Fucking Machines, Abby Darling

I have been working non stop folks, no joke. If I’m not working, then I’m travelling to get to work. It’s been mad but I love it. I had a fantastic week up at kink this last month or so. Last week, I went to kink to shoot an Ultimate Surrender match with a new girl named “Saffron”…she’s fantastic. She will probably be one of the best girls in 2 years or so…mark my words.

After kicking ass and taking names for US, I hopped down to the basement of the Armory to go find me something that could actually keep up with me, a machine. I walked in on Abby Darling fucking some cold hard steel. Abby is a babe. She’s about 5’9 120 lbs…looks like a model. I fell for her as soon as I saw her. Not only can she take huge cock and look like a super modeling doing so but this broad can wrestle!!!!!!! meow

I got to ride one of the machines while Abby rode the sybian. yes yes that means I got to make out with her as well..I was so happy. I didn’t get any from her that day but she’s on my to do list 🙂 okay so I’ve already “done” her” dont’ get on my case about the technicalities dudes.

I was able to get off multiple times with my robot dicks. The dildos were very similar to my ex’s penis so I could just close my eyes and I would pretend it was him fucking me and I would get off literally 20 times in a minute. Don’t you love that you can fantasize about being with someone and they can’t do anything about it. I call this  spank raping. I jerk off to people all the time. If they knew about  it they would get all offended and give me attitude like ” don’t even think of me, sicko” but what are they gonna do about it. They can’t do anything. I’m gonna spank it to them whether they like it or not and, in my mind, they are gonna love it…and that’s that. ….so yeah I spank raped my ex. I do it all the time…that’s what he gets for giving me so much awesome sex…alas… I can give compliments where compliments are due..lord knows I can do the shit talking well enough…. but I digress

oh yes…so me…a machine that wont’ stop fucking me ….and Abby Darling….it was good chemistry. I miss Fucking machines. I feel like I was at one point dating those machines because I saw them so frequently then suddenly I stopped seeing them. So this was the booty call of the century for me….seeing my machines…getting fucked like a mormon on prom night ( yup that means I took it in the ass) and then not calling them back…ever.

Soooo…good times where had by all…and I even grabs some pix to share..enjoy and if you want to see the entire shoot please click here