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Society SM

Well it happend again. A model flaked and wouldn’t you know it I got called in as the replacement. I don’t mind being 2nd choice at all cause I make the money one way or another hahha.

So I showed up to the Studio for Society SM to find that I would be working with “The Pope”. The pope and I go WAAY back. He’s pretty much one of the coolest guys in the scene. I only let a few guys man handle me and there is a reason for that and that reason is…well…frankly I don’t like most guys. LOL. I do like the pope and I like what he does to me. 🙂 He’s always very respectful but kinda mean at the same time which is awesome.

He had me in 5 different set ups and in all of them I was tormented and teased with promises of orgasms using his toys if I behaved. I would say the most cruel thing to do to a girl while she’s in bondage is to refuse her an orgasm right when she’s on the edge of having one. That S.O.B did that to me so many times, my brain felt as if it were going to explode 🙂

We did some suspension, which was a little hard to breath in up until he came at me with the magic wand which made me forget where I was and that I even need to breath :). We also did some hot wax play which was my personal favorite. Nothing quite like playing with temperatures :)….well I suppose electric play comes close, which we did as well.

So, please check out update when it goes up. 🙂

I have to add, since someone called me up and was like “WTF” that no penises were involved in this shoot. The pope used toys and floggers and electric devices to bring me to orgasm it was awesome but still, not official b/g scenes LOL


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  1. dykefangirl

    I happen to love the idea of being tied up and teased on the edge of orgasm over and over again… that's a huge part of my fantasy life, actually. I'd be jealous if this 'ordeal' hadn't involved a guy — dyke that I am.

  2. very cool but it would make the body, especially your legs hurt, keep smile for the word and always get wonderful day for you

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