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I’m on Manyvids now

I opened a manyvids store finally ! I think I let this one slip through my fingers. I had heard about manyvids a while back.  A lot of my porn star buddies have been posting to promote their content on there but I thought ” it’s just another clips store what’s the big deal?” Well I gotta tell you I’m a little bummed I haven’t gotten on this sooner. I really like the features that manyvids offers. I don’t wanna name names but other clips stores just dont have the bells and whistles that manyvids offers. Most clip stores sell clips or memberships to the store, maybe the photos and that’s it. I’m noticing these new blood clips stores are really listening to the producers and fans and offering so many cool features like all the things I just mentioned AND they allow us to sell articles used in the clips we sell. IE I can sell you my used panties or socks or shoes or what ever. These clips stores are also allowing us models to post to our “wall” on the clip store so it’s like a mini blog feature. One clip store I’m working with WWW.wrestlingclips.com is actually puttting a feature in to crowd fund customs. Many of you awesome fans really really want to be a part of the productions. You want certain things done in the videos yet you may not be willing or able to shell out the $500-4000 for a custom video that you write a script for. But if dozen of you each contribute $10-100, then we producers are able to get funds to produce the videos for all of you who put into that production. Sure it’s not a super bespoke video tailored just to your liking but let’s be honest, for $10-100, you’re not going to get anything THAT bespoke from anything…EVER. I feel this is a great way for us to come together as a community. Those of who want to see foot fetish can all pool your money together to get that video. If you want Creampie…..you creampie fans ban together to raise money for that so on and so forth. This is really great!!!


I’m really excited to announce I will put all my submissive X stuff onto manyvid HERE  and I will be putting a lot of the evolvedfights clips on www.wrestlingclips.com when it launches.

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