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Ariel X Productions Start up

Hey Gang! I have some exciting news and I really need everyone’s help spreading the word and supporting the cause. As you may or may not know, I have a huge passion for combat sports and I have a huge passion for porn. I’d like to marry the two together by starting a athletic style porn site which will include but not be limited to Mixed wrestling, fem/fem wrestling, sex fights, catfights, and Lez dom. I’ve been in the porn industry for over 13 years. I love what I do and I know I produce amazing content  à la the stuff I made for Kink.com. Just so you all know, I am more than happy to continue shooting for Kink.com. I am loyal to them and I love them and value them. Right now they are going through some transitions and I’m not sure I can continue working with them full time. I am more than happy to shoot for them on an “as needed” basis as long as it’s serendipitous. In the mean while, I would love to continue focusing on the things I love so much. Please take a moment to check out my gofundme page. I know you may not have funds to support my cause right now but if you share this and spread the word, that will help a great deal. I’m also very open to hearing about site/shoot suggestions. I am asking for such a huge start up amount because I will need to build good set, purchase good equipment and hire amazing web developers. I want high quality content…nothing but the best for my fans. Please feel free to share my blog post or just the gofund me page. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.




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  1. hoochimama

    I'd subscribe to any website that has you nude wrestling against dudes.

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