreak from corporal punishment and toned things down with a nice sensual NURU massage. Penny Barber oils me up then oils herself up and we rub our hot, tan bodies all over each other. Penny fists my pussy then fucks my ass. So it’s not exactly “tame” but it’s not extreme by any way. Here are some pictures from the shoot. Enjoy



Ariel X vs. Penny Barber

Well folks, I’ve gotten my studio up and running out of Las Vegas. I had to down size the Ultimate Surrender mat size significantly. I pay for this studio out of my own pocket, kink does not provide any help with these shoots so I need to keep my over head low. I decide I wanted to give the mat a proper christening by getting Penny Barber on the mats for a fun exhibition match. I went outside the scope of a traditional US match and incorporated some “reluctant bondage” into the shoot. This concept is very fun but if you watch the match you can see it can be potentially dangerous ( not life threatening or anything) Now granted, both wrestling and bondage are inherently “dangerous” . These kind of matches can only be done by professionals and Penny and myself were just the perfect combination to do this. Penny does actually try to fight back, I promise…I’m just THAT good that I make good wrestlers look like amateurs. Please check out our reluctant bondage match NOW on Ultimate Surrender and let me know your thoughts 🙂


Lorelei Lee does Ultimate Surrender and EB

Somehow, I was able to convince Lorelei Lee to do Ultimate Surrender after about 10 years of shooting with She was very cute, coming in confident she was going to be able to out wit me. She’s a very smart lady but having never wrestled before, she didn’t really stand a chance against the likes of me. My muscles do a lot of work but I train hard for several hours every day and every once in a while some moves  do require a little bit of brain power. Spoiler alert!!! I kick the nerds ass. I put her in brutal scissor hold, camel clutches, back breakers, chokes….but on Everything butt, the Nerd gets her revenge. The Nerd outsmarts me. Tricks me into wearing myself out so she can tie me up and have her way with me. What she does to my asshole is unspeakable. She tries to put two fists into me, gets me to gape open, squirt all over myself and the lick her gape….revenge is a dish best served off of Lorelei Lee’s gaping asshole.




Rematch of the Century Ariel X vs. Mistress Kara 2

If you can’t tell from recent posts on my blog here, I adore Kara. She’s a solid girl, physically and characteristically. She’s a tough opponent. We had this match scheduled 4 times. The first was November. Kara flew all the way into San Francisco and I took one look at her skinny ghostly face and asked her if she was okay. She told me she had been sick for a week. She had caught the flu. She was willing to take the match but told me she was very weak and asked me just not to hurt her because she wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to take the match with her. It really was a no win situation for me had we gone forward with the match. Had she lost, I would have been the bully who beat up on a sick girl. Members would comment on how she looked sick and skinny and if I took her when she was 100%, there would be no way I would have won. If I lost the match ( which would not have happened), I would have lost to a skinny, sick mistress Kara and I would never live it down. Also, Knowing she wasn’t 100%, I wouldn’t have given it 100% myself and the match would have been lackluster.
We rescheduled the match for January. January came and I was injured slightly in a ski accident. I took a pretty bad fall and sprained my MCL. I could walk and I could function but I took some time off training so I could rest and recover my knee which also required a reschedule for the match in February. February came and so did Kara. She flew back up to San Francisco. She pulls me aside and tells me she has bruises on her and wants me to approve her to shoot. I could not approve her. She was black and blue and it wasn’t pretty. Again, I wanted her at 100%, not marked up, not potentially hurt. I rescheduled the match for the end of March. March 30th came. I had spent the entire weekend wrestling for another company, finding where I had holes in my game and where I excelled. I made sure to cut back on weight lifting and wrestling the Monday prior to my shoot with Kara so that I would be in peak condition. I was running a sub 6 minute mile for conditioning up until 2 days before the match and then I went to doing just wind sprints. I’ve been competing for a while so Peaking hasn’t been a problem for me in many years. The match happened.

To watch the full match, Click HERE

HogTied update with me

I recently did a hogtied shoot for Kink. I really enjoy shooting as a model for them. If you didn’t know, I was hired fulltime about 2.5 years ago to take on directing Ultimate Surrender. I have since been promoted to running and Directing and Every day is something really fun and new. With the full time directing gig, it has become extremely difficult for me to perform. But I make it work. I do what I can when I can. Many times when a model cancels on a shoot, I fill in last minute. But this Hogtied shoot was not a last minute fill in. It was carefully planned, plotted and coordinated by the evil mind of “The Pope” Please check it out at Hogtied. 

Sadistic Rope Update with Me

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a scene as a submissive. I love playing a submissive as well as a dominatrix, it’s just that recently, I’ve been cast as the top in most my shoots. I’ve actually been shooting A LOT, just haven’t been able to post on my blog much. Much of my time is dedicated to running Ultimate Surrender and training. I spend many hours commuting to and from work. Then I work over an 8 hour day in the office, then I come home and try to train BJJ, Muay Thai and Sambo on week days…..weekends are spending going to Los Angeles to shoot more wrestling videos. I will try to dedicated more time to blogging but I can’t promise anything. One thing I can promise it to keep shooting for a while and try to do more submissive shoots to mix things up a little.

Here are some photo from my recent Sadistic Rope shoot.   Enjoy. I will have another Sadistic rope update go up soon. Recently SR held an auction for a live web guest directing session and the person who won that auction chose me as the model. He was able to write up a treatment for what he wanted to see in the scene and then we streamed it live to in like a webcam and he was able to put input in during the shoot. He was so charming and the shoot was a lot of fun…please keep your eyes open for that upcoming update  but enjoy this shoot for now. 🙂



Big News: Directing Ultimate Surrender and having Surgery

Some big changes came into my life last week. Some were out of the blue and some I have been waiting for for a while. I had been going back and forth with my doctor about my surgery. My insurance company was giving me the run around about surgery. First they said, I needed it, then they wouldn’t approve me for it. I had to switch doctors to get a second opinion. To make a long Story short, I have a full tear in my ACL. My leg is completely unstable and still , after 4 monhts post accident, gives way and buckles at moments of stress. There is 100% no way I could ever competitively wrestle with my leg the way it is. I finally got a surgery date of January 16th. So I will be laying low for a while. I was a little bummed about the surgery. I’m a major gym rat so the thought of not being able to do leg days for 6 to 9 months was agonizing to think about. Not being able to train BJJ or wrestle for that same amount of time literally put me into depression.I started making plans for my down time. I knew I wouldn’t be raking in money from wrestling for a while so I started looking into other avenues of bringing in income. I was web cam-ing on a lot and I was working on getting my personal trainer cert and nutrition certs. The money issue didn’t bother me too greatly. I have savings, I just prefer not to touch that. I just didn’t like the idea of my life as I knew it changing so much and not being able to be a bigger part of wrestling. Well as it turns out, the universe must want me to be involved in wreslting. I got a phone call from about guest directing for a few shoots on Ultimate Surrender. I was totally excited about doing it so I said yes, then they say, “really, you’ll do it…..would you consider doing it full time” I said yes without hesitating. I did however take the weekend to think everything through. I knew I”d have to move to San Francisco. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life. All my family is in LA all my booty calls are in LA. This was a serious move. I went up to San Francisco and spoke with the owner and next thing I know I’m hire full time. I was extremly excited. I think I love this site more than any fan in the world does. I appreciate the hard work that goes into it but I appreciate the fetish itself. I really love strong women. I really love women who compete in anything. I feel lucky that I have control over this site. To be able to book the girls I wanna see, to train them and make them warriors. I feel like I can put a lot of love into this site that wasn’t there before simply because it’s a priority to me. I’m in the middle of moving to San  Francisco but with this surgery things will be tricky. I will have to have the surgery first and then I will have to wait to be able to walk so I can kinda move my stuff into my new place. I will most likely need to hire movers. That is gonna be hard for me becuase I hate HATE HATE asking for help. 🙁

Anyway, that’s the news. Stay posted for new and exciting shoots on Ultimate Surrender and when Im able to, I will be back on the mats

Book Of Mormon

I went to see the “Book of Mormon” musical at the Pantages Theater. I’m not a big fan of Musicals. I never have been. I’m really not a big fan of muscials that have been formed after 1998. Modern Musicals sound like utter garbage to me. They may have decent stories but the music and singing is so shrill and horrific that it has utterly turned me off to going to see them. Shows like Wicked, for example, have such horrible singing that it has ruined the entire show for me. It sounds like the characters are screaming their lines out with no melody or skill, just yelling lines…it’s god aweful. The story is beautiful and clever but damn I can’t stand the singing. I was scared that the singing in BOM would be an utter dissapointment. To my delight, it was rather good and melodic. The songs were catchy  but not unique as far as melody. They seemed to have been cut from a mold of all broadway musicals. What set it apart from other shows was the clever lyrics and dancing. The sets or costumes were nothing special so if you’re expecting costume theatrics of the likes of the “lion king” or something, don’t get your hopes up. I didn’t expect any amazing costume design. The characters are mormon missionaries who are notorious for wearing their white dress shirts with a black tie and black “sunday pants” or dress pants. The remainder of the characters were Ugandians dressed in rags so not much flare in their costumes was either.

The story is about Two Mormon MIssionaries who are sent to Uganda to try to baptise and convert the Afrian people. One Mormon Missionary is your typical do gooder named Kevin. A goody two shoes, know it all who wants to be the best of everything he does and has an expectation of going to Orlando Florida for his first mission but is seriously dissapointed when he is paired up with Arnold, the nerdy, ADHD spaz who has actually never read the book of mormon but just does what he’s told cause he’s a follower. It’s an odd couple pairing.

The Tribe of Uganda who is hosting the missionaries is being harrassed by an evil dictator who wants to cut off all the females clits cause the clit is evil and women shouldn’t be able to have pleasure cause it leads to all things evil. Most of the tribe has AIDS and the tribe leader even jokes to the 2 missionaries that if they mess with his daughter, he will give them his AIDS. So the dictator is trying to control the tribe, the tribe is desparate for a solution to their problems and wouldn’t you know, after a whole lot of subplots and funny shenanigans, the guy they end up going to for help is Arnold, the kid who has never read the bible and who is a major “screw up” but who is desparately trying to impresse people so he makes up things about the book of mormon to try to get the tribe to find it interesting enough to convert. Arnold is a huge sci fi nerd so he mixes in stories of Darth Varder and the death Star and stories of the mormon founder, Joseph Smith fucking a frog to rid himself of AIDS. The Afriacans are hooked on the religion and decide to convert. Arnold single handedly converts 20 africans and this pleases the Elders of the church back in the states so they come to Africa to thank him personally. The Africans want to show their appreciation of Arnold as well so they decide to put on a play for the elders to show them everything they have learned, included the part about Joseph smith fucking a Frog so that he wouldn’t have to fuck a baby to cure his aids. The elders are extremely offended and kick Arnold and his partner who during some of the Shenanigans had dumped Arnold as a friend and then gotten in to some trouble with the evil dictator and got a Book of Mormon shoved up his ass. Kevin realizes that Religion is good, even if it’s all a bunch of mad of crap, because it helps people cope with the shitty things in their life. Before the Africans where using the phrase “hasa Diga eebowai” to cope with their issues…….but now they had awesome stories about Joseph Smith curing AIDs with frog fucking to make them have faith that things could get better. It was a cute play and a good moral. I was raised Mormon so I found a lot of the things in the play to extremely hysterical. I really was entertained by the flamboyantly gay missionary who was telling Kevin and Arnold about the “mormon trick” of just shutting off all your confusing thoughts so that you just didn’t think about them….thoughts like being gay….just shut it off and ignore it cause that’s what mormons do…..and then another mormon chimes in about how his dad use to beat his mom when he was a kid and he used the mormon trick as well and just “shut it off” its all rather humourous and sad if you know mormons.

Any fart…..that’s my review. I thought it was really delightful, mostly cause there was toilet humor and that is always hysterical but it was cute and it’s not forcing religion down your throat but it does put a nice spin on things AND it explains a lot about what the mormon faith is which I think is nice for those ignorant people out there who think mormons are evil. I recommend this show to anyone.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Folks. I went out this last weekend for a big party. I dressed up as super girl and tooks some pix of myself in my hotel room before i went out to the party. I need to be better at taking pictures while I am out at events. I always bring my camera but I never take pictures. BAH> Anyway. nothing too crazy happened at the party. A few weeks back I re-injured my knee. Some of you may know or have read in a previous blog that I tore my ACL a few months back. I’m waiting for my Insurance to schedule me an appointment. In the meantime, while I’ve been waiting for the surgery approval, I have re injured the knee two times. I have notified my insurance company and they are rushing the processes a little more so that I don’t get any worse. So with that said, you should know that I am in pain 24/7. Walking is hard and walking in heels is even harder. I  don’t like being around drunk people currently because they get sloppy and if they bump into me they will probably snap my knee off my body. People drink and do other types of things at parties. People get really excited as well. I was nervous the entire time that some drunk fuck would do something retarded and end up snapping my knee. So I wasn’t able to really relax at the party. I did end up having a good time. I found a lounge chair in the pool area and sat down and made everyone come to me if they wanted to talk or hang out. I felt very safe and pretty flipping sexy sitting in the chair. 🙂 So that was my holiday weekend. Not much else to say. I’m going to a smaller party tonight in Costa Mesa to hang out with my OC people. I love that Halloween is an excuse to dress up like a skank. I would do it anyway but at least now all the other girls are comfortable doing it as well ( cause they are in costume)

without further ado, here is my slutty super girl costume. I bedazzled it myself. I changed the skirt that came with it into shorts and jazzed them up as well. Super girl was blond hence the blond Wig….hmmm…what else.. oh yes and i walked like a champ in the heels even when a lame knee.