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Ariel X vs. Penny Barber

Well folks, I’ve gotten my studio up and running out of Las Vegas. I had to down size the Ultimate Surrender mat size significantly. I pay for this studio out of my own pocket, kink does not provide any help with these shoots so I need to keep my over head low. I decide I wanted to give the mat a proper christening by getting Penny Barber on the mats for a fun exhibition match. I went outside the scope of a traditional US match and incorporated some “reluctant bondage” into the shoot. This concept is very fun but if you watch the match you can see it can be potentially dangerous ( not life threatening or anything) Now granted, both wrestling and bondage are inherently “dangerous” . These kind of matches can only be done by professionals and Penny and myself were just the perfect combination to do this. Penny does actually try to fight back, I promise…I’m just THAT good that I make good wrestlers look like amateurs. Please check out our reluctant bondage match NOW on Ultimate Surrender and let me know your thoughts 🙂



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  1. Jishnu

    Hey Ariel. This match looks so great, and as a long time fan of yours and Ultimate Surrender I really really appreciate that you're still keeping the matches going out of your own pocket. I've loved seeing the US series develop and get better and better over the years. I am a visual effects and motion graphics artist as well as a director/editor. And I was wondering if there's someway I can reach out to you directly because I would love to have an opportunity to help you out with this venture. Hope to hear from you. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing!

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