TS Stefani Special gets gang banged by cheyenne Jewel, Mistress Kara and Lorelie Lee

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I had a great time work with 4 amazing ladies on TSpussyhunters feature. I was taking a risk going off the standard TSPH formula of having a TS lady dominate a Cis lady. I have been listening to fans on twitter and forums and it sounded as if there was a good deal of folks who really wanted to see a beautiful TS lady get dominated. Let to talk about casting for this. I knew I had to get a really special TS girl. She needed to be hot of course but she really really needed to LOVE punishment. I had worked with Stefani a few times. She is always so sweet and engaging. What really got my attention on her for casting her on this shoot was her declaration of being a pain slut. I also knew that she and Mistress Kara were seeing each other IRL. I had casted Kara and Stefani in their first scene together on TSPH ( Watch that here) Kara and Stefani had amazing chemistry for the scene so I knew they would be perfect for my next idea. Many of my shoots are all connected. I have an Ariel-verse where all the aliens come from the same galaxy, all the girls date the same people, so on so forth. Its a web I weave in my head…it’s all connected. I had a tie in with Kara and Stefani’s shoot as well as Cheyenne and Stefani’s shoot which you can see Here  .   I had not shot Lorelie  with Stefanie yet so she was the new girl friend for this scene where Stefani gets gang banged click here to watch.  Lorelie is a great top, I was very excited to direct her. She’s one of my all time favorite performers because she’s smart, funny, beautiful, out spoken …the list goes on an one. Cheyenne Jewel doesn’t get enough credit for her topping skills. It seems like she is most casted as a submissive ( which she is great at) but with an ass like hers, I could watch a full 3 hour movie of just her ass bouncing off someone’s face as she smothered them as a top. Kara always always does a great job as a top. Her verbal is great and she’s mean in just the right way. I knew with the cast I had, that this would be an outstanding shoot. The shoot went very smooth. Stefani looked like she was having a great time. All the other ladies looked like they were having a great time as well. The shoot went up and members seemed to love it. What really stood out in the comments however is the fact that the models chimed in to talk about how fun it was to shoot. Of course, we make porn to make money but how awesome is it to know the women shooting are having a blast while they make awesome smut???!! This shoot is one of my all time favorite shoots I’ve ever directed. Thank you everyone for the support and feedback and time you spent with me discussing your fantasys!!


I Wrecked Lisa Tiffian’s Asshole

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I’m patting myself on the back here because I have done something pretty amazing.

I go Lisa Tiffian to Gape, take the entire slink AND get punched into her asshole with my entire fist…..check it all out HERE  Lisa is a funny girl. She came to set acting very nervous about taking large anal toys. She had done an EverythingButt shoot for me only once before with Francesca Le and she had a very hard time taking a fist in the butt for that scene….but she did it….see it HERE 

Once I got Lisa turned on ( which was pretty fast because I’m THAT amazing and Lisa loves me) I was able to do what ever I wanted to her butt. She took the entire long ass slink!!! do you know how long that thing is? its over 2 feet……all the way in her ass….and then I proceeded to just ass punch her; my entire fist in and out of her asshole with ease….Please watch the videos. they are really awesome. Lisa is Great. I will be punching her in the ass a lot more.



Annie Cruz is Back on Ultimate Surrender and I didn’t go easy on her

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Behind the Scenes of Ultimate Surrender’s Summer Vengeance Touraments

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Last year, Kink University did a great piece on the summer vengeance tournament at Ultimate surrender. Click HERE to see the full piece.

This was season 12’s finale and the director of KU was able to interview the two finalist, Izamar Gutierrez and Mistress Kara. This is a very fun piece, I highly recommend it… Enjoy



Ultimate Surrender takes on Everything Butt

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we did a really fun cross over with Ultimate Surrender and Everything butt. Angel Allwood challenges me to a match on US. It’s a winner take all kind of match up. The winner can do what ever she wants to the loser and THEN she gets to clean out the loser’s asshole and pound it even harder in an extreme anal shoot for everything butt. Please check out the photos and go to the site(s) here:

Ultimate surrender

Everything Butt



Epic Anal Shoot with 2 of the worlds Greatest Ass Benders

I gotta say, I love my job. My job is a job with ups and downs, Perks and disadvantages. I meet some amazing people nearly every day. I Direct/produce for the largest Fetish and BDSM production company in the world. I’m proud of my work here even though the entire industry has a stigma. Ive worked many jobs outside of Porn in the “mainstream” world. I was a manager at blockbuster video ( my boss was literally a crack head who tried to get all the employees on Meth) I worked at a computer store ( where the male boss sexually harrassed every single female employee and had to sell the company due to a sexual harassment law suit). I have worked on main stream movies and commercials ( had a few run ins with creepy casting agents who wanted to cum on my feet ((this was all before I got into porn)) Then there was the venture capital company I worked for and I had to leave after I discovered they were robbing people of their life savings. So for me, Kink has been the most honest industry I’ve know. We have a mission to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities by providing the most authentic kinky experiences. I’m make it my outcome on every single shoot to give my models a  safe environment in which they can explore their sexual boundaries while getting an entertaining production out of it. I succeed every single time even if the shoot is “cancelled” My models leave feeling good about the day.

My shoot with Proxy and Roxy was a gift to myself. I wanted to celebrate all the accomplishments I’ve done in my industry by working with two of the most amazing anal queens I’ve ever know. As I mentioned prior, my job has some perks. One of those perks is being able to book myself with my favorite porn girls and write the script and scenarios for every single shoot I do. Most models who produce their own content have this power. This is one of the reasons why women say “Porn is so empowering to me”. When a person is in complete control of the going ons of what they are producing, it makes for the feeling of true fulfillment. I had real fulfillment with this shoot. Proxy and Roxy reminded me of my childhood years, when I would hang out with my girl friends and we could joke around and do what ever without any care in the world. The nostalgia of childhood innocence and not worrying about bills or responsibilities.  This feeling came to me after spending 2 minutes in the same room with the girls at the same time. They were both professional, they were both fun loving. They both produce their own content so they know what it’s like to work with responsible, reliable talent so they gifted me a great day without worries. I find these two models so sexy. Their sexual freedom and openness makes them both 12 out of 10s. I wouldn’t sniff anyone’s farts but these hot babes, I would let them dump gooey enema cum onto me :).

Please check out this very fun, very real everything butt shoot and let me know how you enjoy it!!



Ultimate Surrender Drags the Loser to Whipped Ass for the Loser Smack down of the century

Christmas has come early for you folks. hahahh . I love being a cocky shit!

I got back on the mats with a babe I had met on the set of Everything Butt. This Hottie, Karmen Karma, really impressed me!. She is Hot, fit, fun, funny, sexy and takes giant things in her ass!! how could I NOT fall in love with her. I used my “director powers” to book myself with Karmen for Ultimate Surrender . Fivestar ( The Director of Whipped Ass) also approached me and asked if I would like to be a Domme for WA to which I said ” hell yes”. I feel neglected at kink sometimes now that I am a full time director, running 3 sites. I feel like I hardly get to be in any other directors’ site. I was thrilled with 5* asked me to top for WA. I also got to pick the girl I was going to top. Bruahahhah. Naturally, I chose Karmen Karma. I thought maybe she might flake out on doing the wrestling. Many girls do. It’s a very hard site to cast. Girls get nervous about it and end up canceling because they don’t want to lose or they are scared they will get hurt. Girls cancel sometimes just to take a booking that pays more….the reasons vary but they happen regularly and I was expecting Karmen to cancel on the wrestling but I would have a back up plan to get to molest  her by requesting her on Whipped Ass.

Needless to say, Karmen did not flake out. She come to the mats and she gave it 100%. She did extremely well! Check out her wrestling skills 


Then check out the Winner giving the Loser a major Smack down!!





HogTied update with me

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I recently did a hogtied shoot for Kink. I really enjoy shooting as a model for them. If you didn’t know, I was hired fulltime about 2.5 years ago to take on directing Ultimate Surrender. I have since been promoted to running and Directing and Every day is something really fun and new. With the full time directing gig, it has become extremely difficult for me to perform. But I make it work. I do what I can when I can. Many times when a model cancels on a shoot, I fill in last minute. But this Hogtied shoot was not a last minute fill in. It was carefully planned, plotted and coordinated by the evil mind of “The Pope” Please check it out at Hogtied. 


Thank you for the shoes off my wishlist xoxo

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some lovely folks got me some things off my wishlist for my birthday and I wanted to thank them by posting some pictures of me wearing the things they got me. Thank you so much !!!!


Thank you for the lovely Sandals of my wishlist

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some lovely folks got me some things off my wishlist for my birthday and I wanted to thank them by posting some pictures of me wearing the things they got me. Thank you so much !!!!

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