Happy New Year!!! recap of 2018

2018 was a pretty interesting year for me. I have yet to determine if it was interesting in a good way or a bad way. It was easily the most stressful year for me. January of 2018 was annoying for production. January is always annoying for production in the porn industry. January is typically the month that all the major porn conventions happen AEE, Xbiz So there are so many industry parties and models from around the globe all travel to the cities where the conventions are being held so that they can network and be seen. It’s supposed to be great for booking models that one would otherwise not be able to book due to geographical restrictions. However, some models don’t know how to have a balance with work and party time at these conventions. January is always a shit show for productions. Models party too hard and “no show” to shoots which costs me tons of money and headaches. Canceling productions cost money and piss off me and my entire crew. I always tell models, If you need to cancel I’m totally fine with it but a least call me ahead of time so I can find someone else to replace you and save the shoot. Alas, common sense isn’t common with some people. So January I lost a ton of money from flakey models. I also had models show up sick to my sets which in turn got me and my crew sick. That’s always fun.

Feb, March, April May all seem like a blur. I was shooting so much and getting my site ready to launch that I can’t even recall anything of significance in those months. I just recall working all day and all night, feeling stressed out and frustrated while I was learning all kinds of new programs for editing and design. I know I didn’t take any holidays for a long time and when I did finally get a holiday, I was working and stressed the entire time because I still had to meet deadlines and had responsibilities. I’m not complaining about any of this. This is all part of running your own business. I always said that most people don’t deserve to be successful because most people aren’t willing to make the sacrifices it takes to be successful. I think the general population looks at people who have been successful and they only notice them when they are on top.  We see all these professional people who have their shit together and we have no idea what struggles they went through to get where they are. Many people see rich people and just assume they inherited great riches or had something handed to them. Some people hit the financial lottery through birth but most people who are on top and stay at the top have earned their spot through trial and tribulations and they heard “NO” a lot more than they have heard “YES” and they fell a lot before they could walk. I heard a comedian say this one time and it was funny and true as all hell: ” Success is like pregnancy, everyone congratulates you on it but no one knows how hard you got fucked to get there”.

In May I was released of my contract with Kink which was a huge burden off my chest. While I enjoyed working with kink, they demanded much of my time and attention which took away from my goals to start my own website.  From May -September, I worked tirelessly with my web designer to get Evolved Fights Launched. We had a few setbacks. The launch was delayed a few times; potential members were getting excited and frustrated with every delay. Again, no one knows what happens behind the scenes. So many people just want a finished product and they want it perfect but they have no idea what kind of money, time, energy (so on so forth) goes into creating that product. Then you tell them the cost they need to pay for the finished product and they can’t understand why they can’t have it for free.

September up until the very last day of December, I  worked tirelessly on marketing for the site(s). I have listened to every word the members and fans have put out about the products. I gave free content to get feedback on future concepts, I haven’t paid myself a penny in September so that every cent made from my site goes right back into the product to bring new, excited shoot and talent to the website. I love what I do. Again, I’m not complaining. I’m merely letting people know what kind of work and sacrifices I have made to ensure that My 2019 is an explosive year of success for me. The site has been picking up a lot of steam. It’s been getting great feedback and it is still evolving. I am excited about potentially doing live cam shows for the matches. I will be attending a few trade shows so fans can meet their favorite wrestlers….lots of fun things down the line.  All of this cost money. All of this takes time and energy to produce. I’m a one-woman show. I do not have helpers yet. I’m excited to start making enough money so that I can afford helpers in 2019.

I am excited to launch the Lesbian Edition of evolved Fights in early 2019.  My web guy and I did a ton of market research. We put a handful of the lesbian matches on Kink.com and evolvedfights.com and the feedback has been incredible. I will be starting a stand-alone site for the g/g wrestling in early 2019. I have had several people write me to ask me what is going on with Ultimate Surrender. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I no longer have any contract with kink for their productions. I will be starting my own lesbian wrestling site and it would be a huge conflict of interest for me to shoot any wrestling content for kink.com productions so I will not be shooting for their productions. I have no decision making power for kink. I have no influence on what they do or how they do things. If you have an issue with how ultimate surrender is being handled, it is out of my hand and has been since 2017. If you have a complaint about Ultimate Surrender not updating, Dont tell me about it, I don’t care to be frank. It’s not my site, it’s not my problem, I have my own lesbian wrestling website to worry about.  I have been licensing some of my titles to companies like hotmovies and kink so that they can display some of my shoots on their platform, however, I will not be giving them my full catalog of content. If you do see some of my shoots on their sites ( thank you for watching) and understand that if you do wish to see my full catalog, the only place you can get everything will be at www.evolvedfights.com


Noteworthy in 2018:

I was promoted to Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsue on August 11th

I won the championship belt in NAGA’s advance No Gi division  September 19

My dear friend Jen took her life at the end of September

My 12 year old Great Dane Passed away Dec 23rd.