launches wrestling WebCam starring Ariel X

On April 25th, will be launching the first webcam site of it’s kind. Two of the competitive naked wrestling worlds most brilliant stars, Ariel X and Isamar Gutierrez will be doing a live webcam show from 12:30-2:30pm PST. This is your chance to ask the girls any questions and/or make request to see special wrestling moves and holds. is the Ultimate source for custom fantasy wrestling interaction with real stars. There will be two girls on cam at all time which means they will be able to demonstrate lift and carry, belly punch, pro-style moves, sexy wrestling holds and submission and much much more. You can not see this kind of interaction on single model webcam sites. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to chat live with two of the industry’s biggest names and also interact with other fans who may ask questions you didn’t think to ask.

Academy with Natalia Love and Ariel X

Academy Wrestling just released a video that was shot about 2 years ago between me and Natalia Love. Natalia use to be a personal friend of mine and I thought she would be a great girl for the Academy. Remember this was film 2 years ago when I was realatively new myself. 5′3′” 118 pound Ariel, vs. 5′7″ 140 pound Natalia this is a good one!

Numerous submissions are scored here-hammerlocks, chokeholds, chinlocks, and many scissors combos are used before a final crucifix hold (combined with a hammerlock) draws the final submission from the humbled loser.

The strap-on comes out, and the loser is fucked hard, but in an erotic little twist the tool then comes off and the ladies go at it with fingers and tongues. The video ends with one hell of an erotically forced facesit, as the winner gets her just desserts!

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