I voted

I voted nice and early today so I could beat the crowd. Last time I waited til the evening and I was stuck waiting in line for about an hour. I gotta say, I was surprised that peopel I knew sent me texts today telling me to vote a certain way. I think it insults my intelligence that people think I’m some sheep or someone without a mind of my own or I’m so confused on issues that I need someone to tell me how to vote. Look, I’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in California and pretty much the entire US for a while now..I happen to live here and guess what I have opinions of my own, I really don’t need anyone to tell me how to vote, thank you very much. But I gotta give them credit for trying and caring enough to make an effort.

Oh well, so I wont tell you how to vote, just ask that you go out and vote today if you already haven’t.