Happy Halloween

You know the Blog is used on the old site use to be a wordpress blog it wasn’t nearly as fun as this one. Unfortunately I wasn’t the admin on my own stinking blog so I couldn’t change anything on it other than the blogrolls and moderate comments. It was lame. So I’m getting use to this wordpress page. I changed the theme, I’ll probably change it a few more times. I’m playing around with some features. I’m nerding out on some of the stuff. It’s actually really exciting for me. 🙂

Well today is Halloween. I had to go to a Halloween store last night to pick up some fucking fairy wings. I am going to a party on November 1st ( the day after halloween) and it’s a costume party but all the girls are required to wear stupid “winged creature” costumes. I told my boyfriend I was going to go as one of the flying monkies from “The Wizzard of Oz” but he didn’t think that was funny. I guess we have to dress sexy so I don’t think that costume would have a great reception…but I say “fuck em”…so I was going to wait until Nov. 1st to get the wings so I could get them on sale (I’m a cheap bastard like that) but I will be busy tomorrow and won’t have time to go shopping so I went ahead and shelled out the $20 for the peices of shit. and of course becuase I picked the day before Halloween to go shopping for a costume the pickings were slim and I had to wait in line to check out for about 30 min.

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday but this year I’m just not feeling it. I’m kinda bummed out lately and I can’t shake the funk.

But regardless I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween. Go get some candy!!!!


The one and only Ariel X