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Big News: Directing Ultimate Surrender and having Surgery

Some big changes came into my life last week. Some were out of the blue and some I have been waiting for for a while. I had been going back and forth with my doctor about my surgery. My insurance company was giving me the run around about surgery. First they said, I needed it, then they wouldn’t approve me for it. I had to switch doctors to get a second opinion. To make a long Story short, I have a full tear in my ACL. My leg is completely unstable and still , after 4 monhts post accident, gives way and buckles at moments of stress. There is 100% no way I could ever competitively wrestle with my leg the way it is. I finally got a surgery date of January 16th. So I will be laying low for a while. I was a little bummed about the surgery. I’m a major gym rat so the thought of not being able to do leg days for 6 to 9 months was agonizing to think about. Not being able to train BJJ or wrestle for that same amount of time literally put me into depression.I started making plans for my down time. I knew I wouldn’t be raking in money from wrestling for a while so I started looking into other avenues of bringing in income. I was web cam-ing on Herbicepscam.com a lot and I was working on getting my personal trainer cert and nutrition certs. The money issue didn’t bother me too greatly. I have savings, I just prefer not to touch that. I just didn’t like the idea of my life as I knew it changing so much and not being able to be a bigger part of wrestling. Well as it turns out, the universe must want me to be involved in wreslting. I got a phone call from kink.com about guest directing for a few shoots on Ultimate Surrender. I was totally excited about doing it so I said yes, then they say, “really, you’ll do it…..would you consider doing it full time” I said yes without hesitating. I did however take the weekend to think everything through. I knew I”d have to move to San Francisco. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life. All my family is in LA all my booty calls are in LA. This was a serious move. I went up to San Francisco and spoke with the owner and next thing I know I’m hire full time. I was extremly excited. I think I love this site more than any fan in the world does. I appreciate the hard work that goes into it but I appreciate the fetish itself. I really love strong women. I really love women who compete in anything. I feel lucky that I have control over this site. To be able to book the girls I wanna see, to train them and make them warriors. I feel like I can put a lot of love into this site that wasn’t there before simply because it’s a priority to me. I’m in the middle of moving to San  Francisco but with this surgery things will be tricky. I will have to have the surgery first and then I will have to wait to be able to walk so I can kinda move my stuff into my new place. I will most likely need to hire movers. That is gonna be hard for me becuase I hate HATE HATE asking for help. 🙁

Anyway, that’s the news. Stay posted for new and exciting shoots on Ultimate Surrender and when Im able to, I will be back on the mats


6 Responses

  1. wmike1

    I have know for 4 years you couldn’t stay away from me, and now you have broken down to move closer to me, but you of course have to beg for it now

  2. david

    Best news! Im very happy!

    Ultimate Surrender needs you, please jump into round 4 some times so that we can see you, I really miss u!

    ohhh, I can help you to move your stuff if u want! Also I will move yourself on my shoulders if you can’t walk on your feet, just call me 🙂

    kiss u

  3. Mike_Shields

    I'll help you load your truck down here if you'd like. LMK via Twitter 🙂

  4. moonbread

    I love your work…Sorry bout the knee but Grats on the job…As i recall you had stout legs out of the box and already looked excetionaly fuckable before you started lifting, you will be fine…However theres is always a large weight gain with such a change in life style , not to mention the new stress of a mangement position, so its not all bad your self disapline is gona be geting a hellava workout for a while atlest….Take care sweetie

  5. KathTea

    Congrats on the directing job! I admire you and I myself am a certified personal trainer, but I NEED to get as fit as you! Get well soon, injuries suck.

  6. Francesca

    Hello Ariel,
    I hope that you recovered perfectly from this surgery. You are one of the sexiest women and you have to be in good shape 🙂
    Regarding US: This is a site for males for sure but there are also a lot of women addicted to this fetish site. Maybe we are more quiet, but never forget that this is maybe the only site for real wrestling between women. So having you as director is a plus!!! Thank to be here, for us 🙂

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