Steelkittens, Mutiny, wrestling BAbes

I had an amazing last couple of days. I was shooting with Steelkittens. I have been wanting to work with the forever. They have a great reputation for mainstream wrestling. They book the hottest girls and make the most fun matches. They make sure their girls look fantastic in the ring…the hair and makeup needs to be perfect and the outfits are approved by the owner before the matches start. They put a lot of attention to detail in the production which is probably why they are one of the top selling wrestling companies in the industry.

I have shot several  pro style matches in my day. They are always fun. But Nothing is more fun than being match with girls who have the same kind of love for the entertainment and sport as I do. I was able to learn a lot of awesome new moves in a fun and safe environment. I love learning new moves. I try to do something new every single day. The experts say that is how you keep your mind from failing you in your later years.

I didn’t know what steelkittens wanted from my matches so I sat in on the matches before my first match so I could see what they were gearing towards. I watch Maxi Makita vs. Darling. Darling is probably one of the coolest chicks in the biz. She’s developed some muscles since I’ve last seen her…that bitch is ripped now WOW. She does a fantastic job of “selling” the moves. Maxi would put her in some gnarly looking holds and Darling would stick her tongue out in agonizing pain. I almost wanted to jump in the ring and clobber Maxi for hurting my girl…then I realized…this is just for fun….hmmm but so would clobbering some girl because she was hurting my girl LOL.

My first match was with Darling. That was a lot of fun. We were tossing each other around, slamming each other into the ropes, kicking each other…it was awesome.

My next two matches were with 2 guys. I love kicking guys’ asses. I know it sounds sick or twisted but I do get pleasure out of hurting men in the ring 🙂  The owner of STeel kittens showed me some moves before I was put in the ring with the guys. bruahahh she just gave me more amo to kill those suckers with.

The next day I had a match with Mutiny. I’ve only heard about Mutiny through the grapevine. I have never met her before. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet her yesterday. She is a sexy french Canadian with a great big muscle butt and tigolebitties. She had an adorable accent which was an automatic turn on but the thing that was most attractive about her was her skills in the ring. She was pulling moves left and right. She was flying all over the place, she had me flying all over the was so exhilarating. She’s my favorite “prostyle” competitor hands down!! She is amazing.

I also to be do matches with Mutiny’s friend Brooke who is cute as a kitten and fun as hell as well. I also did a match with Max Makita which was pretty darn fun….

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