Please Help me Win “Producer of the Year” and “innovator of the year” on Manyvids

It’s that weird time of year; Porn Awards time. I’ve always thought some of the awards for porn were funny. I’m not trying to knock anyone. It’s great to be known as ” Best blow jobber” or whatever…but I always thought ” What will you do with that trophy” do you put it in your house, on display? I have tons of sports trophies..they sit in a drawer. I have a few championship belts that I have on display on a bookshelf. People come by and comment on the Belts. I envision my having a ” Best anal gape” trophy on display and what kind of hilarity would ensue when I have inlaws coming in from out of town staying with us. LOL…the imagery of potential fun conversations makes me laugh a lot. I imagine I would run into similar fun conversations for “Producer of the Year” or “Innovator of the year” as I would need to explain what I produce. Now, I don’t have any inlaws who are unaware of what I do. I have been in the adult industry for nearly 15 years and one does not have a 15-year career in porn without everyone you know knowing what you do. I do not hide what I do as I am not shamed by it. I’m merely stating that explaining these type of awards would be a fun conversation IE ” yes they really do give awards for the best anal performer, how do they determine it? well they get paid off by companies and agent or they all bang the right people…you know, much like the Oscars” I digress


I am entering into the Manyvids contest in hopes to win “Producer of the year” and “Innovator of the Year” for my Evolved Fights projects. I am also entering a “Producer of the Year” and “Submissive of the Year”  for my Submissive X Projects. I appreciate these types of awards since they are determined by the fans rather than the industry insiders. If you could please vote for me in each of these divisions, I would greatly appreciate your support.


Thank you and please enjoy the trailers for some of my work, in case you have not seen it.