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Studio Coming Together

I want to say thank you to all of you who have sent gift cards and donations towards getting my studio set up. The process of getting set up legally and fully accredited in Las Vegas was long, expensive and somewhat difficult because I do NOT live in Las Vegas. The driving and flying in and out to take care of minor issues have been exhausting while I try to work full time still directing for kink. I have put a lot of heart and soul into getting the studio set up. Porn must be shot in placed Zoned for Adult Films. In Las Vegas, you MUST have a permit to shoot adult. You must abide by all Nevada Osha laws. While it’s a pain and expensive to do, it’s the right thing to do and well frankly it’s the only way you can legally do it. I can shoot day in and day out without a care about someone banging on my door telling me I have to stop what I’m going so long as I am putting my performers best interest and safety first and abiding by all laws for my industry. My Neighbors and Landlord of my studio are all aware of what we shoot. I’m extremely blessed to have found a great place with great resources. With all this said, I am just letting all of you who have supported me over the years and especially the past 9 months know that you have helped me a great deal. There were moments where I thought ” meh I’m done producing porn, it’s too much of a hassle and the pay off isn’t that great”.


Let me give you some background on my thought process. Prior to being taken in by Kink as a full-time director, I was doing mainstream marketing as well as doing mainstream wrestling. I traveled the world wrestling or doing events and I made passive income marketing electronics through affiliate programs. I had to put all of this on hold when I moved to San Francisco for kink. I took a pay cut working for kink but I did it because I believe in their product, their lifestyle and the mission statement. I believe in people exploring their sexual desire in a fun and safe environment. I believe in acting out roleplay with people who make you feel safe. I believe in people feeling empowered by exploring their sexual fantasies. I am incredibly grateful to have been picked up by kink to shoot amazing works. To this day I am incredibly proud of the work we did at kink. I’m sure you’ve heard good and or bad things about kink, I worked there, I can only attest to what I saw and what I saw was a beautiful community working together. With this said, there are changes coming to the adult industry. It’s still raking in huge amounts of money despite the free content out there. The issue is that so many porn performers have become such brilliant business people that they have all started to produce their own content. Now there are thousands of producers out there and the pieces of the pie need to be smaller so that everyone can make a piece. Also, yes the free content has affected the industry but not to the extent everyone cries about. People who watch free porn would never pay for porn and the people who went from paying for porn to watching the free content mostly did so because the producers pissed them off and made them feel unvalued. It’s going to be a goal of mine to keep every member of my new site feeling valued. It will be impossible to make everyone happy all the time. I am going to keep some people happy some of the time and that’s about it. There are too many different preferences in the porn world to be able to satisfy everyone all the time. I know this from shooting for Kink. I would put up something I thought was amazing and half the members would praise it while the other half would rip it to shreds. Members would argue amongst themselves about their preferences being “stupid” or “boring” ……it was like trying to keep high school girls apart from each other so they wouldn’t catfight to the death. In order to produce content FOR the people, I am moving into a producer role exclusively ( don’t’ be alarmed I will still perform). I will be producing my own content. This means I will be producing content and selling it to companies and I will be producing custom videos for fans. The rates of custom videos vary so you will need to email me for a quote if you are interested in having me produce one for you. Please include the length of the video, wardrobe requests, model requests and a script. I will tell you now that what I quote you will be higher than some producers quote but it’s because the quality of my work is extremely well. We follow the scripts as closely as possible and work with you 100% of the time, keeping you updated on scheduling and delivery time. We have very quick turn around times unless the edit is intense. My time and my crews time is worth every penny you pay.

I’m very excited about moving into the full-time producer role. I’m shooting mostly lesbian content but also, I have a mixed wrestling site in the works. I would love to hear any of your thoughts on how you would like these mixed wrestling videos to play out. Feedback is always appreciated. So….with all this said, Let me introduce you to my sets



here are some “in progress” shots:





And AFTER…..some of these are the same set that have been dressed differently….see if you can figure out what is where 🙂 have fun



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  1. Nick Clark

    This is awesome Ariel, I'm a huge fan I love all your work. I'm excited and happy for you and can't wait to see what you do. You having an amazing work ethic and you always kick ass in everything I've seen you.

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