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Ariel X and Carrissa Montgomery on Electro Sluts

We got Carrissa on Electrosluts. Carrissa is a hell of a wrestler but she’s a good kinky girl too. This was her first time working with electricity. She was in for a “shock” hahaha .

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Nominated for “kinkiest performer” for AVN

Howdy y’all,


I was nominated for another AVN this year. This time it “kinkiest performer”. I haven’t shot much DVD content, mostly web content and it’s my understanding that the AVN’s cater more to DVD content. Most of my Kink performances are not available on DVD. Judging from the picture they used for the voting polls, this is from a sweetheart videos submission. Regardless, if you are so inclined, please vote for me


Thank you

Ariel X domming Men!!

I’ve been shooting a lot for devine Bitches which has been a lot of fun. Since I don’t do  boy/girl porn this is a way I’ve been able to shoot with men in a sexual way but not have a penis in me…not that there’s anything wrong with penises going in me, that’s just not they way I market myself.  The guys Devine Bitches gets are so great. They really love what they do and they really love the women who top them. It’s been a lot of fun to shoot for sites where I top men.

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Sadistic Rope Update with Me

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a scene as a submissive. I love playing a submissive as well as a dominatrix, it’s just that recently, I’ve been cast as the top in most my shoots. I’ve actually been shooting A LOT, just haven’t been able to post on my blog much. Much of my time is dedicated to running Ultimate Surrender and training. I spend many hours commuting to and from work. Then I work over an 8 hour day in the office, then I come home and try to train BJJ, Muay Thai and Sambo on week days…..weekends are spending going to Los Angeles to shoot more wrestling videos. I will try to dedicated more time to blogging but I can’t promise anything. One thing I can promise it to keep shooting for a while and try to do more submissive shoots to mix things up a little.

Here are some photo from my recent Sadistic Rope shoot.   Enjoy. I will have another Sadistic rope update go up soon. Recently SR held an auction for a live web guest directing session and the person who won that auction chose me as the model. He was able to write up a treatment for what he wanted to see in the scene and then we streamed it live to in like a webcam and he was able to put input in during the shoot. He was so charming and the shoot was a lot of fun…please keep your eyes open for that upcoming update  but enjoy this shoot for now. 🙂



Ultimate Surrender Merchandise

Just in time for the Holidays, We are getting some highly anticipated Ultimate Surrender Merchandise up. It’s been a long time in the making but we have some limited edition hoodies available. We have Red “Team Queen” hoodies and Black “Team Wrangler” and “Team Nightmare” hoodies. If sales go well on these bad boys, we will make hoodies for all wrestlers. Right now we just have season 11 Tag team Captains and our Guest Ref and 2 X summer Vengeance champ, Syd Blakovich hoodies.


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Sunny Megatron show

A while back, Showtime came to the kink studio to shoot a segment for their new show “Sex with Sunny Megatron”. I was the director chosen to do the segment of a couple trying to spice up their lives by making a professional Porn of themselves fucking. It’s been replaying on Showtime all this week. Please check it out

I take on season 11 Champ, Mistress Kara

Last Friday, we started out season 12 off with a bang on Ultimate Surrender. We opened the season by having me take on the season 11 welther weight and summer vengeance champion, Mistress Kara. Kara has been destroying all the girls on my roster. It was time for me to go up against her US, style to see how good she really is. I’d taken her on prior many years ago on Academy wrestling. I was able to get more submissions and win her on that site but I didn’t know how I would fare with the US rules. Kara had a good 30+ lbs on me and shes a very skilled grappler. No one at US had been able to figure her out.

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Back on US as a wrestler

Available now at Ultimate Surrender: Bella Rossi Takes on Ariel X for exhibition match up

Its been 2 years since this girls have met on the US mats. Ariel has had a lot of down time from knee surgery and running the greatest wrestling site on the planet. Bella has been a regular on US and has been improving every day. Today was supposed to be the title bout between Darling and Bella but it was delayed. Ariel Steps in very last minute with no preparation to take on Bella. Bella could have the advantage here.

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