The Little Black Dress

A man would be a fool to call a beautiful woman out on her Little Black Dress, but this is a lesson that Lobo apparently never learned – until now.

Kimberly Kane is saucy, sensual and sexy as hell in or out of that dress. When she is on top, getting off, slapping, spitting and fucking she is right in her element. She gives us a great performance with this update, she makes it feel like she is right there with you… you wish.

I'll be gone

I’m leaving for Russia on Friday.

I’ve been really busy with work the last few weeks so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in my blog lately. I have some great tales of my time up with the good people at i went up and wrestled Dia Zerva again and had a little bout with Karrlie Dawn ( who just recently got new boobies put in and they look pretty awesome). Later on I got to wrestle Alexa Von Tess.

I wish I had blogged about all this while it was still fresh in my mind but I will do the best I can to relive it all and share the details with you.

Karrlie Dawn doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with female combative wrestling. Although one would never know that if they stepped into the ring with her. The girl is strong and skilled. Her only down fall is that she is WAAAAAY to nice. I’m going to have to slap some sense into her one of these days. She confessed that while she was wrestling me she was scared she was going to hurt me. LOL. I know I’m small but there is NO way I would let anyone hurt me in the ring. It’s my job to tap before things get to crazy. I would never hurt myself by not giving when the time was right. I felt as if Karrlie held back a lot with me. I know she has more to give but she didn’t  go out enough…I know i’m small but I’m tough and I’m not stupid….Karrlie’s a good girl, I hope that I get another chance to grapple with her once she gets over the fear of hurting people.

Dia…well Dia is always awesome. She’s one of the toughest competetors I’ve ever been up against. She whopped my ass in a water wrestling match. We were put in a kiddie pool filled with only about a cup of water and let loose to go at each other. It was virtually impossible to do anything in a wet ring. when one though she had leverage, boom…we’d slip on our ass. It was fun but frustrating. And both Dia and me had to be very careful, with all the slipping our  limbs were going in uncontrollable directions. I didn’t want to stab an eye or scratch a face so I had to go about 1/2  force so that I could keep controlled. Dia had to do the same…I felt as if we were both moving in slow motion.  We were both determined to get other one pinned and after a long stretch of having Dia whoop me around the little pool, she pinned me. Very nice!!!

I love the trill of a good fight and that, my friends, was a great fight.

Alexa Von Tess…what can I say about Alexa that hasn’t already been said about the season off summer….she’s a breath of fresh air and makes you wanna take your clothes off and jump into sprinkers. She’s such a delightful girl. She’s even more delightful when she gets her butt whooped HEHEHHE. She’s tough, She’s skilled, she careful but she’s dangerous. That girl has some skills under her belt and no one should underestimate.

I hear I will be tag team wrestling with my US team mate in January. We will be up against Alexa and her tag team partner, Amber Rayne.

Sadly I will have to terrorize those girls on the mat and make them beg for mercy…but it’s my job I gotta do it, not matter how cute the girl or how much I like em…work is work.

So that’s my work in a nut shell…

oh yeah LOL I did one of the funnest shoots ever in my life for They put air in my butt and I pushed it out to make fart sounds. I made me laugh so hard. HEHHEHE

okay I’ll blog more when I get back from Russia.


Tushy Cash

I did some work for the good people at Tushy Cash. They run sites like tushy lickers and bad tushy along with many others. They hired 8 girls to do some promotional pictures at the staples center on the ice

Sandy and the Tushy Cash girls

Sandy and the Tushy Cash girls


We had a lot of fun the entire day, We had lunch, got to watch some boys practice, then we go to go into the penalty box to watch the Kings and Maple leaves do their warm ups. It was really cute to see the players of the Kings trying desparately not to look up into the penalty box filled with cute screaming girls. I think one of them made eye contact and one of them smiled at us and I was deft after that. These girls went crazy with crys out to the players. It was really fun to watch them do their stretches. The do this thing where they get on their knees and plop their butts out and push is down…it totally looks like they are humping the ice…it’s awescome. 🙂

This was my very first live hockey game. It was good fun. I got to drink and eat and watch dudes fight…totally awesome. The kings lost, I heard they sucked. I don’t follow hockey..sorry.

The hocky game was Monday, then Wednesday I shot with Tushy Cash again. I can’t remember which site it was for though. It’s the site where 3 girls torment a guy and one of them finishes him off with a handjob and ruins his orgasm.

I was shooting with Lexi Belle ( also in the hocky pix above bottom left blondie) and Francesca Le ( in pic on top first row second girl from the left)

The plot was that Steve Knight ( sorry can’t find a link for him) is sexually harrassing Lexi and Francesca and I come in to help her. Steve denies that he was harassing her so all 3 of us ladies do a little role reversal to show Steve what it feels like when you say no and people don’t listen. So we basically abuse the poor thing. Slap him around. Lexi bit his dick a little, Francesca gave him a tease blow where she’d suck it for a second, get him excited and stop…it was miserable for the guy. Then when they finally had him nut, Lexi jerked him right until he started to cum and then stopped…ruining this climax. then to top it off after he thought he was done, she grabbed his dick again and kept stroking it while it was still massively sensative. Poor Steve…

I had a fun day. I love working with the fine people at Tushy Cash 🙂

Dana Dane Shoot and random crap

I did a shoot for Erocktavision yesterday. I got to work with the amazing Karrlie Dawn. It was Karrlie’s real life first time Lesbo scene..I popped her gay cherry..yeah. I recommended Karrlie to the company because I had worked with her once before on Ultimate Surrender. I thought she was so much fun and she had a great personality so I wanted to refer her for more work so I could tap that ass again!!.

In our scene we were movers hired to move some peoples crap out of their apartment. The room had a mattress on the floor and a big giant teddy bear in the corner that had been decorated with dildos and whips and all kinds of sex stuff. We kinda snoop around the room to see what other dirty laundry the owners had laying around. We start fooling around on the bed and of course use the sex toys the owners left behind…because we would totally do that in real life…use some strangers dildo LOL.

me in my butch lesbien mover outfit

me in my butch lesbien mover outfit

It was a great scene. I really enjoy Karrlie. She has a cute little cookie and she’s funny as hell. I will be working with her up at next weekend as well. I’ll have her trapped in the house with me all weekend and I’m going to have so many opportunities to rape her skull..bruahhaah.

In other news. I went the the Laugh Factory last night. I called before hand to get the line up of who would be performing but when we showed up NONE of the people they said were going to be performing actually performed.  The night was hosted by Al Del Bene. He was really funny and really involved the crowd.I rather enjoyed him. The first comedian of the night was Tom Papa. He was okay. I chuckled a little but his act went on a little longer than I cared for and towards the end I was clapping cause he was getting off stage not because I was pleased with his act……don’t get me wrong…he was funny but I was sick of seeing him after and hour of him being on stage. The next performer was Ian Edwards. I didn’t care much for his act AT ALL. I must have drunken to much because I really couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He did make me chuckle once or twice but overall I thought he blew donkey balls. At the end of the night Dane Cook came up on stage and did a little piece. I love Dane Cook’s comedy. He usually has me rolling with thunderous laugher. I alway enjoy his pantomiming and his enthusiasm however last night he seemed tired and it was almost like he was there to pay back a favor. Regardless, he had me rolling when he was talking about cock blockers and how he came up with a word for the female version which he deemed “twat swatters”. It was cute. I think he’s an amazing talent. Some people don’t like him but I think he’s brilliant so seeing him live last night was a treat :).

Sweetheart Video

I was lucky enought to work with Sweetheart videos again. I really really love working with companies that shoot only g/g stuff. The work is so much fun, the scripts are a lot more realistic, there seems to be more substance behind it all. The directors let their talent get into the scene and unless we are doing something where you can’t see any action they usually don’t ask us to do anything other than make sweet sweet love on camera.

I got to work with Samantha Ryan again. I really like that girl. She’s sooo effing pretty. She has a great long lean body, all natural. She just has a great look. She’s really smart as well. It’s very easy to carry a conversation with her because she is well rounded in her education.

The scene was me coming home late at at night…or early in the morning to my dorn with which I shared with Samatha. Samantha was trying to sleep because she had finals but I didn’t care cause I”m a party girl. She got bossy with me and I didn’t like that and a catfight ensues. She chased me into my bed room, threw me on the bed and we fought for a little while until we were so hot and bothered that we had to make out….this is actually a realistic. I really do get turned on when I fight girls. I like seeing them put up a fight. It does something to me that is just undeniable.

So we went at it. She has a very nice body, every inch of her is delicious if you know what i mean. She has a really cute button as well and it’s hard not to star at it when you’re down there 🙂

Thank you Sweetheart Videos for letting me work with such amazing girls!!!!

I got to go up and wrestle for the good people at Academy Wrestling!!!  I actually flew up with the two girls I was to work with, Sinn Sage and Osa Lovely. Osa had never wrestled before, she was completely fresh meat. We decided that it would be a good idea to have Sinn and I wrestle first so that Osa could see what we were doing and how the matches go. Sinn and I started out on our knees. I jumped right at her and tried to swing her into a head lock but she’s a frisky dingo and she stopped me. I under estimated her strength and skills. Sinn Sage is a very strong woman and she had some very good skills. She did get me in a Kimora to which I did submit. I got her with a leg scissor, a breast smoother, a knee bar and some other submissions. But she wasn’t easy, She was a pain in my ass for sure. I think you might be able to guess who won and who got fucked but I won’t share to many details as I think you should watch the match at for yourself.

I was then let loose on Osa. I had a break between matches but I was still tired. I, again under estimated my oponent. Osa didn’t have any wrestling skills but she is very very strong ( she use to be a personal trainer) and she is a smart girl and picked up on things easily. She basically tried doing everything I did to her, to me. But she failed miserabably and I had to whoop her up and down the mat with all types of submissions.  she wasn’t able to get me in any submissions so I HAD to fuck her. She was an amazing fuck. Her skin is so smooth and soft and her “come fuck me” eyes are so sexy they are almost hypnotic. I put her in so many possitions it was so much fun.

I was done for the day but I was allowed to stay and watch and kinda shout out tips to Osa from the sidelines in her match with Sinn.

It was very hard to watch Osa and Sinn, There I had 2 amazing asses staring me in the face and I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to sit and watch those two babes roll around. I went crazy.

It was so much fun. Both girls had so much spunk. I really look forward to destroying them again sometime in the near future  🙂

This last weekend was really busy for me. I’ve wanted to blog about my shoot with but I had another shoot I wanted to blog about and i didn’t want to mix the blogs together. Both shoots deserved to have their own special blogs.

I went up to shoot with the good people at I had the most exciting weekend of my life. The first day of shooting was “easy”. We shot a bunch of still with Dia Zerva , Dakota and myself. The stills were really fun. We played out scenarios that would lead us into a “fight”. It was like slow motion cat fighting so we could take pictures. After the stills were done, Dia and I were finally allowed to do a little squirming around all sweaty and nasty like. The story is that I had an arm wrestling match at my “office” and I won all the girls. Dia makes some sassy comment about how I only won because all the girl at my office are wussies. So I challenge Dia to a game of Mercy right then and there. We decide that the winner of 2 out of 3 matches would be the victor. I’ve actually never played mercy. I might have as a kid but certainly never in my adult life. Dia kicked my ass at Mercy, I just could grasp the concept of how I was supposed to turn her wrist so she definately whooped me on that 2 times in a row.  Obviously I wasn’t happy with loosing the game of mercy so I challenge her to an arm wrestling match.  The arm wrestling was not staged. We actually arm wrestled. Dia kicked my ass. I wasn’t happy with her kicking my ass so I challenge her to a “Queen of the Bed” match. We got on the bed and the point was to kick the other girl entirely off the bed. We wrestled around a little. Dia was not the queen of the bed!!!! I won…finally. Well Dia said I was lucky for winning and she would kick my ass in a real wrestling match…so we took it to the mats.

We decided that who ever did a face sit pin first would be the victor. So we went at it…..and at it. and at it. Dia is one of the best girls I have wrestled since I’ve actually developed some skills. When I first started wrestling I had no idea what I was doing so if I was up against another girl who had no idea what she was doing either she could easily win me if she just knew a little more than I. Dia is a strong girl and she is relentless. I won’t say who won because that shoot was a custom, made for a very special person so I don’t want to ruin the ending should that person ever stumble upon this blog.

The next day was an entire morning of shooting fun matches. I finally got to work with Dakota. Dakota and I went about 15+ minutes of nonstop grappling before one of us submitted…..I submitted to her freakn’ leg scissor. Dakota has the most powerful grip with those limps of hers. She got me a few times but I was able to get free some how. The time she got me I knew she got me and I just had to tap. I didn’t stand a chance. I love working with Dakota because she’s like me in that she doesn’t like to take long breaks….she just wants to get things done. If I take a long break I get relaxed which weakens me. So after the first tap we went at it again. We went probably another 3 minutes and she got me in her luscious bosom. She held me there, never letting up and I was so smoothered in those honkers I had to tap. I got jealous because I thought I would never be able to submit a girl with my titties like that because I’m so small. But after having Dakota do it to me, I saw how it was done and I was able to use that knowlege in my match yesterday up at Academy Wrestling against Sinn Sage….but I will blog about that later. So Dakota schooled me…Yup…she did.

Dakota then went on to Wrestle Dia. It was soooooooooooo much fun watching those two skilled women go at it. Dia couldn’t take the leg squeeze of Dakota either. She tapped early. Dia and Dakota went at it for almost 30 minutes getting each other into submissions. I won’t tell you who won, I think you will have to join the site to check out that match, It’s very intense.

Well Dakota worn Dia out for me. Dia had to wrestle me after taking a break after her fight with Dakota.  I get so excited when I wrestle, but when I wrestle awesome girls like Dakota and Dia I turn into a mega perv. It was sooooooooo hard not to rip their panties off. Dia and I went at it. We were both relentless. I had her in some stuff that I thought for sure she would tap on but she didn’t. I’d get so annoyed. She’d get me in a rear naked choke and think that for sure I’d tap but I wouldn’t and she’d get so annoyed. It went back and forth like that. Finally I got her to tap, I forgot what I did but jesus it took some work. She got me to tap finally in a choke. Again, I wont give you to many details, I won’t tell you who won, I think you should check it out for yourself.

Over all I had a great weekend. I got to wrestle at Kink, then for webring it. I had 3 days in a row of wrestling hot babes. WHAT A GREAT LIFE I HAVE!!!!

Ultimate Surrender

This last Friday I flew up to San Francisco to shoot for a live Audience Ultimate Surrender. The match was a tag team match, it was team red (which is Myself and Samantha Sin) against team Orange ( Madison Young and Wenona). Samantha got sick the last minute so Kink called in a filler. My partner for the evening was Jennifer Dark. At first I was a little nervous about having a stand in partner. I’ve gotten use to working with Sam and she’s improved so much over the last year I was really looking forward to banging Madison and Wenona along side my long time companion. When we showed up at the Kink building, Jennifer immediately asked the talent department if she would review some of the Orange Teams matches online so she could “learn their moves”. After seeing how dedicated Jennifer was to the sport I fell in love. Jennifer had only wrestled 2 times before this particular tag team. She lost  both matches but in her defense, she was up against some really tough broads.

I took Jennifer out to the mat to show her some easy moves, teach her the rules; show her the ropes. I noticed that Jennifer has some really nice long limbs so I tried to explain to her how to utilize her features in the matches. Jennifer is a 5’8 105 lb exotic beauty from the Czech Republic. She has a thick accent and when she talks dirty it sounds so tough. While I was showing her some “moves” on the mat she was a little flirty and I fell in love even more 🙂

The match started about around 7pm. It was a full house. Wenona and I arm wrestled and surprisingly enough I actually won an arm wrestling match. I whopped Wenona around the mat a little, she tagged Madison, the the both took advantage of me, then madsion tagged wenona, they took more advantage, then wenona tagged madison again, they took a little more advantage. They worked up a nice lead…but they used all their tags in the first 5 minutes. Each round is 12 minutes and Wenona ( who I sized up as the weaker of the two) was stuck in the ring all by herself for the next 7 minutes or so. She was tired and it showed. Me and My partner abused her as much as we could but by the time the buzzer rang to end the round, Team red (my team) was behind by one point.

Round 2 was a little better for my team. We used our tags well. My partner did really well for her 3rd time ever wrestling, but team orange really took advantage of her and whooped her up and down…Again team orange used their tags very early in the round. Once my partner was able to tag me in I got revenge on those whores for bringing destress to my temporary partner. Team Red got a nice lead in round 2.

Round 3 was looking good for Team Red. Team orange was looking pretty tired, beat up and ready to quit. Madison and I started. We were going for a good 4 minutes without either team using a tag. I had her in a nice side control mount and I was going for a transition to a face sit and in the process of doing so, kneed the poor girl in the forehead. Madison looked stunned, we stopped the match and took a time out. The good people at kink were very concerned for Madison’s well being so they told her she would not be able to finish round 3 with her partner. Wenona was to finish the match all by herself. I felt terrible that I had hurt Madison. I really adore that girl on a personal level. Madison felt horrible that she couldn’t help her partner and I felt as if I was handed the win ( even though we were pretty far ahead before round 3 started).

Wenona completed Round 3. To me it seemed as if she just gave up. She didn’t fight much and when I did a face sit she layed there and licked my who-ha….not that I’m complaining but I really wanted a “fight”.

Of course Team red won. And we fucked the hell out of both Madison and Wenona. Jennifer Dark said some really great humiliations lines. I can’t remember any of them off the top of my head but I do recall while we were fucking the poor losers that I almost pissed from laughing so hard at one of the comments Jennifer Dark made…it was something along the lines of “stick your tounge out and beg for this cock like a welfare baby begs for food”. It was great. OH lord,

So team RED won!!! wouldn’t you know it, I think that means we have a spot in the finals. Because Team red won, we were rewarded by one of the fans and regulars, Horsefly. He gave us a package that contained red fuzzy socks and body balm. I told Horsefly I’d wear the socks that very night and any other night it was cold…and I am wearing them now.

Thank you horsefly!!!!!!!!!!1108081940a111080819402