I'm kicking my own ass

I was signed up for Krav Maga Classes and I’m still taking my BJJ classes as well. I took my Krav class last night and it damn near killed me. They had us going and going and going punching, kicking, kickpunching, kneeing, elbowing no stop I almost passed out…but I didn’t HA..ha. Then today I took my BJJ class, the class was 1 hour of showing us techniques and going over stuff slowly…then after class we grappled. Dear lord I was sweeting so much. I seriously  stink right now…very bad…so gross.

So I’m taking all these class now. I will be starting nursing school in April. I hope I will still be able to train as hard when school starts.

I’m not really doing anything for Halloween which I’m kinda bummed about. Tonight I’m going to drive out to the valley to see some haunted houses that were advertised in the paper, but I’m not going to any parties or anything…it’s kinda lame.

The next time I work isn’t til Nov 7th. Work has been really slow. The industry has been dead lately. Oh well. c’est la vie. I’m trying to learn a little bit of Russian before our Trip. I’m so anxious about the trip. we will be there for 10 days…we’ll have to find someones to entertain us…preferabley hot slutty Russian girls bruahhahaha